Photo of Victrola Cafe & Roastery in Seattle, WA, US
Photo of Victrola Cafe & Roastery in Seattle, WA, US
Photo of Victrola Cafe & Roastery in Seattle, WA, US
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Victrola Cafe & Roastery


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  • Photo of misopiso88
    a year ago
    My son and I were headed to a show at The Paramount and stopped by Victrola Cafe beforehand. The coffee is DELISH! Great place to hang out and walking distance to downtown. Highly recommend.
  • Photo of Aija B
    a year ago
    This place has one of the highest quality coffees in Seattle, their own Roastery, high standards. Great find for coffee snobs. Their quality of course is superior to Starbucks. They even have coffee bar.
  • Photo of kellysmall_21
    a year ago
    Atmosphere in the shop is great. Local art. Local feel. The beans I bought were good but not spectacular. The service I received was the same.
  • Photo of Allison C
    2 years ago
    Nice alternative to the Starbucks Roastery down the street, which can get quite crowded. This has more of a Cap Hill local vibe.
  • Photo of RSDgirl
    2 years ago
    From the reviews I read about Victrola, my expectations were set high. However, I was underwhelmed both by the coffee and the vibe. A big plus was the guy who waited on me. Super helpful in explaining the roasts and in helping me select a roast to bring back to my family.
  • Photo of Malin K
    2 years ago
    Råder kaffehysteri i Seattle och det finns många sådana här ställen. Detta är ett av de allra bästa. Väldigt gott! Jag drack en cappuccino.
  • Photo of ad_mt7
    2 years ago
    Every location has great coffee, but I like this small store. Friendly service and delicious coffee selection. They also had some really good kombucha on tap...not what I went there for, but was pleasantly surprised. A refreshing, post-coffee finish!
  • Photo of karula76
    2 years ago
    Absolutely loved the coffee at Victrola cafe. Located in the heart of Capitol Hill. For serious coffee drinkers. This is not a fast food- coffee stop, so be prepared to wait. It's worth it!
  • Photo of luv2truv3l
    2 years ago
    Apple fritter!!! Amazing! blend mix latte..not sure?? could be my taste buds and the blend itself...had it a few times over a few days...comfortable atmosphere
  • Photo of knd1205
    2 years ago
  • Photo of martysgaspiping
    2 years ago
    I've been here many times. I enjoy watching them roast the beans while using the WiFi and having a great americano. Great staff too!
  • Photo of MK330
    2 years ago
    that's what I read from a local newspaper...while sipping coffee here....ha.....and yes, I must agree. Its roastery is 20 ft away from the coffee counter. Their pastries and iced mocha are equally good. Given that this Victrola is only a couple of blocks away from the tourist attraction of Starbucks Reserve Tasting Room and is still pretty crowded on most days, I can taste the reason why. I also tried their Beacon Hill and am glad that the quality is consistently good.
  • Photo of seahawksfoodie
    2 years ago
    I liked this Capital Hill Coffee House the first time I walked in and I have enjoyed a different coffee roast each time since. Seattle has many independent coffee roasters with their own shops - there are several within a few blocks of Victrola. This one stands out. They source their own coffee, roast it on premises and serve it by the cup or in bags of beans. Always happy to share information about the coffee beans on hand and always a good barista to serve a well prepared coffee drink in a comfortable location.
  • Photo of caitlincoar
    3 years ago
    Title says it all... Victrola has good coffee, and a great atmosphere. Baristas were awesome, place is bright and airy, a nice change from the dark corner look a lot of places go for.
  • Photo of Jen S
    3 years ago
    Coffee was average and doughnut was good. There were seats facing the window, which was the only thing noteworthy.
  • Photo of 07BigBlue
    3 years ago
    We stopped in for our first time cup of coffee but did not get the great, comfortable and welcoming feeling upon entering from any staff and they did not appear to be busy that morning. Therefore, we left and did not try the coffee as the first impression was not that good and only average.
  • Photo of Jenni O
    3 years ago
    Great coffee, wonderful service! Cool environment. I'm excited to take some beans home with me to the Midwest! Much better than Starbucks!!
  • Photo of christofir
    3 years ago
    I work out of this cafe everyday. It's got a nice view of their roasting process and feels authentically neighborhoody than its Starbucks neighbor.
  • Photo of WmFerguson
    3 years ago
    Small scale, attention to detail. This place and the people in it know and care about amazing coffee, and based on my admittedly all too limited experience, they don't seem snobby about it either which was refreshing. The guys in front of us in line were burly construction guys on a break - lots of tattoos and not so much hair. They fit in every bit as well as the young couple with the iDevices and trendy clothes. It was all about the coffee. It was the best cup I've ever had.
  • Photo of amezcua67
    4 years ago
    Coffees are created with great care, the coffee shop was packed with people who love to read/write/relax/chitchat. Great place, great people and really good coffee.

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