Photo of Scoop Deville in Hartford, WI, US
Photo of Scoop Deville in Hartford, WI, US
Photo of Scoop Deville in Hartford, WI, US
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Scoop Deville

American Restaurant

ice cream • sundae • hot dog • banana split

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  • Photo of nateford54
    5 months ago
    Awesome everything, old school soda fountain and ice cream drinks, retro candy, been in there a lot since moving nearby and every single time customer service has been friendly and welcoming. If you like ice cream ad smiling you've gotta stop in!
    6 months ago
    What a great little busy place… Decided to stop here after I took DD and two of her friends skiing at Little Switzerland... while we were there DD decided to look up an ice cream place and this is what popped up so we headed on over to Hartford. Walking in and stepping back in time. It must've been a day for ice cream because this place was quite busy, but the line moved along.. taking care of each and everyone order with care and lots of smiles. Many old photos hang on the walls in this building which is always fun to look at. Asked a gentleman that worked there about the photos and what year they were taken in.. he gave me a little bit a rundown about SD... even an old photo of the previous owners were hung. Fun flavors of ice cream's, along with many types of old time candies that I enjoyed as a child... more memories flooded my mind 😋 Between the four of us we had 11 scoops of ice cream... flavors were from maple bacon, cookies and cream, salted caramel... and a few others that I can't remember… And some of the kids left feeling a little overwhelmed with all the scoops in their bellies !!! You could have your ice cream in different types of cones, edible dishes or in a glass dish... also lots and lots of toppings to choose from if you think you really needed them. Their menu also consist of making things such as Sundays, malts, banana splits and many other items. Bakery items are also available along with other refrigerated or freezer products. Definitely would stop here again ... if and when we get over to this area next.
  • Photo of amatonterias
    7 months ago
    All right, I have to tell you first that they make awesome ice cream, many flavors - some you have heard of, some new. And the most exciting thing for my family...they have the creamiest and best flavor of them all: Maple Bacon Ice Cream! I know. It sounds weird, but my daughter tried it and that flavor is one we buy pints, quarts, and even half gallons of. I'm sure you'll find your own favorite. Anyway, they also have sandwiches, snacks, candies from years gone by - kind of a an old-timey drugstore counter experience. Old pictures, decor, and they even dress the part. You really should stop and and try a waffle cone of your favorite flavor.
  • Photo of Lindsay K
    7 months ago
    This is by far the best ice cream place in Hartford. They make their own ice cream. The waffle cones are amazing. Everything is fresh and the staff is friendly. Great flavors.
  • Photo of 51Willy69
    8 months ago
    Great ice cream in a delightful atmosphere!! Owners are very friendly and do a lot for the community. I strongly recommend this business.
  • Photo of Ardeth H
    9 months ago
    I was in Hartford with my husband as he had a business meeting. I was looking for a place I could wait for him in comfort that had tea and a snack. When I entered into was greeted with a smile. I found a table and then asked if they had tea or coffee. They had Earl Gray, delicious. While looking for something to go with it while I waited I discovered several items that would go well with tea (cinnamon rolls, turnovers, pecan rolls and lots of chocolate). I choose the cinnamon twist. They warmed it up for me. Great welcoming service, delicious food and a extremely comfortable place to wait.
  • Photo of PackerFan1023
    10 months ago
    If you want good home made ice cream this is the place. It's a 50's type diner with ice cream, retro candy and homemade baked goods. It even has a jukebox that plays 50's music. My whole family Loves going there.
  • Photo of LakeDOC66
    10 months ago
    Delicious old fashioned ice cream in a return to a "Happy Days" setting without the Fonz. Many favors of ice cream served up in malts, shakes, cones, or cups. Hand made sundaes and malts with sandwiches, too. A must stop for sweet tooth satisfaction!
  • Photo of Albyfli
    10 months ago
    Very way cool place to hang ones hat for a spell. Old time decor and actual soda island of days gone by. Malts are made right there in the they way they are supposed to be made and plenty of ice cream to keep you coming back for more. A limited sandwich menu which I feel could be improved upon. It that's me. Old time candy and non high fructose corn syrup pop in bottles (coke) is always a good deal. I found the peanut squares hard to resist. Great service and I'll be back.
  • Photo of Dana S
    a year ago
    We love going here for ice cream and goodies!!! They have such amazing ice cream!!😋😋 Such wonderful service and a cool place to go to.
  • Photo of Tony T
    a year ago
    Great ice cream, downtown Hartford, remember, or have you ever, got a great one or two dip cone? They have exceptional ice cream. If you want custard, go to Mickeys
  • Photo of SaraR629
    a year ago
    My husband and I were in Hartford for dinner, followed by a walk, when we stumbled across this gem. We went in and immediately noticed the old school diner decor; it was really nostalgic and fit the theme perfectly. We sampled a few flavors of their homemade ice cream and then ordered. I ordered the pumpkin cheesecake malt and my husband ordered the salted caramel malt. They were the BEST malts we ever had. Suggestion: order the malt and drink it there because you get what is left in the malt cup and you get a cool spoon that hooks on the cup so it doesn't fall in! While we waited for them to be made, we sat at the diner counter and watched the workers make everything from homemade Italian sodas to ice cream sundaes to generously-filled homemade waffle cones (in chocolate or original). They even had homemade waffle sundae bowls. This is not your quick scoop, serve and leave kind of place. You get to relax and take in the place, while waiting for your custom made, precision weighted homemade ice-cream indulgence. And trust us, it is WELL WORTH the wait. We will be back! Bring your friends and family to Scoop Deville in Hartford! They will love you forever!
  • Photo of Alarke
    a year ago
    50's style ice cream parlor with everything you would expect. The booths, the counter seating, the employee' clothing, the decorations all take you back in time. Freshly made waffle cones, ice cream sundaes, floats, malts and diner food. Freshly roasted nuts and candy for the kids (or kids at heart). Located near the Mineshaft right on Main St. Street parking can be tough depending on the Day but it is worth the stop and the extra steps to walk a block or two. Great staff, friendly and efficient. Solo, couples or families.
  • Photo of Jacob B
    a year ago
    Kids love coming here for the great homemade icecream. The candy and nuts are also really great. Highly recommended!!
  • Photo of Janet P
    a year ago
    Charming soda fountain decor reminds a person of the 40's, 50's and 60's, complete with a jukebox. Great selection of ice cream flavors made behind glass doors.
  • Photo of Mckenna P
    a year ago
    Love the ice cream here and the vibe! You can tell they love there ice cream and you can taste it. This brings me back to childhood each time it walk through the doors. The prices are very reasonable and it is a casual dressed place. Love it over there!!!
  • Photo of Traci G
    a year ago
    I love Scoop Deville! Excellent ice cream. Friendly staff. Great atmosphere. Large historic photos of Hartford on the walls. Enjoyed a bottle of Coca Cola. Loved the juke box and candy counter with a variety I haven't seen in years.
  • Photo of Bobbie_Ebben
    a year ago
    Excellent! Old fashion candy counter, ice cream, food. Very cute! Also hired them to do a sundae bar at an off-site meeting. Did a wonderful job!!
  • Photo of Lyda S
    a year ago
    The staff was super friendly, the ice cream was awesome. Great atmosphere too. They also have dairy free options and lots of in store baked items. They have ice cream packed to go and local glass jars of milk. Large nostalgic candy counter and fresh candied nuts. Lots of chocolates too!
  • Photo of Sue L
    a year ago
    If you want the feel for an old time ice cream/soda shop, this is the place for you. Great atmosphere. The menu is extensive and tasty!

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