Photo of Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park, WY, US
Photo of Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park, WY, US
Photo of Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park, WY, US
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Old Faithful

Tourist Attraction

front row • visitor center • worth the wait • famous geyser

Center Loop Road
Yellowstone National Park, WY 82190, US
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  • Photo of Cavydad
    3 months ago
    There is not a Ranger behind the curtain running the show. So classic it is nearly trite. Not. This is the real deal. People and crowds try to time it on their watches. The Rangers are interrupted if the timing is off. As if it is a Disney creation with pipes and controls in the basement. Hilarious that people can be so blaze about nature.
  • Photo of Mulan H
    3 months ago
    The place was busy and packed with tourists and the car park is huge. But you can't miss it. When it's almost erupting time, keep your eyes on the geyser. If you want to record it, you can't miss a bit of it.
  • Photo of fnqfamily
    3 months ago
    This is one of those must see things but was not overly impressive. We waited 40 mins or so till the next eruption which gave us time to look in the visitor center. The anticipation was more impressive than the show.
  • Photo of AdventurousJanis
    3 months ago
    Still wonderful to visit, but not as spectacular as years ago. It could have been because of the smoke from forrest fires though.
  • Photo of PJ-Twickenham
    3 months ago
    The place was busy, the carpark was huge (a bit like a theme park), and the walk from the car to the geyser took forever..... But you have to see it. Truly spectacular! Old Faithful is known around the world, and that's why it's so popular. And to be honest, they do a real good job in managing the sheer number of visitors and ensuring you get to see the geyser. Well worth the effort and wait!
  • Photo of MikeS_From_Chicago
    3 months ago
    My son and I traveled across country from Florida to California stopping to see many the wonderful site our country has to offer. Old Faithful is one of more famous national parks and one that we were sure to not miss. The geyser goes off every 90 minutes or so and as luck would have it we go there just minutes after it went off so we had to wait for the next one. The area is roped off and on this day there were several hundred people lining the area waiting for the chance to see this wonderful natural phenomena. Anticipation built as the next eruption drew closer. A hush fell upon the crowd as the earth suddenly spit boiling water high into the air just like....well...a fire hose. A fire hose that was quickly turned off. As i read over the other reviews I am left wondering what I failed to see that so many other clearly fell in love with. Yellowstone is beautiful and should not be missed. A large spout of water..hmmmm.. OK sure why not. You may love it. Or you may find as I did that it didnt quite live up to the hype.
  • Photo of Lisamarie1138
    3 months ago
    Over the years, the eruption interval is not quite as precise (its now something like 90-110 minutes) due to earthquake activity as well as people damaging the feature by throwing stuff into it. But we were lucky enough to get there within about 15 minutes of an eruption. As we were standing there and watching a few of the false starts I was wondering if it was perhaps overhyped, but then an amazing jet of water burst into the air and kept going and going! It was pretty neat to see and I'm glad I can cross that off my bucket list. Truth be told I think many of the other geothermal features are more interesting/striking, but this is worth making time to see at least once. After the eruption it was kind of interesting how quickly the crowds cleared and then my kids were able to get a closer view of the geyser itself.
  • Photo of Alain C
    3 months ago
    Never dissapointed. My wife had the opportunity for the first time. Plenty of parking for our 32 ft rv. Lodges wrre impressive.. enjoyed lunch. Old faithfull has plenty of viewing areas.
  • Photo of Jeffrey C
    4 months ago
    We spent 4 days in the Grand Teton's and Yellowstone. Saying in Teton Village it is ALOT of driving, but so worth it. Both of our days we made a stop at Old Faithful, glad we did because every eruption is different and unique. The new Visitor center they built really makes this an All Star attraction. It is one of the biggest attractions, but, there are a lot of other spectacular spots in the park that you must explore.
  • Photo of Glen H
    4 months ago
    Just like the name says, it seems to erupt right on time about every 90 minutes ( plus or minus a few minutes). A sign in the visitor center indicates the time when it will start. It wasn't as long as I thought. We didn't time how long it lasted, but it seemed to be at a peak within 10-15 seconds, lasted a few more seconds, and then slowly stopped. I'd guess the whole thing lasted about 1-2 minutes. It definitely gets you and the kids thinking about what is under our feet and a real education about these sort of things. Note, this attraction seems to be busy at most any time of the year and attracts millions of guests. Go EARLY to avoid crowds.
  • Photo of michel_omnibee
    4 months ago
    You just need to wait and in the due time it will show what you expect. It won't let you down. Reliable. Recommended.
  • Photo of Rick K
    4 months ago
    This was a bucket list destination for me and well worth the trip! The park service does a great job with managing the site right down to the eruption timing. If you go in the winter check the NPS web site for road conditions! They closed the roads due to snow on our 2nd day, so could not get to a large area of the park. The food at the geyser grill across the parking lot is actually pretty good. It was cold being there in November but there were also only about 20 other people there for a 1:20 eruption. Think it get really really busy in peak season.
  • Photo of dbinhou7511
    4 months ago
    Easy to access this geyser which is very predictable (hence the name). The Park staff does a great job predicting the next eruption. While you are waiting, go to the Visitor Center only steps away. Places to sit if you don't want to stand and watch. Also look for buffalo taking in the view as well.
  • Photo of msadler99
    4 months ago
    Really cool. Fairly reliable window that it goes off, well documented. Right beside the inn. Plenty of walkways around. Maybe 100 yards from inn front doors.
  • Photo of JaymieOK
    4 months ago
    A good crowd waiting patiently for the eruption. There were quite a few false starts, but we finally got to see the eruption. It seemed smaller than I expected but still exciting to see.
  • Photo of Teacher071
    4 months ago
    Watching Old Faithful erupt was the one thing I really wanted to see during our recent visit to Yellowstone National Park. Imagine our surprise when we also were privileged to see the Beehive Geyser erupt just before Old Faithful did. The area was pretty crowded in late September in the rain/snow mix weather. I cannot imagine the crowds in the prime summer months!
  • Photo of Faith F
    4 months ago
    Old faithful erupts around every 90min. A must visit if you are at yellow stone but not as astounding as prismatic lake. A little silly looking at all of us waiting around it to see it erupt and thats it..
  • Photo of BearGuy60
    4 months ago
    This is it, the main attraction to see in the park. Nice visitor center, plenty of seating around the geyser. Be patient, although the time posted for the geyser to blow is clearly evident in the visitor center, there is a 10 minute window on either side. For some fun trivia, ask the Ranger how to estimate the time for Old Faithful to go off. Fun fact at least for me.
  • Photo of Lisa W
    4 months ago
    This was such a neat experience to see this. What a great piece of nature to view. It was pretty close to being on time.
  • Photo of GeorgeH-LI_NY-ExPat
    After checking into our rooms, we followed the trail over to "Old Faithful Geyser". It erupts approximately every 50 to 90 minutes & goes up about 100 feet into the air for about Five minutes. After seeing "Old Faithful" in movies & on television for many, many years, I was really excited to see it finally in real life. I took this opportunity to see it about four or five times while I was there. They have signs both at the Geyser & in the Lodge informing you as to when to expect the next eruption. There are also bleachers for spectators to sit while waiting.

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