Photo of Del Norte Taco in Godley, TX, US
Photo of Del Norte Taco in Godley, TX, US
Photo of Del Norte Taco in Godley, TX, US
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Del Norte Taco

Mexican Restaurant

brisket • chile relleno • beans • tacos

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  • Photo of MandyKayOrtiz
    2 months ago
    Taking here by a friend, my husband and I found that it was a great choice to stop at..accompanied by my friend and daughter. We ordered the special Shrimp Tacos con rice..everything was fresh! I myself didnt care for the shrimp.. Had the smell and taste of fresh out the water shrimp..but with the whole combination..i knew if i could bypass that.. It would of been magnificent! They had free homemade beans.. The best homemade beans ever! Pinto beans boiled ...with onions, cilantro, and tomato in it. Mmmm.. That's all i needed..would of hit the spot with some corn bread! The rice was good...had corn in it. Purple chips was a blast with the different dips..the avacado dip was wonderful. Would of been a 10 if it wasnt so hot but over all.. My drink was near by! Hot sauce was great! Friend had an avacado burger and that thing was huge! And even looked delicious! She couldnt finish it and let us try a bite! Superb! Daughter had the chicken quesadilla.. Looked so fresh and 👍!! Everyone was so nice! The lady at the front had her make up ON POINT! 👸 the decor was a little bit of mexico right in our back yard and loved seeing the the mirrors and decor! No live party tonight but Julio ( the cook or owner per friend) was wonderful at letting us know he was glad we came to eat there while we was leaving. Took the opportunity to tell us 👋. Here are a few pics. Definitely would go back!
  • Photo of Mike P
    3 months ago
    If your expecting Tex-Mex, wrong place. It's a cross between BBQ and Southwestern. Smoked meats of all kinds. Fantastic Burger. Quesadilla's are not the boring cheesy Tex-Mex style but sprinkled with Feta Cheese and cilantro flavored with smoked meat of choice. Great! Get there at 11:30 for lunch to beat the rush. If you don't like this place, there is something wrong with you... It puts Godley on the Map.
  • Photo of JupiterJudy
    3 months ago
    Oh my word. If you want local flavor please. Heck out Del Norte Tacos. Any delicious meat you want is available. Burritos, tacos, fajitas. They are always busy but it's worth it. It really is an old gas station. Remodeled of course.
  • Photo of JoeD63
    4 months ago
    We were at Del Norte Tacos last Saturday night for a music show and planned to have dinner too. This is a converted 1920's Gas station that makes very good food and has a big outdoor covered stage area for live music. I've had their food before and liked it, but catered not at the restaurant. The way it works is you go in, order your food, they give you a number on a stand and bring your food to you. Well, they're supposed to. It was a much larger crowd than the restaurant expected and we were told that it could take an hour or longer. We weren't in any hurry, but after it got to be one and a half hours, I got a little perturbed. We had been checking with each food runner that came by to see if they would check on our order (2 fajita tacos, chips & Queso). About 20 minutes later I went in and found my order (tacos only) sitting on the counter. They said that they 'couldn't find us'. They refunded my money and told me I could take the tacos. I tried to eat them but they were cold and so soggy (from sitting there) I couldn't even pick them up. My wife went in and got our chips and Queso. That was okay. We continued watching and listening to the musicians and sipping our drinks till closing time. Thank goodness it's BYOB. I hate to think what the drink service might have been. I'll go back, since I believe this to have been an isolated incident.
  • Photo of Jane R
    4 months ago
    This quaint restaurant is off the beaten path, but it sure is worth the trip. Best brisket tacos in Fort Worth - maybe anywhere. The salsa bar is great. The all-you-can eat borracho beans are yummy! But the real star here is the brisket. We brought some out-of-state relatives for a real taste of Texas and they were very impressed.
  • Photo of Shelby N
    4 months ago
    First you should know that my husband and I are South Texans that have recently moved to this area. So for a year we have been desperately trying to find DECENT Mexican food. We tried this place, with high hopes, because it has great reviews. Upon arriving we immediately discovered that "tex-mex" is obviously a gross miscategorization. We went ahead and ordered some brisket tacos and chips and queso, it was worth a shot. First, we were served our stale chips and queso that can only be described as watered down Velveeta juice. But hey, I get it, we are after all basically in Oklahoma. What do you expect? Then came the tacos. I call them Tacos only because it was stuff in a tortilla (store-bought torts, b-t-dubs). These torts were filled with what I can only describe as the sort of greasy pulled pork-esque brisket that you would expect to find in the freezer meal section of Wally World. So not only was this a disgrace to Mexican food, but also to Texas Barbeque, I mean, wtf? Perhaps I would have enjoyed this lunch more had I not gone in knowing it had such high reviews, I was really expecting more. Who knows, maybe it was an off day. But for the love of all things holy, I highly suggest these folks around here take a pilgrimage to try some real Mexican food and stop partaking in the travesty of what they call Mexican food in this neck of the woods.
  • Photo of Debbie D
    4 months ago
    Love their Del Norte Tacos!! You pick the meat and just one taco will fill you up. You also can get free beans if so desired.
  • Photo of jenworkman
    5 months ago
    We have been Del Norte customers for several years, but they are always adding new things to the menu. Their are so many different options that you could go every day of the week and try something different each time, and their daily specials are always great too! I have seen people fly in on a helicopter just to eat lunch here. I highly recommend it!
  • Photo of SKittrell
    7 months ago
    I had the Del Norte brisket taco plate and the brisket was very tender and tasty. The pintos were great and the hot sauces were delicious (variety of 5), from mild to extremely spicy. My favorite was the avocado sauce. If you find yourself in the "big" town of Godley, I highly recommend this place. BTW, they have live music in the back garden on weekends.
  • Photo of maypl
    7 months ago
    A wonderful place for excellent smoked meats served up as tacos, enchiladas and rellenos. Big space for live music on Friday and Saturday nights. Greatly expanded over the years but Chef Chris still has the magic touch on smoking meat.
  • Photo of Kevin P
    9 months ago
    It's older.....its right next to a major highway.....with the truck traffic its incredibly noisy.....its not the cleanest restaurant.....some of the condiments are "get it yourself"! Exceptionally interesting. Great hickory smell. Incredible tacos! A totally unique experience. Don't pass this one up!
  • Photo of Deeleenurse
    9 months ago
    We had the opportunity to try the chicken and the pork tacos at the Granbury Wine Walk. The best chicken taco that I have ever eaten! My husband thoroughly enjoyed his pork taco too! Now we are looking for a reason to visit Godley so we can eat at the restaurant 😊. Very friendly too.
  • Photo of Rachel W
    9 months ago
    Wonderful place to eat. The food is prepared by a chef and it's delicious! Great atmosphere! Great entertainment! Supports the community and the community supports them.
  • Photo of Mary5977
    10 months ago
    Waiting over an hour for nachos and a burrito...tasted okay but expensive for nachos and water. Went to eat and listen to band...a bit shocked to learn 10 cover charge when dining customer. Won't be back...
  • Photo of t1pony
    10 months ago
    This place smelled like a BBQ restaurant when we pulled up. They smoke all of their meatss and add it Mexican style. The Brisket was fatty and didn't have any flavor. The chicken was undercooked and didn't have any flavor either. The service was terrible as everyone seemed confused. The meal actually made me sick later on that evening. We will not be going back to thei restaurant.
  • Photo of Ken Z
    10 months ago
    My family decided to make Del Norte Taco a destination on a recent Friday afternoon after reading the reviews in Trip Advisors. The food was excellent! I had the stuffed Poblano Pepper stuffed with the pork, my wife had the fajitas and son had the burrito. This became our favorite southwest Mexican restaurant. A definite 5 star for the food.
  • Photo of john h
    10 months ago
    All of their meat is smoked and all orders are made to order. You can choose you meat for any dish. This place is just fantastic. They have added an outdoor venue and it appears they have regular bands on Friday and Saturday night as well as hosting other events at special times.
  • Photo of JRM_Auburn
    10 months ago
    Very different from your typical Mexican restaurant. The place is small and you place your order at the counter. You help yourself to the beans and salsa bar. We had the fajitas. They marinate their beef and pork so the meat is soft and juicy. It's BYOB so they don't serve beer or margaritas. Overall, a very unique experience.
  • Photo of SonjaWoods
    10 months ago
    Yummy! Best breakfast tacos around. I can't wait to come eat on the new patio when there's live music. There's even a playground for the kids!
  • Photo of Johnny H
    a year ago
    A great mixture of atmosphere, Mexican food and BBQ mixture and with very nice owners and staff . 👍👍👍

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