Photo of FunkyTown Donuts in Fort Worth, TX, US
Photo of FunkyTown Donuts in Fort Worth, TX, US
Photo of FunkyTown Donuts in Fort Worth, TX, US
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FunkyTown Donuts

Donut Shop

donuts • donut holes • maple bacon • icing

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  • Photo of desireebrune2014
    6 months ago
    My favorite donut was the strawberry shortcake donut. So yummy. The other flavors were ok. I wish I had gotten more of the strawberry shortcake ones.
  • Photo of Flamingojacque
    6 months ago
    My 6 year old who is a donut gal loved this place!! Great options. Very clean and fun atmosphere. We will be back.
  • Photo of SBB60
    6 months ago
    First of all, the non-vegan doughnuts looked awesome and the customer service was great, so if you aren't vegan, head over. Now to the vegan doughnuts, which are also gluten-free. There are no flavors. I repeat, no flavors. They're all the same cake doughnut on the bottom which has a horrible aftertaste. (Maybe because they're also gluten-free? I don't know. Not a gluten-free person, just a vegan.) The different flavors are only because of the lackluster glazes on top. I can whip up a better vegan chocolate glaze in 5 minutes. I can also make different actual flavors. Strawberry! Chocolate! Also, $$$$$$$. So the moral of the story, head on over for the nice people and the regular doughnuts. Vegans, make it yourself or keep driving. (Spiral Diner is right down the street.)
  • Photo of you-and-me-2015
    10 months ago
    A small donut shop with an AWESOME offering of speciality flavors!! The staff is fabulous and willing to discuss each flavor of the day!! We had: (1) dark chocolate orange cake (2) maple candied bacon (3) samoa (yes like the Girl Scout cookie) (4) lemon drop glaze (5) lemon poppy seed (6) chocolate glazed A M A Z I N G!! A must visit if you're in the area :) Enjoy!!
  • Photo of AmandaDubs
    10 months ago
    I have been going to Funkytown since the first day that they opened their store. It is an amazing place run by a husband and wife with crazy fun donuts! Every time I go they remember me and ask me how I'm doing. Great customer service right there. And the rest of the staff are all really great too. On Wednesday and Sunday mornings they have gluten free donuts as well as their normal stuff. Yesterday I brought my cousin who was visiting. He is allergic to gluten so it was perfect for him. He got the chocolate donuts and the blood orange donut, gluten free, and I got Matcha and their signature donut which is my absolute favorite, Key Lime Pie. Funkytown is great, and while they could do with a giant sign outside to announce themselves instead of just a small banner, I hope they're around for a long time!
  • Photo of FortWorthGirl47
    a year ago
    Get there early, if you can. There is a great variety to choose from. Sunday can get very crowded because of the availability of gulten-free donuts.
  • Photo of walshcolton33
    a year ago
    we have gone a few times and always enjoy the donuts that we bring home. The only downfall to the this place is they often run out of certain flavors early, but the staff was really friendly
  • Photo of Rachel L
    a year ago
    We love this place and they have some of the best donuts in Fort Worth, specializing in weird and unusual flavors like Texas BBQ, Lemon, Maple Bacon, Cookies and Cream and the list goes on! We loved every flavor we've gotten!
  • Photo of Sadie D
    a year ago
    My new favorite donuts. I just moved to fort worth and I'm always looking for places to eat. I happen to love donuts. I had three and donut holes. I will be back
  • Photo of MsKellye
    a year ago
    We visited Funky Town Donuts to fulfill my son-in-laws birthday breakfast request and are so happy we did. Funky Town's donuts are absolutely hands down the best I have ever had, and I consider myself somewhat of a donut connoisseur. At first glance I was not impressed, I don't care for heavy fake flavor tasting icing but I was shocked when I put the first bite of the heavenly Maple Bacon Donut in my mouth it was not greasy at all and so lite I could have eaten dozen! The icing was equally lite and the flavor was perfect. I then ventured onto my next choice the Key Lime Donut, I don't even particularly like Key Lime pie but we arrived late and our choices were limited. I could not believe how amazing this donut was and you could tell the icing was made with real lime juice it was perfection. I also had the cinnamon sugar coated donut holes which everyone should leave with a dozen of for your drive home just to prolong the momentary donut heaven experience. I do suggest calling ahead and placing your order they run out of flavors early.
  • Photo of kaecher
    a year ago
    I got a sampler 6 pack with my wife. The regular glazed and chocolate were good, but nothing to go back for. The rest of the menu was great and changes daily. They were all unique and tasted great. This place is more expensive than your typical donut shop. Definitely worth a try
  • Photo of Darren D
    a year ago
    I visited twice before actually getting a donut. I don't understand why a business doesn't just make more donuts if they know they will run out of product hours before closing. Nevertheless, I finally got a donut. I appreciate the creativity in flavors and cobinations. I couldn't try them all, but I enjoyed the Bart. I hope to try more, but I don't want to see another "Sorry, we're all out" sign.
  • Photo of Daniela C
    a year ago
    Difficult to locate. It's on the front side of a building you wouldn't expect it to be in. They can be extremely busy on Saturdays and run out of donuts before lunch time, though their hours are into the afternoon. Donuts are a bit pricey, but they are very extravagant. They have a number of options of all types of yeast and cake donuts, and donut holes. There is also an opportunity for you to order custom orders for events or functions. The donuts are very good, and very sweet! No sitting room in the shop, so be prepared to take them to go. Overall, a good experience. They know what they're doing!
  • Photo of FWRob
    a year ago
    Specialty donuts and delicious coffee! Nice, unique Fort Worth place. I had one with ghost pepper in the icing, and it was a bit spicy, but not too bad at all.
  • Photo of buttercup2003
    2 years ago
    I love fried anything and I'm a fan of sugar so this was up my alley 😋 the selection is intriguing and I didn't think I would enjoy the maple bacon but it was so sweet and savory. I tried the key lime, straw drizzle, Samoa, peach pie, cherry pie, sundae and the star Berry. Everyone was unique and delicious. I went in on a Saturday only to return the very next day and it had me singing "oh won't you take me to Funkytown!!
  • Photo of MadiD123
    2 years ago
    I love donuts and when I heard about FunkyTown donuts I had to try it.. I was not disappointed. So far all the donuts my family and I have tried we have loved. They go pretty quick so I would recommend going early!
  • Photo of golfchic_18
    2 years ago
    I stopped by on a Tuesday morning and there were few people in line. I got the starberry and samoa. YUM. The donuts were light and not greasy. The starberry had fresh blueberries with a berry glaze. The samoa was good but when I bit into it, the chocolate drizzle took the coconut with it off of the donut. Heartbreaking. I will be back to try out other flavors.

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