Photo of The Garage in Seattle, WA, US
Photo of The Garage in Seattle, WA, US
Photo of The Garage in Seattle, WA, US
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The Garage

American Restaurant

fries • full bar • food was great • lots of pool tables

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  • Photo of WillIGoBack
    5 months ago
    Love this place always have! Expanded area, good food and drinks. Love the cocktail bar and the outdoor patio is the place to be on a summer day. Book events and team building here. Emily Robinson is the events director and she couldn't be more accommodating!
  • Photo of Tiffany B
    8 months ago
    On our trip we had a night of nothing to do. We found this place while looking for a pool hall. They offer pool, bowling and shuffle board. Beer, alcohol and some food were available. The facility was alright but a little dated. With that being said, I would still return if we were looking for these activities.
  • Photo of Tradingcomet
    9 months ago
    A fun and lively venue. The food is good, and lots of games available, however it is to loud to enjoy time with friends.
  • Photo of Wanderer0213
    a year ago
    We had a company dinner at The Garage and there was plenty to do. We spent most of the night bowling and playing pool. The food was great, nicely done. Full bar, that was easy to access. Plenty of parking near the bar.
  • Photo of Megha G
    a year ago
    It's a good place to play pool. We just had chicken fry which was good. My friends usually go there to play pool.
  • Photo of Anthony H
    a year ago
    Bowling, food, drinks and poll if you want to! With many different areas inside and outside (during the Summer) as well as downstairs and upstairs, there's a place for everyone to be here. Food selection is varied and service is great. Highly recommended for a date night or group event.
  • Photo of AsadZulfahri
    a year ago
    The place is HUGE, lots of pool tables, bowling alleys and a karaoke room up top! Bar service was very quick, and the food is delicious. Will definitely come here again in the future.
  • Photo of daswifty
    a year ago
    We had a large birthday gathering at the Garage and had a great time. We reserved 4 lanes on a Sunday afternoon and had a group of 20+ people bowling, shooting pool, eating, drinking, and just having fun. All of the staff was very friendly and happy to help with whatever was required. The food selection and preparation was solid. And being happy hour, beers were $2.75. Thanks Garage.
  • Photo of Kate S
    2 years ago
    So, if you are going bowling or to play pool with friends, you might be impressed that you can get an actual meal. If you are just meeting friends for dinner, there are a lot better places for that. It is, of course, very noisy. Service was friendly, but slow. When our friends made the mistake of asking to have the bill split before the order went in, the kitchen didn't notice that both tickets were for the same table. So, our food was not prepared or served together. Fries were greasy and limp, entrees were adequate. Hot food was tepid. So, perhaps we were unlucky, but I am at a loss to understand some of the more glowing reviews. The only reason to eat here, IMO, is that you are already here to bowl or play pool.
  • Photo of MaEu M
    2 years ago
    Ambience is great. Access to public transportation is great. Menu is outstanding. Staff couldn't do enough to please us. We loved this place and ate here twice.
  • Photo of steve1289
    2 years ago
    They combined a pool hall and a bowling alley. Perfect match. Lots of tables and lanes. You pay per hour so it really wasn't too expensive to do both. HINT: they take reservations, so make them. When we got there we got on the list for pool and bowling. It took about 30 min to get a table. The bowling took about 3 hours. We just played pool, got drinks, and food while waiting for bowling. I would make this a regular destination if I lived in Seattle.
  • Photo of ShibbyOkGuy
    2 years ago
    Wonderful food, great atmosphere, great location! It's only a 1-mile walk to/from the ferry terminal. They have a full bar, full kitchen, bowling, and pool tables!! It's a great place to bring your large group of friends and enjoy the entire evening! There was no cover to get in when we went on a Saturday night.
  • Photo of robinskiz2
    2 years ago
    Food was good and there was plenty of activities to keep everyone in the group entertained. Pool tables, bowling and video games. Would definitely recommend The Garage. The bartenders were awesome too!
  • Photo of Meems2205
    2 years ago
    A fun venue for a night out! The food was fast and tasty and service was very friendly. You can bowl, play pool, listen to good music, or just hang out watching sports while eating and drinking. Great place to have a private party as well!
  • Photo of Islandb98
    2 years ago
    Not sure if we hit the place on a bad day or... Food was just OK and tons of difficulties with bowling plus few of the balls are drilled for people with regular sized fingers (thumb holes too small). Parking also a sketchy affair. I guess this is a place for locals. I won't be going back.
  • Photo of angelamroig
    2 years ago
    A group of friends and I decided to take a night out in Capitol Hill. We went bowling and until 30 minutes before closing everything was amazing. A security guard took a beer out of my hands as I was about to take a sip and dumped it out at 1:30... Thirty minutes before closing according to their website. I greatly advise against this establishment. They are rude and insensitive in regard to their customer service. When I finally spoke with upper management I was disappointed with their blatant disregard for their customers' money and time spent at their business. This used to be a great place to spend your time. Management has clearly been shifted.
  • Photo of Nicholas S
    2 years ago
    I came here with my family to celebrate my birthday. We ordered fries and I got a gyro. The food was amazing and not overpriced. I have to take a star off because when I was in the bathroom I found a soap dispenser that was haunted.
  • Photo of Elizabeth W
    2 years ago
    Long wait for bowling and pool tables on a holiday weekend, but the food and drinks here are so great it will distract you from waiting. Nice outdoor seating area with heaters for cooler nights, but as far as I could tell there wasn't any wait service out there. Great happy hour deals for food, drinks, and games.
  • Photo of Angelica M
    2 years ago
    The Garage houses pool tables on the first floor with bar food and drinks. The basement houses a bowling alley. Friday and Saturday nights are most expensive for playing so if cost is an issue than call ahead or check groupon! Pool tables are in good condition and food is really good!!!
  • Photo of Jomarie T
    3 years ago
    We were lucky to be invited to a private party in one half of the Garage. Food was great, lots to do, staff was fantastic. The crowd was younger than us so I'd say it would be perfect for the mid-twenties to late thirties crowd.

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