Photo of Old Town Inn in Germantown, WI, US
Photo of Old Town Inn in Germantown, WI, US
Photo of Old Town Inn in Germantown, WI, US
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Old Town Inn

American Restaurant

ribs • french onion soup • pulled pork • red cabbage

N116 W15841 Main St
Germantown, WI 53051, US
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  • Photo of wacotom
    5 months ago
    Stopped to visit with friends. Nice selection of beers to start the meal. We ordered various things and depending on what you order we got a 50% senior discount. I thought the red cabbage, sauerkraut and spoetzl were better than the actual entree. The pork chops were good but a little on the thin side. The salmon also was a little bland. The shaum tort was excellent. Nice place very good service.
  • Photo of Wirv1970
    8 months ago
    My wife and I went here for our anniversary on a Saturday night. It is a very cute little beer hall tucked away on the north side of Germantown. They have a lovely selection of craft beers and daily specials. We had the rib eyes which were very tasty (although the potatoes were a bit cool). The service was good and speedy (which was not surprising since they were very slow that night). It was worth the trip and we look forward to going again.
  • Photo of MryWitt
    8 months ago
    Friday Fish with outside dining last Friday night for a party of 9 The Bretzel appetizer was huge and was great for our large group. The baked cod is 1 lb. of baked fish with outstanding home made potato pancakes. They have a combo fish fry with a Bacon bratwurst that was a hit with the guys.
  • Photo of APEMP
    9 months ago
    We waited 3 hours for food on a holiday weekend! Staffing was terrible for it being a beautiful holiday weekend. The beer garden was packed but there weren't many people in the restaurant/bar. I feel as though the customers in the restaurant/bar should take priority on food orders over those in the beer garden. If there is only one kitchen & limited staff then limit the menu items in the beer garden & prioritize those patrons who came to eat in the restaurant. One of our tables meals came out an hour before the others, then the other meals were taken to another table "by accident" when we finally all ate & got the bill, 3 1/2 hours after getting there, we were over charge to boot! They removed a few items from our bill however we almost feel as though we should have been paid to sit there for over 3 hours! At least we had time since it was a holiday weekend & we had no other plans. There were tables around us that left before eating and many complained to the staff/management/owner about the long wait but they almost seemed to argue with the client's! One table finally got their food before us (even though they were seated well after us) and got up & left before even eating! Plan in advance & focus on customer service.
  • Photo of Maija K
    a year ago
    This place brings you back to Germany. Delicious scnitzel, pork shank and great beer? The portion sizes reminded me of Germany too, enough to share or bring home for later.
  • Photo of cobraracer52
    a year ago
    A group of us gather recently to watch one of the NFL playoffs and have our first visit to the Old German Beer hall since its change from Jerrys. We loved the remodeling and the feel of the hall. We had great waitress and they had a great selection of beers. one problem that happened just keeps bothering me, couple of people in our group ordered shots of the German Obstler spirit (which is clear) and the proceeded to toast each other and from the look on their faces I knew something was not right. on further inquiry they both said it had ZERO taste. A few of use tried a little bit of it and confirmed it was nothing more than water. We talked with our waitress and she confirmed it was water and produced a couple more shots of the real stuff. The excuse offered was pretty weak, claiming it was a display bottle and got mixed in with the stock. I guess it is not good business practice to fill empty liquor bottle with water for display. This so put us off I don't thing we will return, too bad as for not this issue it would have been at least a 4 or 5 visit
  • Photo of SDHolz
    a year ago
    Family from far away loved the ambiance and the music, beer, and food! The waitresses are cute, the fish fry great.
  • Photo of mkoz112
    a year ago
    Compared to some other German-based establishments like in Milwaukee, this one does an excellent job in all three categories. The variety is fantastic and I have never experienced poor service. The bartending (at the connected tavern next door) is prompt and extremely friendly. The waitresses are courteous and above all else, are never clueless as to what is available. Despite being in Germantown, it is worth a drive from popular destinations such as Milwaukee.
  • Photo of Chuck M
    a year ago
    It was truly like visiting a German bier garden. Wide open, high ceiling, fireplace, long bench seats, om pa pa band, and great German bier in liter mugs. Drinks were fantastic, good selection of German cuisine, and fast, friendly service. The waitress had the band play happy birthday and the whole restaurant was singing to me while I waved my beer mug high! I thought the prices were moderate and would go back there again.
  • Photo of Reiswebers
    a year ago
    A great atmosphere, with live German music and authentic Bavarian selections, we will definitely return the next time we are in the Milwaukee area.
  • Photo of chris l
    a year ago
    Five of us went for dinner. My husband is from Germany and it was his birthday so we wanted to surprise him. Food was terrible. We ordered sandwiches and they were tasteless 😛. The buns were dry no butter, no gravey ard, no seasoning but a ton of fries. My son in law ordered Wiener Schnitzel and like the sandwiches it was tasteless. The menu says there's Pickles with sandwiches and when we asked they said we don't have any. The beer was good, we enjoyed the music, the benches are very uncomfortable your typical beer hall. Prices are ridiculous. Total rip off. McDonald's is much better !! We will NEVER go back
  • Photo of Swede S
    a year ago
    Five of us visited last weekend. When our entrees arrived with parts missing, we informed the server that they were not as described on the menu. Her reply was, "Oh we have new menus and don't do that anymore." Hmmm.... Then we tried our food. Five out of five found the entrees to be borderline inedible. The meat was clearly microwaved, likely more than once, as it was dry and tasteless. If we wanted a plate filled with more French fries than anything else, we would have gone to a local fast food establishment and had better tasting ones. As if spending $100 for poorly prepared, low quality food wasn't enough of a reason to never return, feeling sick the rest of the evening and entire next day certainly was.
  • Photo of TheFluffyDog
    a year ago
    To be fair, it is not Jerry's Old Town. New owner, new design, new concept. With that said don't name the ribs "Old Town" and leave them on the menu with the "Old Town" Baked Onion Soup. The soup is nothing like it used to be. Very similar to a canned onion with salty flavor and clear broth vs. the thicker opaque stock that was Jerry's. The ribs were obviously reheated. Similar to a chain restaurant. For those of you that remember the loaded baked potato. You won't find it here. It comes with German Potato Salad and vinegar cole slaw. Not sure how all that sweet and sour fits with ribs. We asked for substitutions, but were told that was a $2.95 upcharge. While that won't break the bank, the ribs are $17.95 and the soup is $6.50. That was enough for the chain restaurant food we got. As an aside, this is a beer hall with loud German music. My husband and I like to talk about our day at dinner and that was just not possible. It is odd just eating and not talking. Almost like we missed our dinner. It is possible the German food is very good and that is their theme. Maybe just take the ribs off the menu and say goodbye to Jerry's so people don't hold on to hope that it might still be there.
  • Photo of Philip F
    a year ago
    Old Town Beer Hall is a great place to step out of 21st Century America and back into a place with the feel of a 19th Century German Bier Halle. The beer is great, the decor has an Old World charm and the menu features both authentic German fare as well as a few favorite recipes harkening back to when this restaurant was the iconic Jerry's Old Town Inn. This and its companion property next door, Von Rothenburg Bier Stube, is a great place to give locals and visitors alike an authentic experience of the strong German heritage in SE Wisconsin.
  • Photo of APEMP
    a year ago
    We went in to meet family for a sunday dinner. We sat at the bar for happy hour 1/2 price apd & drinks. The beer, german wine & pretzels were great. However the food was lacking. It was authentic german food but had little flavor & less seasoning. The waitress forgot our soup eventhough there were only about 10 customers in the dining room & charged us for it. We had to have her remove it from the check & she barely even apologized for it. We don't mind happy hour but not worth the drive for the food!
  • Photo of mtp63
    a year ago
    After my wife and I finished our evening walk we decided to stop by the Beer Garden at Old Town for dinner. It was so nice to be able to sit outside and relax with a good beer and sandwich. We were surprised by the accordian and guitar entertainment. The entertainers were funny and enjoyed them very much. I had a burger that was accompanied on the bun by pulled pork and BBQ sauce heaped over a bed of fries. It was delicious and way too much to eat! After the sandwiches and a couple great beers our bill came to about $40 which I think was well worth it. We'll do it again!!
  • Photo of Kiwipeko
    a year ago
    Love the baked and the lightly breaded fish there. Coleslaw is very good, and potato pancakes are excellent. The rye bread ,tho was a little dry.
  • Photo of Branford S
    2 years ago
    Great outdoor atmosphere. Inside was newly renovated and very clean. A lot of dining options and everyone seemed to enjoy their different meals.
  • Photo of Dremnstar
    2 years ago
    We came here for a family reunion it was a extremely large group of at least 40 to 50 people. They accommodated everybody and make sure everybody was comfortable and well taken care for. The lovely waitresses were amazing and made sure everyone is happy and satisfied with their meals. I was extremely impressed with the above and beyond service that was provided! I would definitely come back here if we came back into town again!
  • Photo of DW B
    2 years ago
    This is now named Old Town Inn. It is an attractive beer hall with a German band. Had good beer. Food was fair at best. Our party had a sausage platter which was okay. Sourbraten was acceptable at best. Two of us had what was called Weiner schnitzel, pork & chicken. Veal was not available. Both orders were poorly prepared & tasted bad. Desert was disappointing. We chose apple strudel which arrived with more raisins than apples. Service was uneven. Our conclusion: we won't return

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