Photo of The Bearded Lady in Fort Worth, TX, US
Photo of The Bearded Lady in Fort Worth, TX, US
Photo of The Bearded Lady in Fort Worth, TX, US
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The Bearded Lady

American Restaurant

The Bearded Lady44
brunch • sandwich • fried okra • pulled pork

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  • Photo of Skyler Silsby
    3 years ago
    Great beer selection
  • Photo of D Magazine
    4 years ago
    Don’t worry. Despite the name, no bearded ladies will be serving your meal. Bearded men, however, might. If you’re in the mood for some pub grub and craft beer, you’ve found the right spot at this little nook, which opened last July.
  • Photo of Nala Thomas
    4 years ago
    If you’re in the mood for some pub grub and craft beer this is the place to be.
  • Photo of Nala Thomas
    4 years ago
    This place is much more than a mecca for craft brew enthusiasts, they also offer tasty brunch treats like blueberry corn pancakes.
  • Photo of puntkin
    4 months ago
    The Bearded Lady earned 3rd place in the 2016 Texas Monthly ranking of 50 Best Hamburger places in Texas. So we trekked over there and ordered the L.U.S.T. burger and french fries. The burger was absolutely delicious and rightfully deserves the rating given by others. Perfectly seasoned and not too greasy. However the real culinary surprise was the french fries. They were the best fries I've had the pleasure of eating outside of Holland and Belgium! They reminded me of those I consumed as a child in Holland and again last year while visiting Holland. What a treat it was to eat at the Bearded Lady!
  • Photo of EduardoB2012
    5 months ago
    Recently had a visit, eating at the bar and was really pleased. A delicious cup of corn chowder and the bacon-wrapped jalapeño poppers with the most amazing chutney-an experience no one should miss-and I don't like jalapeños! Paired with a great Chardonnay and life was great that late, hot afternoon. Great atmosphere, friendly staff and good people watching. Will return!
  • Photo of wunderlustsoul
    5 months ago
    This place has such a great patio! I love sitting out and enjoying Magnolia. However...the service is never great and the food is just so so. Come to Magnolia and eat at one of the other restaurants and save The Bearded Lady for a late night casual drink.
  • Photo of MCJac
    6 months ago
    Cute little house on Magnolia ave turned into a restaurant. Service was great. My husband had the burger of the month and loved it. I needed a detox from all the southern food so had a grilled chicken salad was needed, fresh greens and a very tender and moist chicken. Had a delicious beer that I probably won't find back home ( Anderson Valley cream ale ). #vacationzilla
  • Photo of JJSees
    7 months ago
    We both got the lust burger it was really good. The atmosphere was laid back and relaxing excellent selection of beer. I will go back so I can try the corn dogs.
  • Photo of brantjames
    7 months ago
    This place came recommended by some Fort Worth local so I gave it a shot. The staff was super friendly and seemed really geeky into the beer and such and they had a very nice selection. It seems to be more geared toward a burger place which is not really my thing so I had a cup of soup and was happy with him and then made my way out
  • Photo of Dan J
    8 months ago
    My first time exploring Fort Worth and a random search along with some great reviews coaxed me to give this place a try. Oh man am I glad I did! The beer choices alone would be enough to bring me in! But what hooked me was their burger and the opportunity to make one how you want it. If you end up not happy with a burger you ordered, it is because you didn't order it with the right toppings. The fries are pretty awesome as well. The only negatives I had on the dinner were as follows: 1) No seating order. We walked in as first timers, no idea what we were in for, and stood around about 5 minutes before asking a server for a seat. We were informed its anything goes and to find somewhere that was open. Well there is the next problem - the place was busy. Very busy. We saw at least 3 other couples that were not there before us who just came in and got lucky to sit down while I was wondering around looking for any open table or signs of someone leaving. This is complete s**t. Come up with a freaking seating solution for crying out loud. One thing I have noticed is that a lot of Texas can be selfish and won't be courteous enough to let you know a table opened. This alone may be the only reason I don't go back to Bearded Lady more often. 2) The standard ketchup that comes with the fries is some funky-wacky mixed flavor. Its not hard to ask for regular ketchup which is what I did, but it really left a terrible taste in my mouth at first bite when I didn't realize it wasn't normal ketchup! Maybe check to see if its someone first time and mention the unique ketchup? 3) I don't eat pickles but I'm leaving this note for my girlfriend. She loves pickles but apparently the slices that are served with the burgers are a non typical dill flavor as well. I tasted one and it did seem a bit different. Abnormal batch of pickles or perhaps just another funky and different flavor they buy. You know, when you can customize your burger, you don't really need funky flavors to attract people. All that aside, I love the food and the beer, and I'd love to come back again. Just please fix the stupid seating process so that I can come back soon!
  • Photo of Robert N
    10 months ago
    While staying with my wife while she was in the hospital I visited The Bearded Lady and found it to be a good place to eat. I had the L. U. S. T. burger and it was very good. I recommend it when you visit Magnolia St.
  • Photo of stacparr
    a year ago
    I will NEVER enter this establishment again. Eric 'the owner' just let me have it because I called to complain they got my order wrong through door dash. He went off on me and told me my order backed up his entire kitchen because DOOR DASH (not me) placed my order 4 times. I asked for their special ketchup because I am obsessed with it and think it is amazing. He got so pissed off at door dash that he openly admitted he threw in a bottle of Heinz instead of their homemade ketchup and blamed all of it on me for using a delivery service. His exact words 'that's what you get for using a delivery service instead of getting out and getting it yourself'. REALLY? He never addressed the problem, never spoke kindly, cussed and wined about door dash and favor. How unprofessional can you be. And you're the owner? What a joke! You just lost a lot of business from my friends and I. I hope it was worth it!
  • Photo of mummblingme
    a year ago
    Serves heavy (greasy) fried cactus strips … not our favorite … and pulled pork. Good selection of local beers and funky waitresses. Overall, a good time.
  • Photo of walshcolton33
    a year ago
    food is really good but the service is not so good and have been left for long periods of time waiting for the waiter to return to the table, but they are all usually really nice
  • Photo of Art J
    a year ago
    Had birthday lunch here with my son and wife. This was the first time I experienced cactus strips - excellent! My lunch was a combination of Fried Green Tomatoes and Mini Beer Brat Corn Dogs. My wife had the Lust Burger and son had Grilled Cheese Sandwich. He had several exotic beers. All good. Great experience.
  • Photo of Pamela S
    a year ago
    Excellent food, phenomenal beer selection and great service!! The Brussel sprout sandwich (which sounds crazy) was delicious and the burger was great, cooked to perfection!
  • Photo of crazydazes
    a year ago
    I had the grilled cheese of the month and my husband had the burger of the month. Both of us had the pumpkin spice latte beer which was amazing. We sat outside on the cute outdoor patio and had absolutely no complaints. The food was amazing! Go here, you won't be disappointed.
  • Photo of Huard H
    a year ago
    Black Jesus from "Texian" out of Richmond, Texas. It's a wonderfully creative Dark sour stout with tart cherry over tones. If you're looking for a great atmosphere, wonderful food and an amazing selection of beers this is it!
  • Photo of SashaGarton
    a year ago
    Caught wind of this place in Texas monthly. Had high expectations for the lust burger that made the cover of the magazine. It was rated the third best burger in the state of Texas. We got to sit on the patio on a beautiful October evening. Had a German pilsner while I waited. The wait was a bit longer than I expected. The burger was good, but I don't know about #3. My sister in law had a grilled chicken sandwich and says it was the best. The leeks where excellent and a must have. Loved the atmosphere. Will come back next time in town.
  • Photo of RussellJW
    a year ago
    One of my favorite watering holes when I visit Fort Worth, the Bearded Lady has an exceptional craft brew selection, a convenient location on Magnolia, relatively easy parking and a cool atmosphere. There must be 30 local beers on tap and another 200 in cans and bottles. If you like good quality, local beer, this is a place you must try. I always find the tattooed lady bartender a wealth of knowledge on beer styles and selections. More than once she has steered me to some amazing tasting beers that I might have overlooked if not for her expertise and solid thoughtful recommendations. Fall Seasonals are in right now, so look for Octoberfest and Marzens along with Pumpkin. Overall, the Bearded Lady has a great vibe, lots of tables inside and out for relaxing with friends, enjoying a beer or some food and just hanging out. Everyone raves about the food, I just come here for a beer and to meet other cool people at the bar.
  • Photo of 1959queenie
    a year ago
    We met our adult kids at the Bearded Lady on a Sunday morning for brunch. It is a very casual bar/restaurant that caters to the craft beer crowd. They do not ope for brunch until 11 am and it is served until 2pm. They have a bottomless Mimosa for $10 per person. The menu is very limited for brunch and is mainly comfort food type faire, i.e., biscuits/gravy, breakfast burger, fried breakfast burrito. There are two salad options but that is it as far as healthy. The coffee was not good - tasted bitter but we all enjoyed our breakfast items. It gets really loud and most of the seats are benches which can be hard on the back. I have been here before for dinner and it did not disappoint. Their LUST burger just recently made the Texas Monthly 50 Best Burgers in Texas list.
  • Photo of powel6
    a year ago
    We recently went in search of the best burger in Fort Worth and received some direction from a state magazine that designated the L.U.S.T. Burger as the third best in the whole state. We had to check! My son and husband chose "design your own damn burger". I opted for LUST just for veracity. My burger was amazing. Their burgers less so as the waitress didn't ask for temperature and they didn't designate. Both were well done., definitely not the best way to serve a great burger. I designated med/well and it was. The beer list is probably something most people should be talking about. It was like the library of Congress of beers. The parm fries were great. The physical space is cool; it appears that you are entering a house vs a restaurant. Nice shady outdoor space. Go and check it out for yourself!
  • Photo of G6T
    a year ago
    Texas Monthly had an article of the best burgers in the State. They listed this one as #3. Had to try it - not disappointed. . The burger was very flavorful and juicy. The patty has poblano and feta in it and rests on a bed of caramelized onions. Avacado and gouda and to he flavor. Try the fried okra app. Unique and unforgettable.

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