Photo of Revolver Taco Lounge in Fort Worth, TX, US
Photo of Revolver Taco Lounge in Fort Worth, TX, US
Photo of Revolver Taco Lounge in Fort Worth, TX, US
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Revolver Taco Lounge

Mexican Restaurant

Revolver Taco Lounge14
ceviche • tortillas • taco • rice and beans

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  • Photo of Dallas Observer
    3 years ago
    At any given time there are three or four cooks working in the small, open kitchen in the back of Revolver Taco Lounge, and one of them is always devoted to tortilla-making.
  • Photo of pw w
    8 months ago
    The house-made tortillas are wonderful! I had the fish tacos, and I think they may be the best I've had since baby shark tacos in Acapulco! The buffet consists of guisados (stews) and I wasn't a fan. Margaritas are also a hit!
  • Photo of Linda W
    9 months ago
    I generally wait for a few visits before review. I'll start with the Tacos are really good. The first couple of times we went (during Happy Hour) - the tacos were good - the House Margaritas although small, had a really good flavor and after two I had to stop. We were disappointed with "no chips" served to graze on while your getting your Happy on....But that just reduced our visits, depending on what we were in the mood for....Our last visit (this week)...we had been bragging about how great Happy Hour was and I convinced another couple to join us. Drinks seemed very small and I would be surprised if the total 3 that I drank had at least a shot in them....Service started good but then she disappeared...wasn't like there was anyone else there. The Tacos did turn out always. We probably wont go chips AND drinks with no kick....make a Sad Happy Hour.
  • Photo of palola10
    10 months ago
    We went out here for a family members birthday and let me tell you it was not good. We got there late my other half of family was there already, the girl taking the order was confusing herself and everyone else ordering. They would ask her what came with the things and she would be like "oh I think this does or maybe this.." The drinks took a long time to get to the table. And the food came it was our fault in some of the plates bc we forgot to ask what was on the tacos bc we had little girls with us which obvi don't like onions and cilantro so we asked for different tacos without anything and those took a while to come out. She asked us if we wanted to do the checks separate or together and we said separate at first but then we saw she was taking a while for the ticket to come out and I think she was getting confused so we did it together instead. She comes back with the ticket and we were probably 12 people all together and we wanted to split the payment into 5 cards and the waitress said that they couldn't do that. We were confused bc we all work at a resturaunt and we know we can split the check in however many cards. So I let her know that we wanted to speak to the manager and she said "my manager won't be able to do it either" we were just looking around confused??? So I don't know what happened but her manager finally came and said "what's going on over here" really? That's your hospitality? We told him and he did end up splitting the checks. Not once did I hear "sorry about the inconvenience" or anything of that sort. It was really sad because I have came to revolver for breakfast and it was really good. The food is really good just the hospitality and workers were not. After a while the waitress was upset at us I guess because we were telling her to do too much or I'm not sure, if she knew she couldn't handle so many people at once she should've called another waiter to help her. Shame we will most likely not be back and like I said it is a shame bc the food is amazing and so are the drinks.
  • Photo of getupradio
    a year ago
    Tacos were good and fresh. Cooked to order with prices averaging from 4.00 to 11.00 dollars. Drinks were good averaging 11.00 to 14.00 dollars. Nice place to eat in but not good for take out. Servers were professional and genuinely nice. Nice for families and dates.
  • Photo of Caminantedelsur
    a year ago
    Went in with high hopes. Dinner menu seemed interesting. Ordered ceviche tostada, lengua taco. Dinner companion had the enchiladas. Ceviche was OK, taco was skimpy, enchiladas were disappointing. Nice beer selection. Overpriced. Hesitant to try breakfast taco buffet in spite of waiter's recommendation.
  • Photo of Konrad V
    a year ago
    Really disappointed in the new location. Device was abysmal, tacos were mediocre, and everything priced way higher than market.
  • Photo of divefan
    a year ago
    We loved the old location on 7th, except that parking was difficult and the restaurant needed to be bigger. Problem solved with the move to Forest Park! Don't be put off by the music in the front room. The back room is quiet and spacious. The food is as wonderful as always. Go on Taco Tuesday for $2 tacos and $4 ritas. The traditional Coloradito chicken mole is fabulous, with falling off the bone perfectly cooked chicken. They've added a green mole which was great but had a more subtle flavor. I'm also eager to try the Rojo mole with lamb, which has been added to the menu.
  • Photo of JCrabFWTX
    a year ago
    Revolver just moved to Forrest Park at the old Sapristi's location. I arrived at noon and requested a table for 5 plus a baby. We were told it would be 20 minutes. We were seated 1:05 later. Everyone that came in after us had all been seated before we got a table. It took us until 2:00 to get food. It's obvious that they are pushing the Sunday brunch buffet, rather than the regular menu. The al a carte tacos were good, but not worth a 2-hour wait. The ribeye taco was way to fatty and the lobster/crab taco was way too tough. All in all, skip Sunday brunch!
  • Photo of Chuck N
    a year ago
    This place is Mexican Grandma good. The menu is eclectic and the portions are generous. But like your grandma's, the service is so so and to get a drink takes a lot of patience. The price structure is inappropriate, the drinks expensive, the corn tortillas outrageously good, just like your grandma's, were she Mexican. Go with or without reservations, and expect a crowd.
  • Photo of floriamiller
    a year ago
    Good food, very fresh and we'll prepared. The lunch buffet is fantastic. The only downside is the parking is limited.
  • Photo of Tab L
    a year ago
    Very authentic taco's. My wife and I had the early lunch buffet last Saturday, and we're very impressed. Stopped by due to listing in Texas Monthly, definitely worth stopping by.
  • Photo of Lisa O
    a year ago
    Went for lunch and enjoyed the breakfast taco buffet that came with agua Fresca that was really really good! Hubby had steak (ribeye) and eggs. I splurged on the Revolver Margarita and was not impressed . Tasted bitter. For $10 I have had Better. Food was good and the agua Fresca was great! Had three glasses . Will return!!
  • Photo of JulesH2011
    a year ago
    They have the best shrimp cocktail that is more like an entire meal than an appetizer. about 10 HUGE shrimp swimming around in an amazing sauce with little chopped up onions and oranges among other yumminess. They also have the best mole sauce I have ever had. This place gets packed very quickly (with good reason) so get there early. Drinks are super fresh and strong. Amazing place that is family owned. Service can be slow, but everything is fresh and made in house, so it is more than worth it.
  • Photo of davisellu
    2 years ago
    The food here is creative and delicious making it a "must stop" in Ft. Worth. There's an open kitchen where you can see the corn tortillas being made by hand as well as all the other food prep-- everything is made from scratch, no store-bought mixes. First, the house margarita was great-- very fresh juices with a splash of the traditional lime. While the guacamole was fine, the hamachi cerviche was outstanding-- almost a sushi-like preparation but with Mexican spices. I got the admittedly expensive ($7) lobster and crab taco, but it's one of the best tacos I've ever had-- the meat tender and tasty combined just right with the other toppings. The carnitas, squash, and octopus tacos were similarly great. We liked these better than the famed duck tacos (which were still good!). We got 3 tacos per person with an order of rice and beans to share. With the appetizers this was plenty for everyone. The atmosphere is nice with a casual and lounge vibe-- one of those places where you can go on a date or take the family.
  • Photo of Clark D
    2 years ago
    Nice people and a great deal for lunch. $12.00 for the taco bar that comes with Aguas frescas and Mexican coffee. The homemade corn tortillas are awesome too!
  • Photo of deeannc2015
    2 years ago
    Just dined here last night...see some good and some bad reviews...but we loved the food and drink...this is a specialty taco place...not a Taco Bell or Taco Bueno! A small restaurant with a courteous staff. Good blended red wine, beer, and tart and tasty just right margaritas was our start with very good guacamole. My choice was a ribeye taco, a Taco de Pulpo (octopus) and the Ensenada fish taco (pictured) and others in our party had some of the evenings specialty with chorizo and one with scallops. Also a good bean soup was selected by one in our group.
  • Photo of srt74srt
    2 years ago
    i am a longstanding connoiseur of mexican food and this place is excellent. the tortillas alone are outstanding, and while the prices are not Chipotle, i thought the value was pretty good. tuinal. i would totally disregard any of the negative views, these were surely by people seeking the equivalent of the $9.99 combo plate at Chichis and who cannoy conceptualize that not all tacos are based on ground beef and Pace Picante sauce. i highly recommend the octopus taco. rice and beans are basic but exceptional.
  • Photo of Chopdrifter
    2 years ago
    I saw Revolver Taco Lounge on Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern and as i do with any place i visit i try to go to the places and have the weird foods that he recommends at each place. Revolver Taco Lounge is to date, by far, the most disappointing place I have been. I had the cow tongue tacos and the veal brain tacos. This was my first experience for both and they were both disappointing. The veal brains were bland as can be and left a pretty bad aftertaste, since i have not had the chance to try them anywhere else, this could just be how they are but the cow tongue i have had several times since and every time excluding Revolver Taco Lounge was excellent. They are a mihuacan style restaurant and based on what I experiences there, mihuacan is spanish for bland or no spices. I would try it again just to see if everything is as underwhelming as my first trip and maybe i just went on an off day but as of right now, I could not recommend it.
  • Photo of Barbara C
    3 years ago
    If ur a looking for a unique food experience then Revolver is for u. It's not ur usual Mexican food or tacos. Duck tacos , 2 of the best ceviches I have ever had and hand crafted drinks. Always love this place.
  • Photo of N E
    3 years ago
    Don't know why we stayed once we walked in. LOUD rap music geared towards kids who can't afford to eat there. Food was less than mediocre and not much of it. We had the flauntas and a large guacamole. We asked for non spicy and we were given some that was hotter than hell. It was decent, not great. The flauntas were good, but salt free. Not too much flavor. The bar is unique with all the encrusted revolvers in it. Clean restrooms. Parking may be a problem since everyone that comes in is asked where they are parked. We were okay since we had our car in a parking garage across the street. Too many negatives to bother with going there in our opinion.

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