Photo of El Jalisco Grill in San Antonio, TX, US
Photo of El Jalisco Grill in San Antonio, TX, US
Photo of El Jalisco Grill in San Antonio, TX, US
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El Jalisco Grill

Mexican Restaurant

El Jalisco Grill14
rice • cheese • molcajete

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  • Photo of Sonia Vela
    2 years ago
    Pozole is amazing!!!
  • Photo of Sonia Vela
    3 years ago
    Best pozole in San Antonio!!! Menudo is great too.
  • Photo of pedidoctx
    2 months ago
    This restaurant has re-opened after being closed for a while. Ordered Tacos al Pastor to go and they were well seasoned, fresh tasting and with generous garnishes. The beef caldo was generous but lacking in flavor. Mexican rice was well prepared and flavorful but maybe a bit undercooked. Over all it was ok
  • Photo of Loz0404
    4 months ago
    First time coming here. We wanted to try a restaurant that we had never been to before. We can definitely say that we will be coming back. The restaurant had a very clean appearance both outside an inside. This only Mexican restaurant that I know of that not also gives you chips and salsa, but queso as well! The portions are pretty big. I order the Chimichanga and my wife ordered the Tortilla Soup. Both were very delicious. We both could not finish are servings so we took them home and they made excellent leftovers!
  • Photo of 4ElevenTechs
    7 months ago
    Today the service was quick and the food was blazing hot. I was one of the first patrons here when they opened and the service was off after the fire occurred but they are definitely finding there groove again. Welcome back my home away from home.
  • Photo of Stephanie R
    8 months ago
    Before the fire we were regulars and usually have a pretty good meal. They have off days if they are short staffed but over all, well I did say we are regulars.
  • Photo of OmniEpicurean
    9 months ago
    Having been closed for quite some time, Jalisco Grill finally re-opened this year. However, the fire seems to have been extinguished for both the restaurant and its food. Stopping in for Sunday breakfast, we sat down to the usual basket of chips. The dipping was pleasureable with warm salsas of queso and one of roasted chiles with a slow burn. The coffee was luke warm with service to match. Decided on an appetizer of bean and cheese nachos while waiting on the taco order. The menu showed a plate of separately topped chips, but what we received was a haphazard pile with scant and strange orange semi-hunky refrieds with a yellow cheese so mild, I wasn;t sure it was cheese. Oh, and the jalapenos delievered in a cup on the side was an extra $.80. Really?! The mostly egg and ___ tacos I ordered were meiocre; tasteless chorizo and sub-quality bacon with more orange beans and tasteless cheese on my bean /cheese /bacon (which I decided to take home). The other tacos of picadillo and guisado were also unusual in flavor and the fact that the guisado sauce had the same strange orange hue as the beans. The meat was tender and plentiful though. Flour tortillas were dusty and pliable, but some of the edges had begun to show their made hours ago stiffness. A side order of papas was standard except that the quantity certainly did not represent the fact that potatoes are cheap. Not here, however at $2.00 for the side or about $.15 a one inch wedge. Did I say the service was rather unattentive?! The manager(?) was nice enough to remove the (ahem) nachos from our bill explaining that we needed to specify that we wanted the nachos "separados" as in the menu picture to get them that way. O-k-a-y . . . . Hopefully, it's just a case of fine tuning the service and the kitchen. Otherwise, as far as eating another meal here, I would rather not.
  • Photo of SanAntoniDani
    9 months ago
    Worth the wait! Went this past Friday for the Molcajete special- my fave! Best way to describe it is like beef and chicken fajita meat in a yummy sauce covered with cheese and is piping hot! Also love that you get queso with your chips and salsa too! The servers were all new since before the fire, and were friendly- but I had been hoping to see the staff that I knew well from before. Prices have gone up, but they are still decent for the food you get-had to take half of it home! Honestly they were quite under-priced before compared to other places so they are more on par now. Glad this neighborhood gem is back open!
  • Photo of Darryl M
    10 months ago
    I had a very bad experience today for lunch . They opened the new location across the street and they are very unorganized. The tables were not cleared and the service was awful. They brought the food out one at a time and my food came out 15 before my clients food came out. When my food came out, it was cold and they took another 10 minutes to bring the tortillas out. We only had one refill on drinks. When we payed the bill, my client paid $10 for his meal and received $13 in change. The other location was fantastic but will not visit again until all the kinks are worked out!
  • Photo of DaveNranford
    a year ago
    Small place located right next to Riverwalk, across from San Fernando church. Mostly full at lunch time, many patrons were Mexican, so I thought that was a sign of good Mexican food. I had the Jalisco special, steak, cactus, rice, beans, flour tacos. Very good, flavorful. Wait staff were prompt and nice.
  • Photo of RVSVD
    a year ago
    Great food, good prices. Great service. I've had almost everything on the menu and all the food is good.
  • Photo of flamencaxsiempre
    This used to be one of my favorite Mexican restaurants but they close down without any notice. Some people say that the kitchen caught on fire but there are really no signs of it. I wish they were still in business because the food was really good and the prices very affordable.
  • Photo of pnkgirl27
    2 years ago
    Another great takeout order from here and it was under $9 for my meal. The chicken fajita chimichanga was perfect, just as the first time I ordered it. The service was fast, under 10 minutes.
  • Photo of pnkgirl27
    3 years ago
    The chimichanga was flavored PERFECT. It was huge and very well worth the $7.99 for the portion size. Beans and rice is usually bland at most places and used as a plate filler. Not here! Great refried beans and awesome rice. This was my first visit but I will go back!
  • Photo of pedidoctx
    3 years ago
    Most definitely the best thing on the menu is the Molcajete. Fajita meat cooked skillet style stone molcajete ( the utensil traditionally used to make salsa) withba blend of spices, veggies onion and tomato. Served with hot tortillas. Fridays are Molcajete special day. And those huge Texas Ice teas that come with it!
  • Photo of Tom W
    3 years ago
    I have been going to this establishiment for a number of years. Their breakfast taco special is economical, certainly, but loaded with eggs. It's a great meal.
  • Photo of SanAntoniDani
    3 years ago
    The Friday special I go for is the Molcajete plate (with an ice tea) for only $5.49!! Its like a beef chicken fajita type mix with peppers, onions cheese in a delicious red sauce that comes out bubbling hot in the molcajete right to the table. The refried beans are the best I ever had- I usually don't eat them, but here I do- they are that good. Homemade corn (and flour) tortillas are always fresh and excellent.

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