Photo of Magus Books in Seattle, WA, US
Photo of Magus Books in Seattle, WA, US
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Magus Books

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Magus Books15
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  • Photo of Ben Tinklenberg
    4 years ago
    Great bookstore
  • Photo of Sarah Lohran
    4 years ago
    oldest independent book store in the city with the best selection of used books
  • Photo of TisaMP
    a year ago
    Magus is a perfect bookstore to get lost in, precisely the type of place I go into and immediately forget what I wanted to look for and end up with a bagful of unrelated treasures. The prices were very good and the selection terrific, including out-of-print books. I will definitely add this to my roster of spots to return to in Seattle.
  • Photo of HeadingOut98229
    a year ago
    It's safe to call us used bookstore junkies, and we seek them out wherever we travel. This was our first (and most definitely not our last) visit to Magus Books. It's not the largest used bookstore in the area, but their selection was very good and prices excellent. We found several titles we'd been unable to locate elsewhere and carried off a large bag full of our purchases. The staff was very nice as well.
  • Photo of Mike O
    2 years ago
    What a nice little book shop with a very good selection and a very good book buying dept giving a fair price to customers.I like book stores there great places to browse and learn about everything and i have 3 to 4 books going at all times. My love for book stores started with a school outing to Foyles books in London and i read about everything from art, history, travel,antiques and good fiction.
  • Photo of Miriahm D
    2 years ago
    I would not visit Seattle without going to this bookstore, I realize University Bookstore has a larger selection, and a parking lot, but it is not as eclectic, and doesn't have the soul that this truely old time 2nd hand bookstore does. It has been serving the serious book loving public in this same location since 1979, and its history goes back even further. There was once an incredible book store just around the corner on the ave, in the 60s run by Mrs. Cutts and her cats called "Puss and Boots". Ah I can still smell it now, truely old books and cats. Here's what you can find at Magus. Stacks and stacks of books everywhere, shelves and shelves to the top. Sheet music,erudite books on anything imaginable, graphic novels,quirky books, classic books, Icelandic books, in ICELANDIC, get the picture? Staff is knowledgeable and perhaps a bit intimidating, as they may well have a right to be. I have never gone into this book shop without buying at least one, if not more books. And the light rail is about to open a stop one block away, parking lots not necessary!

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