Photo of Sprezza in Dallas, TX, US
Photo of Sprezza in Dallas, TX, US
Photo of Sprezza in Dallas, TX, US
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Italian Restaurant

gnocchi • cacio e pepe • pizza • chocolate cake

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  • Photo of A TripAdvisor Member
    What a wonderful experience. Atmosphere is beautifully designed and laid out. Very cozy feel. Food was fantastic! They seem to change the menu often as noted in the date on the menu picture below. Water is at the table very readily available. Pricing is around the ~20 dollar range and no free bread unfortunately. Maybe that's a good thing so you don't fill up on bread? I like bread with my Italian meals just be ready to fork over $7 for 4 slices. The portions are meant for individuals portioned rather "healthy-sized" but I prefer the texas sized portions so I can have leftovers for the next day or share some with my SO.
  • Photo of mcgotes
    5 months ago
    For an amazing Italian dining experience Sprezza is a MUST visit. From the appetizers, variety of flatbreads and entree options you can't go wrong. Don't miss the eggplant inspired lasagna, ravioli with "Sunday gravy" and gnocchi were stars! Service was attentive, yet respectful! We'll go back very soon!
  • Photo of eartho_11
    5 months ago
    Hosted some of my out of town clients about two weeks ago. The place is casually nice and very unpretentious. Loved the setting. Our waiter was excellent - everything he suggested sounded scrumptious and we weren't disappointed in the least by any of his suggestions. The ladies absolutely loved everything about the place so a real homerun! Well worth the visit!
  • Photo of jpatter1
    6 months ago
    Lovely open design. Food was great. Wine selection is Italian and affordable. Each dish was very good. Two desserts were excellent (lemon tart and bomboloni). Service was not good. Waiter disappeared for long stretches, ran out of drinks for twenty minutes, and after delivering small plates, did not take our next order for another twenty minutes.
  • Photo of jasag00
    6 months ago
    The food was excellent and the wine list was good- some reasonable and some high end. The service was also wonderful, loved this place.
  • Photo of MTWOODSON76
    7 months ago
    Visiting from San Diego, a local Dallas business colleague wanted to impress me with this upscale Italian Dallas "hot spot". I was indeed very impressed from the extensive non-traditional Italian wine list from Sicily, Sardinia, Montepulciano, etc. to the imaginative Italian fare. Lots of pizzas and pastas on the menu, but I opted for their Halibut entree that was exquisite. My friend raved about the octopus and fried squash blossom appetizers, as well as the deconstructed lasagna over a lamb ragout. Great hipster vibe at the bar and on the outside patio.
  • Photo of kristef2017
    7 months ago
    Little more upscale than I was expecting. However the food was amazing! Cacio e pepe was peppery & perfectly cheesy. Brisket pizza was crispy and perfectly balanced with the peppercinis. Not a bad wine list either. We will be back.
  • Photo of jmhoward564
    8 months ago
    Stopped in for lunch with a friend and not only was the food amazing but the staff was great too! We will definitely be back!!
  • Photo of dlbt
    8 months ago
    If I shut my eyes and pretended I hadn't just walked in from the hot asphalt, I could easily have thought after the first bite I was in Amalfi. From amazingly good bread and burrata, to the squash blossoms or the octopus, they were all chiding for first place in excellence. Outstanding recommendation of unoaked Chardonnay and then the entree. The linguine with crab, corn and pepper was perfect. Atmosphere of the restaurant was wonderful even eating at the antipasti bar. Watching the kitchen work was like listening to your favorite symphony they were so synchronized . For my return list for sure.
  • Photo of ZippyPC
    9 months ago
    This was our second visit to Sprezza! Once dinner and then lunch. Both times the service, food and ambience was a delightful dining experience. We sat at the bar overlooking the kitchen for lunch. The staff's tempo and style was very entertaining as they worked together so beautifully with a smile! We have not been disappointed in the flavors that hit our palate with each bite!
  • Photo of Mishmash0718
    9 months ago
    Took my mom here last night. We went as soon as they opened since they didn't have any reservations. We sat at the bar which is very nice. Bartenders are friendly and happy to answer questions about drinks and food. We started with a couple of beers and the brushetta with whipped burrata. OMG-the bread is to die for, like straight from Italy. And the whipped burrata-great take! We then had an antipasta plate. It was proscuitto with some cheese. Not much cheese with it so we probably wouldn't get that again but it was good. Finally, we shared the carbonara. My mom had been making fun of me when I told her how good it was. She hadn't had it in years since most places just pour a ton of cream sauce on it. Well, she is Italian and spent summers in Italy and proclaimed this the best carbonara she has ever had! It is so delish!! Sprezza is a great little restaurant. Food is made fresh so it might be a little slower. Drinks and great but also labor intensive so the bar takes a little longer too. But who wants to rush through a nice dinner?? Give a try, I don't think you'll be disappointed.
  • Photo of sablatt
    9 months ago
    This was a very disappointing meal. My friend had a mozarella, tomato and basil pizza which was almost flavorless. The basil was represented by a very small amount of shredded herb that had been cooked with the pizza, making it lose almost all flavor as it dried out. The crust was a nice version of the thin and crispy variety. My baby leaf salad was almost nothing but red leaf lettuce, and not very babyish. The leaves were on the large side, and almost all of them had the brown coloring of old lettuce going up the spines. The pecorino cheese that was supposed to be there wasn't; at any rate, it wasn't discernible. Even the olives in it were mild to the point of insipidity. I would have sent the salad back, but our server never reappeared. There was no checking on how we liked the meal. I tucked in and ate the poor salad. We had to flag someone down to get our server to bring our bill. There are too many good restaurants in Dallas for me ever to come back to this one.
  • Photo of KSB03
    9 months ago
    Loved every course! And the drinks. Had a nice wine and staff was excellent, in-tune and fun! We ordered a course, ate, then ordered the next round of courses, all for the table to share. While I loved everything my wife did not, due to her picadillos and some of the better dishes you might only get a couple bites. It was expensive bc we did many dishes for each course, but for $40 you could share a pizza or pasta and have a couple quality, interesting drinks. Perhaps one of my favorite dinners due to the quality of food, the slow experience, and the company.
  • Photo of sunnyskies492
    10 months ago
    Cool place, clean lines, terrific service and amazing food in any category. All of the salads are so inspired and fresh, all of the pastas you cannot go wrong with, but you must try a pizza!
  • Photo of raelise
    10 months ago
    We took an out of town guest on a Saturday night. The restaurant was busy, but the waiter was attentive and helpful making some tough choices about which dishes to try. Everything we ordered was delicious and truly authentic. They were also true to serving realistic serving sizes rather than gigantic American sized portions. Our meal ended with equally delicious desserts. I highly recommend Sprezza if you are looking for authentic Italian.
  • Photo of Freethacowlow
    a year ago
    Superb food, menu changes with what is available fresh from the farms, wonderful and helpful wait staff. I highly recommend for foodies. One of Dallas's best and I hope it remains that.
  • Photo of billp25
    a year ago
    On our first visit, things rather very smoothly and except for an under-bake on the cookie tray, the food was very tasty. So, we decided to explore the menu a bit more and returned the following Saturday evening. From the moment we walked in the door, service was completely missing. This is one of those restaurants in which the staff is more interested in texting, hanging out with each other, and explaining why some issue is someone else's fault, "I'm just your server, that is a hostess issue...." If only the general manager or the sous chef (both of whom were present on our second visit) had stopped by (even after I requested a visit... still no one came by) I think a few insights from a guest could turn this place around. But ... they weren't interested.... oh well. We won't be back and suggest you skip it too. There are plenty of moderately priced, tasty places in Dallas were you won't get forgotten at the bar as you wait for your table, or have your supper become cold while you wait for bread service, etc. etc.
  • Photo of Dan H
    a year ago
    We loved everything about the place. We let the servers choose our meal for us and we weren't disappointed. Started with the Octopus Salad and Roasted Brussel Sprout appetizers. Fantastic. The sprouts were so good we ordered another. Main course was just as good. Carbonara pasta and also the linguine with clams. The carbonara was possibly the best that I have ever had but the linguine was on another level. I have never remotely had better. The clam sauce was amazing. Cinnamon tart dessert was maybe the weakest of the meal but by then, who cares. Amazing meal and great service.
  • Photo of Jeff H
    a year ago
    Was looking for a place to connect with and catch up with the spouse after a tense day. Arrived and the place was busy, but not crazy so. I was surprised at how small the dining area was -- really only about 15-18 tables, split awkwardly in two different rooms. These are augmented with about 2-3 bistro style tables (which I always avoid) and 8 or so seats at what they call the antipasto bar and what I call a counter looking into the kitchen. More concerning, everything is very cold hard surfaced. Not comfortable at all. The greeter says first opening is 8:30, one hour later. I'm betting it will be sooner, as there is only one other couple waiting for a table that has just become available. So I say to put me on the list. Spouse arrives and we chat about 5-10 minutes when greeter returns and asks if we want that 9 pm reservation. What? I reply. You said 8:30 before. She looks confused, goes back to her stand to consult her 'chart'. She returns. Well really it's 8:45. But it could be 8:30. Or maybe 9:00. That's when we high-tailed it. Another hi-end Dallas restaurant with absolutely no idea how to manage its room. And it's a good thing, for now that other renowned Dallas phenomenon, the screaming young women thing, is starting up in the main dining room. Headed a few blocks away to another restaurant with padded seats, sophisticated diners and greeters who get us to a decent table just like that. Too bad, wont be back.
  • Photo of JerryGiam
    a year ago
    As he has done with Nonna and Carbones, Julian Barsotti found another niche in the Dallas dining scene with Sprezza. The menu changes frequently, the dishes have a creative flair, ingredients are top-of-the-line and preparation is wonderful. For Newbies, the waiter provides an overview of the Roman dining style and a well informed description of many of the menu selections. Our dinner table of 6 ordered 4 apps, 6 mains and 2 desserts so there was enough to share with our table mates and still go home full. The variety provided all a chance to taste test a good portion of the menu. Even though we had an early reservation the Spaghetti Suppli app was "out" and we missed out on what everyone thought was going to be our favorite. Must have been poor inventory management to be "out" so early in the evening. The only dish that disappointed was the green Gnudi - too heavy and pasty. The Della Roma sauce under the raviolini was delicious but greasy. All the other items were worth ordering again - especially the Brussel spouts and cauliflower, octopus salad, Burrata with caviar sized lentils, Cacio e Pepe and the must order chocolate and caramel bomboloni dessert. Craft cocktails are recommended - the Rossini was popular with the ladies and the Aperatt Sour was mouth watering tangy. Dine with a group so you can order many dishes to share. You will not regret it - unless you dine with food hogs !

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