Photo of Kedai Makan in Seattle, WA, US
Photo of Kedai Makan in Seattle, WA, US
Photo of Kedai Makan in Seattle, WA, US
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Kedai Makan

Asian Restaurant

Kedai Makan14.5
roti • fried rice • ayam • lamb

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  • Photo of The Stranger
    4 years ago
    A tidy little cubbyhole in a brick wall along Olive Way, Kedai Makan is even more cosmopolitan than it looks.
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  • Photo of balledonna
    5 months ago
    We really enjoyed dinner here! The portion sizes are generous and one entree was enough for two people. We she the ribs and rice, jala roti and cucumber and pineapple salad. All was really good - aggressive seasoning. The rib entree had enough for a generous snack the next day! Definitely recommend this place!
  • Photo of janice g
    7 months ago
    Line outside but we found a spot at the bar for 2 immediately. Food was delicious and full of interesting spices. My husband live in Malaysia for a year and was quite impressed with the food.
  • Photo of Joanne M
    7 months ago
    Arrived at opening time in the evening so had no wait. Enjoyed a delicious meal, many authentic flavours which brought back many happy memories of time spent in Malaysia.
  • Photo of GulliverAustin
    8 months ago
    Being seated is awkward and the menu isn't very long but the food is delicious and they help you learn how to eat what you order. I don't remember the name of the dish but the one with mushrooms was on my mind for several days.
  • Photo of beachbummer75
    8 months ago
    We had enough of pizzas, sandwiches and decided to search for Asian fare This place was so packed it was 1 hour wait but worth while We had nasi lemak - coconut rice with fried anchovies, 3 big pieces of fried chicken, egg and sambal. Portions were so huge we struggled to finish even 50% We also had fried rice with bean curd and beansprouts Many ordered noodles and pork ribs but we couldn't stuff ourselves anymore The bill was $20 per head Worth a visit - highly recommended , excellent value
  • Photo of alaskagal5
    9 months ago
    This Malaysian restaurant is EVERYTHING! The food, drinks and service are perfection! The nasi goreng, kerabus, shrimp chips and EVERYTHINGGGG are delicious! I look forward to every visit to Seattle just to eat here! It's worth the wait (they don't take reservations, so it's first come first serve).
  • Photo of Todd2rip
    9 months ago
    I work and live most of the year in Asia. But, when I am in Seattle, I still find time to hit up Kedai Makan @ least a couple of times. One of the best restaurants in Seattle. Asian Street Food at its best! This restaurant originally started out just as a walk-up window - to go/take-out. Due to the popularity, they have expanded into a full restaurant. I was unsure of some of the unique items on the menu, but if you want to expand your taste buds and willing to try new and interesting dishes, than Kedai Makan is for you. Don't let a trip to Seattle come and go without a visit to this amazing restaurant. Evenings: 5pm-11pm Wed-Sat 5pm-10pm Sun Closed : Mon & Tues. Location: Lower Capital Hill on Bellevue Avenue, behind the Montana bar.
  • Photo of Mary S
    10 months ago
    Excellent Malaysian food and service! Everything made to order and everything on the menu is fabulous! Best to get there early though as they do not take reservations and it gets crowded, even on weekdays!
  • Photo of Dionysus38
    10 months ago
    We thought this was going to be a fusion joint, given the patrons and the chefs (yes, we wrongly judged the book by its cover), but were surprised by how authentic the dishes were. And unlike other ethnic joints, this one bravely uses the spice in the right portion. Having made numerous trips to Penang in the past, this joint really brought those food memories back to life.
  • Photo of Eddie O
    a year ago
    Best Staff. Best Food. My fave was a plate of the homemade noodles, but anything else on the menu is superb here.
  • Photo of BJaneH
    a year ago
    Freshly back from a trip to Malaysia, we wanted more of the great food and found it at this smallish place on the slope of Capitol Hill. The flavors are intense,the variety is good,and the price is right. They don't take reservations,and people cheerfully wait for a table: it's that good. The lamb dish is great, as is the fried rice and a wonderful drizzled noodle appetizer.(Wish I could remember the actual names!)It's not super spicy.
  • Photo of Jdhalliwal
    a year ago
    Nice place, fantastic music albeit loud. Food was interesting mix of pan-Asian cooking. However, if you are looking for Malaysian classic signature dishes with appropriate spicing then this is not the place to go. Pricing was reasonable.
  • Photo of Jeff B
    a year ago
    This was our first time eating Malaysian cuisine and it did not disappoint. I had the large wheat noodles with brisket. It had that perfect blend of sweet, sour and spice that I hear so many TV chefs describe when eating a great noodle dish. The staff was attentive and very friendly and another highlight was getting to try a Laotian beer. The beer itself was too sweet, but I love trying new beers so still consider it a win. If you visit Seattle, you have to eat here. The food is truly amazing and you almost feel like you stole it because the prices are so reasonable.
  • Photo of MuggleDude
    a year ago
    Absolutely great! Cocktails were good. The Roti Jala was absolutely awesome with perfect Daal. The noodles was amazing. This definitely has become a go-to place in Seattle for me.
  • Photo of Scaredofhoneybadgers
    So fresh and delicious.. Girlfriend introduced me to her favorite restaurant in Seattle and was she ever right. Started as a food truck as Nd now they have this store front- I've never had the fortune to have tried the food truck but the cucumber salad is to unbelievable.. Everything was as good as I'd hoped.
  • Photo of BillIrish
    a year ago
    this restaurant doesn't take reservations, so get there early. order multiple entrees and sample across the menu (which changes a lot). many order take-out, and taking left overs home will give you an encore of wonderful tastes.
  • Photo of World Passport
    a year ago
    There's a long line when we got there and they told us the wait was probably for half an hour unless we wanted to sit at the bar which we did. Better because they were really busy and the bartender basically took our order and what an excellent service. We had roti jala as appetizer (the sauce was really good, a bit on the spicy side but it's not too spicy), Chili Pan Mee (noodle) and Malaysian Style Nasi Biryani Ayam (rice dishes with fried chicken and veggies). All of them were very good. If you cannot eat spicy food at all, perhaps you can ask them to make everything really mild.
  • Photo of Marilrr
    a year ago
    While we were in Seattle we were taken to Kedai Makan, 1802 Bellevue Avenue, in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. We liked it so much we went twice. It was definitely worth the wait. If you love fried chicken then the Malaysian style Nasi Biryani Ayam is an absolute must. It comes resting on a bed of spiced (not spicy) basmati rice. We also had the Malaysian style fried rice, Nasi Goreng Kedai, and the Spicy Pork Ribs Kedai. They were delicious, and since we had a kitchenette in our hotel room we ate the warmed up leftovers the next day and it was even better. Price wise is wasn't bad I think it was pretty reasonable. The locals will regret me saying this but if you are visiting Seattle you have to go there.
  • Photo of judythr
    a year ago
    Service was excellent. We loved the appetizers (shared by four of us): marinated salad, Indonesian bread with lamb curry dipping sauce. Yummy! The duck leg soup was bland. The fried chicken biriyani dish was excellent. Not sure about our friends' entrées, but they didn't finish them. Pleasant ambience but noisy for conversation.
  • Photo of Momma808
    2 years ago
    My son who lives in Seattle raved about the food here. He grew up in Singapore and I thought that's because he misses the hawker food. We ordered everything under the sun. The portions were generous and very reasonably priced. It's like Malaysian, Singaporean,Indonesian hawker style food taken to another level with the use of freshest local ingredients. We ordered Roti Jala, Balachan chicken wings, Beef salad, Clams Beehoon, Chili Pan Mian, Lamb Nasi Goreng, Maggie Mee Goreng, Chicken Curry. Every dish was a 5 stars!! We were stuffed and ended up with 4 leftover boxes!

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