Photo of Devil's Tower National Monument Visitor Center in Devils Tower, WY, US
Photo of Devil's Tower National Monument Visitor Center in Devils Tower, WY, US
Photo of Devil's Tower National Monument Visitor Center in Devils Tower, WY, US
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Devil's Tower National Monument Visitor Center

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Devil's Tower National Monument Visitor Center has 20 Tips

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  • Photo of Suresh L
    5 months ago
    Devil's tower was one of my stops on my road trip from Chicago-Yellowstone-Glacier-Chicago loop. Yes, it is a little ways from the main interstate but promise you this is worth it. Go early to avoid the crowds. On top of it, the first rays of light on the stone is beautiful. The loop around the monument is quite easy and no excuse to not do it. The loop will get you different views and different angles to get great photographs. You will see a lot of deer as well.
  • Photo of sgroverfl
    5 months ago
    Stop in before you hit the trail around the Tower and garner a lot of good information. Great for our First National Monument! Nice facilities with great view of the Tower!
  • Photo of Mary H
    5 months ago
    We stopped at Devils Tower as a curiosity from the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" but found the mountain to be beautiful. It looks like a huge petrified tree stump to me. There is a walking path that you can take all the way around and it would be wise to wear proper shoes. Remember this is a designated National Park so there is an entrance fee. Free to seniors with the America Beautiful Pass or $15 per vehicle for 1-7 days which includes everyone in the vehicle. The visitor center has lots of information and the rangers will explain any questions you may have. There is a small souvenir shop and ofcourse restrooms. It was a nice day and we enjoyed seeing the Tower.
  • Photo of A and M
    5 months ago
    What an awesome experience! The pictures can't show how big it really is. We enjoyed a pleasant afternoon while we hiked around the tower. Camped at a KOA nearby which was also nice and convenient.
  • Photo of rglisczinski
    5 months ago
    After spending the night in Gillette , we backtracked the hour or so to see the tower. As an added bonus, we got the cheapest fuel of the trip at the station on the exit off I90 here. Yeah, it is just a massive chunk of rock but it is hard to see it and not be awed by the thing. It is first visible from the hwy ,14 if I remember correctly, at about 10 miles away on your left. It really is amazing even though we didn't actually enter the park. We stopped at the new little log cabin bar near the entrance. ( a really nice place although I forgot the name ). Not someplace for a final destination but well worth the detour to enjoy the view.
  • Photo of johnwY8305UO
    5 months ago
    The views of the Tower are unbelievable. Must also hike the Devil Tower Trail which is paved, easy walk and about 3 miles around the loop where you can see every side.
  • Photo of mrdoege
    5 months ago
    What a great place to visit! Devil's Tower is simply awesome! It was really crowded on a Sunday in early to mid September. We took the trail at the base of the trail and it can be somewhat exerting. Be forewarned the trail is up and down, up and down. If you have a bad knee or some other malady where getting is around is an issue you might want to just stand at the base and admire its grandeur. The bathrooms there are small and, especially for the ladies, waiting may be an issue. I would definitely go back!
  • Photo of wellsfam
    6 months ago
    Loved the experience seeing this in person and feeling its unique beauty. Sunset was an especially lovely time to be there.
  • Photo of 57snow
    6 months ago
    Unfortunately we only had time for the paved walk around the base. It was an easy walk for the exception of a couple inclines. Which may be a challenge for some. Very well maintained and the view of the tower was amazing. Saw some people climbing. Bring your binoculars and enjoy. We were here the day before Labor Day and was surprised by how quite it was. Earlier in the summer I expect the crowds could make it a less enjoyable experience. The lower trail around the tower was not paved, but looked like it was in good shape. Enjoy
  • Photo of moparmagic
    6 months ago
    This thing is amazing you look at it and wonder what forces of nature created this. If you are in that part of the country it should be a must see.
  • Photo of Manazefa
    6 months ago
    I loved this place! Excellent parking, wonderful 1.3 mile trail around the Tower, beautiful views. Well worth the stop!
  • Photo of Worldtraveler68
    6 months ago
    Ever since I saw Devils Tower featured in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, I have wanted to visit. It took 40+ years but I recently saw Devils Tower on a family vacation. It is impressive in person, and it was fun to walk around. Beyond that, we were in and out of the area in just a couple of hours. Felt kind of like a “check the box” experience – nice, but not special.
  • Photo of Explorer2212
    6 months ago
    Devils tower is so imposing and beautiful. It seems as if it is not part of the landscape. As if they had been from another place.
  • Photo of Deborah C
    6 months ago
    Decided to go the extra miles into Wyoming to visit Devil's Tower and were so glad we did. This place is wonderful and so worth seeing. The drive there is good and we enjoyed the scenery, buffalo and long-horn steer as we passed by. The Tower is enormous and the walk around it is so worth doing. Those views are awesome. There were people climbing the day we were there and they certainly have more guts than brains, I think, as it is straight up with little handhold places. Just no something I would ever consider. I remembered the movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and plan to find it for my granddaughters to watch at some point. I would have liked to have seen it at night and heard that people go there and stay all night for the views of the Tower and the sunset, nighttime sky, moon, and stars. That must really be something worth seeing. Maybe next trip because we'd definitely go back!
  • Photo of enstrim
    6 months ago
    There are opportunities for junior ranger programs as well as lots of history about Devils Tower itself. Learn about the importance of the tower to Native American tribes, the meaning of the prayer cloths hung about the site, and the reasoning behind the climbing restriction seen at the site in June. Worth a visit to learn more about the tower
  • Photo of Benjamin B
    6 months ago
    The visitor center has a great little exhibition (that's kid-friendly) to show the various theories about how Devil's Tower came to be. We highly recommend!
  • Photo of cndrlla59
    6 months ago
    Please go to this monument! It is very impressive! We didn't actually go in to the monument so I don't know how much it cost to get in. But you don't need to go in to see it! The gift shop has a great selection and the sale prices are very low. All in all a must see!
  • Photo of rkidman
    6 months ago
    We stopped by here on our travels this past weekend around sunset and it was amazing. The sky was clear so the sun was bright and hard to get detail on the mountain in photos but stunning sunset pictures. A must see if you are in the area.
  • Photo of Dulcist
    6 months ago
    Strongly recommend sturdy shoes. The hike around the perimeter of the monument is rocky, elevated in some places and flat in others. Take water when you hike. You can also get a pass to climb the monument. Check with the NPS. Devil's Tower is the country's first national monument. The tower is sacred to many Nothern Plains Indian tribes, as well as the Kiowa Tribe, who made their homes in the Black Hills region. Devils Tower is open 24 hours per day, 365 days per year with each season offering a distinct experience to this geological site. If it's your first visit to the tower, be sure to stop in at the Devils Tower Visitor Center to learn about ranger-led programs, night sky viewing opportunities, hiking trails and climbing information. While daily programs (including guided hikes and ranger talks) are offered regularly, during the summer the park has astronomy programs that provide incredible views of the night sky, largely due to low light pollution and clear skies in the area.
  • Photo of PNRao
    7 months ago
    Good place to get some authentic information and gifts for purchase. The place provides opportunities for various activities and also reserve opportunities for kids to have better opportunities for learning and doing things at national parts and monuments.

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