Photo of Moon Tower Inn in Houston, TX, US
Photo of Moon Tower Inn in Houston, TX, US
Photo of Moon Tower Inn in Houston, TX, US
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Moon Tower Inn

American Restaurant

Moon Tower Inn14
wild game • burger • craft beer • outdoor seating

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  • Photo of Eater
    4 years ago
    Moon Tower Inn is one of Houston's foremost purveyors of meat in tube form. If the wild game sausages weren't enough, there's 66 taps of craft beer, and killer burgers.
  • Photo of Sboll
    8 months ago
    This place has really good burgers and an eclectic menu which includes game meat hot dogs. The staff were very nice. It only has outdoor seating and a walk up bar. There are a few covered area as well. They have a large selection of beers to include a few of their own. I tried the Kolsch and it was pretty good. The location has a neighborhood feel to it which is nice. I would suggest bringing umbrellas for the sun and bug spray for evening hours.
  • Photo of CraftBeers
    9 months ago
    Moon Tower Inn is a beer garden. It's main attribute is 65 craft beers on tap served in an outdoor setting. Secondarily, they have food. I absolutely love this place. The beer taps are housed in a blue railroad box car. Walk up to the counter and ask for the beer menu. They are organized by style (lagers, Belgians, hoppy, stouts, etc.). When you select a beer you order it by the number next to the name. After they pour your beer, there are two main seating options. Connected to the order counter is a solid covered patio. It protects people sitting under it from the sun and rain. It's fairly small, so it fills up fast. The second area is the open yard. Picnic tables have been spread around a very large area. Small gravel rocks cover the ground which is helpful if it has rained lately. String lights, tarps and trees give the open garden a cool feel. A wonderful mural has been painted on the side wall. It's well done. If you want food, they have a menu. On one hand, you could say it's just appetizers, hot dogs and burgers. On the other, you could say there is a chef back there with some serious skills. The devil's eggs have fresh dill folded into the creamy center with a bit of roasted jalapeno to give it a boost. The hot dogs are wild game stuffed. They have duck, wild boar, elk, buffalo, lamb, pheasant, rabbit, and deer. My pheasant hot dog was awesome. I let the chef surprise me with his choice of toppings. The special sauce and stout kraut rocked. Other items on the menu included things like brined chicken, hotberry compote, and pablano bacon mayo. Those are not your off-the-shelf cooking offerings. The combination of local craft beers, high end cooking on the food, and open beer garden, I'm in. This place rocks. Negatives: - Parking is kind of rough if they are really busy. - They do not really have an open tab feature. They charge your card with $50 and then apply your purchases to the charge. Translation, you have to pay each time you order. Because of that order your food when you get your first beer. - Food takes a long time to prepare. They are not simple cooking options. Be prepared for a wait. They will call your name out the side window when it's ready. - Smoking is allowed and that sucks if your table is next to it. I was able to move to get away from the smoke. I could see a situation where there is a packed crowd smoking which would cause me to leave.
  • Photo of Lauren S
    9 months ago
    Love this place! I've had things on the menu that I don't usually like but is somehow great here. Beer is cheap and the guys that work here are always super nice!
  • Photo of Conejito0313
    10 months ago
    Friends & I went on a Saturday around 6:00pm. It was beautiful weather to sit outside. Great vibe from this little dive bar. The menu was a variety of tasty items so we tried what we could. The names of the food were comical as well. The beers were definitely different but an amazing selection.
  • Photo of SuitcaseLawyer
    10 months ago
    The Moon Tower Inn is not a motel, it's a small open yard restaurant. Think of it of a sort of beer garden that also offers tacos, sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dogs and a ton of draft beer options. It is nicely located in Houston's old east quarter close to the canal. The best feature of this place is the design and execution of the place itself. It's sort of a makeshift restaurant where the storefront and bar is a shipping container. It is attached to a permanent structure that houses the actual kitchen, restrooms, etc. The seating is in an open yard with an awning structure. It's like eating in a private park. I've been twice there and it does have a kind of young after work crowd and it does have some following on weekends. There is music playing on some overhead speakers, some tables it can be loud at times. The food options are creative and offer an interesting assortment of tacos, hamburgers, sandwiches and hot dogs. They use wild game meats mainly and the bread they use is custom. For example they offer some hot dogs in "pretzel" bread. This is a nice place to roam about if you're an urban explorer. It can be a before a baseball game or concert downtown. This isn't a restaurant to come to if you're wearing formal wear or expect an air conditioned dining room. At times some of the cooking aromas will permeate on you, so view this place as an informal place. I like these one off places. It certainly breaks the appalling conformity of strip mall utopia that Houston is fighting of.
  • Photo of Lauri F
    a year ago
    They make 3 beers and serve others. I had the amber which was good. I give this a one because, next to the tiny hut where they make food and serve beers, is a beergarden that allows smoking. And everyone here smokes it seems. Seriously ... do you think it's 1960? Smoke kills and it's gross. Won't be back, no matter how good the beer, thanks to all the disgusting smoke.
  • Photo of Lisa S
    a year ago
    The atmosphere is outdoor dining only. We didn't stay as long we would have had it been more comfortable, weather wise. The bartender was very nice and very patient while I tried to choose a beer from the list of about 60 beers. The burgers were delicious. All three of us had the Cheech. The prices were good. For an extra fee, you can drink out of a glass instead of a plastic cup. We will definitely go back.
  • Photo of JourneyMan339
    a year ago
    I heard they had on of the top 50 burgers in Texas. I was excited to order the Chong. I was not excited after eating it. The burger was well done, not a plus, the egg was over cooked and all together a big let down. It is not one of the top 50 burgers in Texas. I will say, the staff was very friendly, it had a nice atmosphere and a great beer selection. But, I came to rate the burger. That is why it get's 3 stars.
  • Photo of DanNowlan
    a year ago
    I came here for lunch the other day but didn't realize this place is 100% outdoors. It was pretty hot, even that early in the day, so I was a bit uncomfortable in business attire. Thankfully, they have a great selection of 60-something cold beers. While they don't offer flights, they do let you try tasters. Food was a little frilly, but I took a gamble on a burger (the Cheech) and was impressed. I would definitely come back here...just in cooler weather.
  • Photo of dirtyleg78
    a year ago
    Moon Tower is a bit of a drive for us but the good people of Trip Adviser gave it great reviews so we decided to use our 1 date night this month to dine there. Our choice was not in vain as the decor, the music, and most importantly the food were pretty dang worth the drive into downtown. We ordered quite a bit because we couldn't make up our minds and a lot of the choices really spoke to the hungry side of my personality. For an app, we ordered the Elvis. Bacon wrapped cherry tomatoes in a sauce, stuffed jalapeños with a cherry glaze, pimento cheese spread with toasted bread, and some ham and different cheeses. Everything, except the ham and cheese, were so different than any appetizer in any other place in Houston that it really showed the chefs imagination for taking ingredients not normally paired and making them great! For our main, my wife ordered the Chong, I ordered the Cheech, and we split an Elk dog. Both burgers were worlds different taste from each other and different from any other burger we have ever had. Both beautifully crafted, presented, and tasted great. You just have to trust me and try them. The Elk dog was delicious. The Elk dog itself had a snap when bitten into and the toppings complimented the dog. I do not know what is in the sauce on the dog but it was delicious. We also ordered some beers. My wife's beer was fruity and tasted more like moscato, was really good. I got a pilsner and it was good but not to hoppy. (They also have hoppy beers if that's your thing) All in all, we decided we would go back and plan on taking some friend next time so they can enjoy some new foods....just as we did.
  • Photo of J20ELA111
    2 years ago
    When we got there at 1:10pm on a Sunday, it was very quiet. Now I know why. Beer good (served in plastic cups), food takes way too long (45 mins) especially for what it was (2 hot dogs) and underwhelming taste, smoky outdoor atmosphere. We wouldn't go back or recommend it.
  • Photo of Joy F
    2 years ago
    Just ask what they're not out of. Beer recommendations are great. Best to share a pitcher. Your order won't be ready after drinking one mug. The wild game hot dogs are delicious - best if you let the chef decide what to top them with. If you can't find a table in the shade, have a few friends help you carry one over.
  • Photo of Terri G
    2 years ago
    Just went for the first time. Loved it. It's all outdoors so pick the right time but there are areas that are covered. The beer selection is great; the service was really good and we loved the food. My husband had the Cheetch burger. They have a very interesting selection of hot dogs. I prefer vegetarian so i never know how these types of pubs/ bars will be. I had the Nirvana vegetarian taco. Excellent. I'm not sure why this place is called an inn though... Think outside casual pub
  • Photo of Chris T
    2 years ago
    The lines get long but the beer, food and atmosphere are perfect. The specials they offer are great and the food is consistently good. If your coming in from out of town stop here for something local and if your local come here anyway.
  • Photo of SPK1951
    2 years ago
    Heard about Moon Tower a year or more ago but never tried it out. Big Mistake! Great and Long Beer Selection - which changes almost daily so if you see something you like best go back right away. Food Menu includes a number of burger choices - The Cheech, The Chong, ..., and Hot Dogs made with all different kinds of the usual, and the unusual meats. Outdoor seating, very comfortable place to sit, eat, drink, talk, or visit alone and read, as I recently did. Will definitely be back. I like the easy going old ice house-ish feel.
  • Photo of bigfishpk
    2 years ago
    Moon Tower is a unique way to enjoy a craft beer and an exotic hot dog on the southside of Houston. From the stacked sea container beer counter/kitchen, to the outdoor dining area and horseshoe pit, definitely not something you have done before. It is best enjoyed on a day when the weather is right for outdoor dining; after that it is what you make of it. I have patronized the location several times over the past few years; from a weekend afternoon late lunch to a pre-Astros game beer/dog dinner. All have been enjoyable. Beer service is "walk up" to the bar where food orders are also placed along with advice to help first times choose an exotic dog and garnishes. The menu includes more than this, but the exotic dogs need to be part of a Moon Tower visit sooner or later. Food orders are announced with a shout from the window so pay attention. If it was raining I would go somewhere else, other than that they have been consistently good and definitely different.
  • Photo of Tyler W
    2 years ago
    They have unique "craft" hot dogs made from various types of wild game. The burgers are the perfect greasy patties with some unique toppings that don't outshine the beef patty but compliment it perfectly (very important in my opinion). There is a large "back yard" type area that is great for socializing. Lots of craft beers that are reasonably priced. It is not fancy at all, quite the opposite (which is good) as a typical shorts, t-shirt and flip flops type place, but also a place where you can catch people on their lunch break from work. I would highly recommend this place.
  • Photo of jgflavell
    2 years ago
    A happening venue in an up and coming part of town. The bar has an extensive selection of boutique beers and ales on tap and serves good traditional American burger-style fare. The venue is out door and the mosquitos also seemed to enjoy any exposed flesh on offer. There was repellant available behind the bar that the staff were happy to let customers use.
  • Photo of John V
    2 years ago
    Moon Tower Inn is a popular based on word of mouth and the excellent food. Their focus is on wild game hotdogs with unique sauces and toppings. Their hamburgers, however, is where I think they really shine! I think they have the best burgers in Houston, that I've found anyway. If you're in a hurry, visit when you're not. It sometimes takes a while to get your order, be patient, it's worth the wait.
  • Photo of Amy C
    2 years ago
    I'm not a beer drinker, but went here with a group of friends. The guys tried hard to find something I might like...with different ciders, etc. The burgers were GREAT! Looking forward to going back and trying some of the hot dogs! Keep in mind, there is no inside, just outside tables and a covered outside area.

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