Photo of Molly Moon's Ice Cream in Seattle, WA, US
Photo of Molly Moon's Ice Cream in Seattle, WA, US
Photo of Molly Moon's Ice Cream in Seattle, WA, US
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Molly Moon's Ice Cream

American Restaurant

ice cream • waffle cone • kerry park • balsamic strawberry

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  • Photo of TacomaTraveler2013
    4 months ago
    We had dessert after dinner and the staff were very helpful. The scoop of ice cream might be pricey but the scoops are big. I love the Carmel dulce and my nieces love the lavender or the mint chocolate chip. Try the cone with fudge inside if you have a chocolate craving
  • Photo of pennyandrusty
    5 months ago
    If you’re in the Seattle area and looking for ice cream, you’re bound to hear about Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream. Since their first ice creamery shop opened in 2008 by founder Molly Moon Neitzel, they have since expanded to 8 shops currently and it was at their Queen Anne location that we found ourselves during our Seattle road trip. Before you order, the first thing that you should know is that you can get two different flavours for one scoop. The portion size for one scoop is actually pretty good but the wide-mouthed waffle cone belies that. We picked up a Earl Grey and Melted Chocolate as well as a Strawberry Shortcake. They use organic and fair trade Earl Grey tea that’s been steeped overnight in sweet cream and milk. For the Melted Chocolate, they use 70% dark, organic, fair trade Theo Chocolate melted in a hot mixture of cream, milk and sugar giving it a fudgy like centre. If you’re in the mood for some quality ice cream in Seattle, make sure you check out one of the Molly Moon’s locations.
  • Photo of Rayx2mac
    6 months ago
    I sampled a couple of flavors but decided on one I didnt try. Boy I wished I had tried it first! Salted caramel was awful. It was burning my throat and had a really strange taste. I guess this ice cream is an acquired taste. I wanted to like it. The shop is cute and has fresh, made in store waffle cones..just sample first!!!!!
  • Photo of Connie D
    6 months ago
    $17 for 1 single and 1 double scoop icecream cones .... Really ? Is it magic icecream ? I think not !!!
  • Photo of JohnMaMercer
    6 months ago
    A multitude of ice cream choices. A double scoop waffle cone is like a mountain of ice cream as it goes by weight. Service is very friendly
  • Photo of Qi Z
    7 months ago
    The honey lavender and coffee are awesome. I don't like ice cream tasted very sweet. Here it tastes very milky and smells really good. Also this place is not crowded compared to the molly moon in downtown. I definitely recommend this place after you visit the Kerry park.
  • Photo of DC98101
    7 months ago
    I have tried Molly Moon's several times over the past few years and always conclude that, while it is decent ice cream, it is not the best in Seattle and isn't worth waiting in their long lines. I went back this past weekend on two separate visits to give it another shot. On Saturday evening, I ordered a seasonal flavor - cherry chunk - in a cone. I had hoped for chunks of cherry and chocolate in a strongly-flavored ice cream, but found it to be very bland. It really just tasted vaguely of cold cream, and after eating half of it, I threw it in the trash. On Sunday afternoon, I decided that perhaps I had just chosen the wrong flavor, and visited another location where I chose a half-scoop of melted chocolate and a half-scoop of cookie dough. The server at the counter told me cookie dough is their most popular flavor. These were much better and more flavorful than the cherry chunk! However, I still don't think they rise to the level of what you can get elsewhere. And the ice cream at Molly Moon's is expensive and the lines are ridiculous. Obviously a lot of other people really like Molly Moon's - hence the long lines. However, I would suggest Parfait in Ballard, Trove in Capitol Hill, or Gelatiamo downtown as superior ice cream/gelato spots. In Portland, Salt & Straw and 50 Licks are better.
  • Photo of couplessPS
    7 months ago
    There are several around town- another great one is in the University Village area near the University of Washington. If you are ever nearby and there is NOT a line- run in the door and get some ice cream- lines are almost always there! Lines mean that People know something exceptional is going on- and they will stand and wait for it. There are seasonal flavors too- so the selection varies by time of year.
  • Photo of DelaneWolter
    7 months ago
    We came here with our family after dinner and were not disappointed at all. Prices are good and the product and service is fantastic. I would most definitely come here again. My wife is lactose free and even she could find something good. Amazing
  • Photo of Layla W
    a year ago
    This place is dangerously good! I usually go for their honey lavender but if you're looking for something a little bit more, their salted caramel is good (but in small amounts). My fiancé is lactose-intolerant so it's great that they tend to always have at least one good vegan one (like a salted caramel or coconut chunk). The last time we went, their website said they had vegan salted caramel but when we arrived, they were out and only had the vegan coconut chunk. I went with the Molly's Favorite sundae, which I had never had before and have to say, was disappointed. The flavors, to me, didn't go well together - the cherries tasted fakely syrupy sweet amongst the chocolate and salted caramel ice creams (which, again, surprisingly, didn't seem to go together). The walnuts didn't taste good - perhaps they needed to be caramelized. In general, we tend to love Molly Moon's. We've been going to this location for years and the staff are always EXCELLENT!!! Our waffle cone & small sundae was a little over $14 so don't expect cheap prices!
  • Photo of stewmoe2
    a year ago
    The staff at this amazing ice cream shoppe were awesome. They took the time to let us watch them make waffle cones and explained the process and the ingredients. Very nice!! And delicious!
  • Photo of Buho1967
    a year ago
    This is the place to get some really good ice cream and even some merch forma the store. Awesome service and ice cream selection!
  • Photo of misopiso88
    a year ago
    If you are looking for interesting flavors and locally made, this is the place for you. The coffee ice cream is delicious and has a kick! Earl Grey is tasty too. Highly recommend if you are looking for something a little different.
  • Photo of astaplet82
    a year ago
    There aren't a ton of flavors, but the ones they have are unique and very tasty. It's also pretty expensive, but that's probably to be expected. Didn't stop us from going twice in 4 days.
  • Photo of eagertraveler4
    a year ago
    Molly Moon's has wonderful flavors that are not your typical Baskin-Robbins 31 flavors. Love the fresh waffle cone. They make them in-house and are the best.
  • Photo of griffincooper
    a year ago
    Honey Lavender, balsamic strawberry, salted caramel---three of the more adventurous items on Molly Moon's menu. We are not adventurous sorts, so vanilla bean for us. I had thin mint crumbles on mine cuz I'm crazy like that. The scoops were huge. $20 for three people--total of four scoops and one waffle cone. Molly is proud of her ice cream. It is really good--very creamy. They sell cute stuff too---who can resist a t-shirt with a terrier and an ice cream cone drawn on it? Not me.
  • Photo of dormand l
    a year ago
    You only thought that you had had great ice cream, but until you have had ice cream from Molly Moon, you have not experienced ice cream at its foodie best.
  • Photo of Boganvillas
    a year ago
    The Molly Moon's on Queen Anne is super awesome. The staff are inspired and stoked about the great and unique ice cream they make and serve there. The hot fudge is also delicious. Reward yourself with a hot fudge sundae and then take a walk down to Kerry Park and watch the sunset.
  • Photo of Robert S
    2 years ago
    Molly Moon's makes quality ice cream. I like to pick up a dish whenever I pass by. They also have sundaes and a nice selection of toppings. And, they are very interested in sustainability and have some nice local partnership programs. There are locations all over town.
  • Photo of c_grossman
    2 years ago
    Molly Moon's on Queen Anne Hill serves some of the best ice cream we've ever tasted. Waffles cones with chocolate and vanilla (me) and chocolate and maple walnut (my husband)) were scrumptious. Sitting at the window counter watching people walk by made for a perfect break after visiting Kerry Park for the ultimate view of the Seattle skyline, including Mt. Rainier. Too sweet to pass up!

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