Photo of Miyabi 45th in Seattle, WA, US
Photo of Miyabi 45th in Seattle, WA, US
Photo of Miyabi 45th in Seattle, WA, US
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Miyabi 45th

Japanese Restaurant

soba noodles • foie gras • sushi sampler • cake

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  • Photo of JourneyJen
    a year ago
    As a belated birthday celebration, my brother and sister-in-law treated me to dinner at Miyabi 45th. The restaurant was small and quiet and the wait staff, attentive without being overbearing. Our waitress was happy to answer our many questions and offer suggestions. Many of the items we ordered were on her recommendation and we were not disappointed. The variety of small plates were well-prepared and tasty. However, the three of us agreed that our favorite item was something that was not on the menu: a complimentary "shot" of soup delivered before most of our order. When we arrived on this weekend night, only a few other diners were in the restaurant. However, its popularity became obvious as the restaurant filled quickly, making for an increasingly busy restaurant. Still, though, we all agreed that Miyabi 45th had been an excellent choice for the evening.
  • Photo of Foodtwosome
    a year ago
    Ate here a year or two ago. Left thinking it was a good noodle house, but nothing more. Sometime since it changed and our meal tonight was outstanding. Fresh oysters with three granita rocked. Sous vid egg with salmon roe and soba broth was rich, briney and crisp. Octopus on potato purée was unique, beautiful to look at and mustard seeds just made the whole thing pop. But totally blown away by fois gras (frozen, grated and light as fluff) wine jelly cubes and nut brittle. Maybe best presentation of fois gras I've ever had. Why only four stars. Service was off. Dishes came too fast. Plates weren't cleared before next course arrived. And cocktails were only so-so. Nonetheless, we'll be back again and again.
  • Photo of Nam-chan
    a year ago
    蕎麦は非常に美味しいと思います。 値段もリーズナブルだし。 シアトルは全体的に日本食レストランが余りありませんのでこのお店は非常に貴重です。 特にベルビュー近辺は日本食レストランが限られますので
  • Photo of dpan16
    2 years ago
    The food was conceptually interesting but flavors didn't deliver, service was nice albeit a bit slow, and overall, a bit pricey given the underwhelming food. 3 stars because this is not likely a restaurant we would come back to with everything all said and done. The meal started with an amuse bouche of a creamy cauliflower soup, which was unexpected and nice. The menu is setup tapas style so we ordered a few dishes. The first up was the uni and foie gras tofu - sounds super interesting and we love uni (sea urchin). This dish ended up more about the texture than the actual flavors. The texture was very smooth, slightly firmer than a mousse, but the only real flavor we got was smoky. The salmon roe that was served with the dish covered any semblance of the delicate uni flavor. 2nd up was the uni gnocchi. The gnocchi had a great chew but the sauce was overly buttery, again masking any uni flavor. (I think this is the "French" part of this Japanese restaurant). 3rd, the $30 sushi sampler. The sampler came with 8 different pieces. The uni was good served on a tempura chiso but some of the other fish were super firm. One of the sushi was chopped up o-toro (tuna belly). We imagine it was chopped because the quality of the tuna wasn't great? It didn't have much flavor. Given we had 2 people, I think it'd be better if they served 2 pieces each of 4 varieties vs. 8 different pieces making it easier to share the dish. Lastly, we had the duck soba. The duck breast was nice as was the foie gras sausage. The broth was also delicious. However, the soba noodle portion was pretty small. For dessert, we had the matcha parfait featuring green tea and vanilla ice cream, mochi, red bean paste, and some cake. The green tea ice cream had formed ice crystals so the texture was off.
  • Photo of KJusta
    2 years ago
    This is a great place. Portions are small which is fine because you'll want to try several things on the menu. We had the sushi sampler and the fish was divine! In house made soba noodles that followed were perfect. The manager (maybe owner?) came by each table and was attentive and kind. Great selection of Japanese whiskey and cheap sake options. Recommended!
  • Photo of SCtripchick
    2 years ago
    I am always surprised to find great food in a strip mall but here it is again. We were there on a busy night. There was a wait but having a book store next door is a huge plus in my book. When we got seated and ordered the food came quickly. Good variety of dishes and options. The grilled dishes were unique and tasty. The sushi rolls were creative and flavorful. Everything was presented well and the service was excellent. So glad my Seattle friends directed us to this place because we would not have found it on our own.
  • Photo of DorDorV
    2 years ago
    this restaurant specializes in sushi and grilled items. i ordered uni (sea urchin) which you dont find anywhere because of availability and quality. very fresh, yummy. also ordered fried chicken, breast of chicken (grilled), both super tender and flavourful. ordered chicken gizzards, sushi, beer and plum wine. servers were very polite and helpful, although they gave us the fried chicken by mistake and we ate it thinking it was the breast of chicken we ordered. they did not comp their mistake.
  • Photo of FitMomma
    2 years ago
    Known for their home-made Soba noodles, the food was really good. We started with the foie gras "tofu" (it's really foie gras but sculpted to look like tofu) and tempura cauliflower - both really delish. The Soba was also very tasty, and the cocktails were creative and flavorful.
  • Photo of paokano
    2 years ago
    The soba here is good, but not spectacular. Tempura is a bit greasy; you can do better at Tsukushinbo. Service varied from somewhat surly to friendly and competent. The house made ginger soda could use more ginger. Although the restaurant was less than half full, we had to wait a LONG time for our meal. There are many intriguing items on the menu, so wish we had had a better experience. We had two ten sobas (one hot, one cold), a small plate of cukes with spicy miso (very good), and two ginger sodas, and the price (before tip) came to more than $50. So this place is a bit pricy.
  • Photo of shimazolo
    2 years ago
    The soba here is handmade and excellent. Everything we ordered, from cucumber sticks to the foie gras tofu to the panna cotta is greatly executed and surprisingly tasty. The desserts especially exceeded expectations and brought new tastes to familiar names (we got the pumpkin cheese cake with goma and panna cotta with soba crumble!)
  • Photo of rinaSeattle
    2 years ago
    I highly recommend Miyabi 45th for the food, service ( sometimes it can be spotty) and the prices are affordable. Go when you want to have the chef make the decision on what to serve. The chef is open to dislikes and likes of her customer for food. Let her know your allergies. Have dined at Miyabi a handful of times and ordered the tasting menu all the time and have not been disappointed.
  • Photo of Rumples
    3 years ago
    On this visit to Seattle, I could hardly wait to take my husband to Miyabi for noodles. He is a big fan of Japanese noodles and eats them frequently during our long stays in Japan. I had been here with friends last August and the experience had been excellent. This time, however, the noodles disappointed. He ordered Bukkake-style noodles ($15), which are listed on the menu as the "best in Seattle." Actually, they proved to be tough and chewy. I had tempura (shrimp and vegetables) on a bed of rice ($9) and the batter was a bit greasy. Tempura shrimp came with the noodles and my husband peeled off the batter because of its grease and less-than-flavorful taste. On the upside, the restaurant's lovely decor pleased and the service was excellent. Those who work here are topnotch. And we really enjoyed the complimentary small glass of potato-based soup that we received before our meal.
  • Photo of NYLefty
    3 years ago
    Something different. This is not your typical sushi nor teriyaki restaurant. The menu is short and interesting. The food was very good. The service, friendly and efficient. The ambience was comfortable, as you would hope for in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle. We stopped by after a movie at the Guild 45th and was seated right away. I do not know what restaurants are like in Japan (ever having been there), but suspect this is closer to authenticity that most local restaurants. The prices seemed slightly high for what you got, but would definitely recommend if in the area.
  • Photo of treerod1
    3 years ago
    This is the third Miyabi restaurant, and it is not exactly my favorite of the three. That said, the food here is very good, although not exactly authentic Japanese food ... some artist liberties are taken by the chef. The portions are a bit on the skimpy side for the price, but again the food is very tasty. The service is friendly, however, it can be a bit slow when the place is packed. I highly recommend getting a reservation before you go ... but don't count on seating as soon as you get there. The only down-side, it's Wallingford and finding a place to park and getting around in traffic just plain sucks.
  • Photo of Maggi B
    3 years ago
    The ambiance and the food are not to be missed. My first visit was a impromptu meal after some shopping. I stopped in with my husband and had beautiful Oysters on the half Shell with a big pour of Pinot Grigio. It was delightful to say the least! Second visit was with our son and we enjoyed not only a near perfect meal and service but the sound of a lovely live guitarist playing soft music. This is one of our favorite restaurant's.
  • Photo of Travel2Food
    3 years ago
    Tues 11/25/14 5:30pm: This was our old favorite sushi restaurant but one day the closed down. Miyabi45th recently took its place but with a slight twist - no sushi on the menu. Their menu's still in the regular paper format. We opted to try out with a groupon Omakase 5-course dinner. Reservation is required, but not hard to change. Their HH menu is short. Our Omakase: * 3 shots of Dashi kabocha Squash Bisque - believe this is complimentary, nice, warm & sweet * 1 Golden Beets and Pear Salad/arugula - the onion is a bit strong, less cook on the beets * 1 bowl of Clams in Ramen Broth - the broth's bit salty, perfect clams, butter not needed * 1 grill Mackerel fish - perfectly grilled, though needs rice to compliment * 2 Beef Short Rib Kasuzuke - well seasoned & tender, though needs rice to compliment * 2 bowl of Hot Soba - love the broth and soba texture, just right. Couldn't find this item on the menu, but from the prices, not cheap for noodle. We ordered extra: * Cauliflower Karaage w/salad - who wouldn't love the deep fried :) * Fried Smoked Chicken Wings w/arugula - a bit sweet * Side of rice Overall, good quality & fresh ingredients and well prepared, this transferred into the price instead of larger portion. Friendly & helpful staff, quick service not as noted by other reviews, but somehow our dinner took almost 2hours; there was slight pauses between the next items. High tech Japanese toilet is a must checkout, I couldn't figure out how the washing work :(. We may come back just to try the soba novelty, as a light meal, but don't see Miyabi45th will be on our frequent list. 3.5 stars for now.
  • Photo of mylifeisjourney
    3 years ago
  • Photo of Rumples
    3 years ago
    The food and ambiance combine at this Wallingford neighborhood restaurant to provide a delightful Japanese dining experience. The casual dining room is light and airy and offers seating at standard and high tables and at a long bar. Soba noodles are the restaurant's specialty. During a recent visit, my dining companions ordered cold soba and declared their noodles to be exceptional. Hot soba is also available. I ate delicious tempura (shrimp and vegetables) prepared in a light batter, which gave the perfect texture to every bite. We arrived during Happy Hour and enjoyed cucumber sticks, with two dipping sauces, and edamame. At the start of the meal, we received a tiny complimentary glass of tasty corn-based soup. We all agreed that our meals were equal to our dining experiences in Japan, where we have spent much time. For those unfamiliar with the dazzling array of features displayed by Japanese toilets, check out this restaurant's restrooms.
  • Photo of Glenn-P-Tokyo
    3 years ago
    We are visiting in Seattle and notice the nice article in the local Japanese newspaper about Miyabi 45th. The is a great noodle and plus, plus Japanese, new fusion establishment. My Japanese wife was greatly impressed with the taste of the Tendon and Chashu Chuka ramen. The leading Chef, Ms. Soma has a degree from Edo Soba School and has taken some great liberties in coming up with some unique dishes using local materials. Interior is OK, and the staff is very friendly.
  • Photo of annirvine
    4 years ago
    Excellent quality food! Great service, quiet, comfortable atmosphere (I was there on a Monday night). Homemade soba noodles are great, both hot and cold. We were given complementary tastes of a pumpkin based soup that was delicious. Including appetizers and 2 glasses of wine my bill came to about $35.

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