Photo of Public School 214 in Dallas, TX, US
Photo of Public School 214 in Dallas, TX, US
Photo of Public School 214 in Dallas, TX, US
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Public School 214


Public School 21414
brunch • pizza • chorizo • chicken and waffles

3700 Mckinney Ave
Dallas, TX 75204, US
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  • Photo of Le Meridien The Stoneleigh
    Don’t let the name fool you. Public School 214 is a gastropub that is schoolroom themed. Served with Sriracha ketchup, these infamous bacon cheddar tots are truly a work of art.
  • Photo of reichen10
    5 months ago
    First a warning - this is not going to be a good review. If you read my posts you know that I try very hard to not be critical (unless really warranted). I am not a picky person. Be pleasant and I will be your friend forever. Restaurants can have off nights, and I try to take that into consideration. I eat out a minimum of three nights per week - both low and high dollar. So here goes: Have wanted to try this place for a while. First impression on entering was great. Very nice atmosphere, lots of room, cool communal tables, and great decor. Menu had some interesting choices. Decided to try several Happy Hour plates - the prices were good and there were lots of choices. But then it went downhill. The waiter was somewhat flip and his answers to our questions were really off. Ordered two glasses of house wine at Happy Hour Price ($5 each). He suggested we buy a bottle (4 glasses worth) for $40. Why would anyone pay twice as much for the house wine? He brought out water glasses. Mine had some kind of nasty slime smeared down the side. I asked for a new glass and he proceeded to explain that it wasn't dirty. (What?) I asked for a new glass. After close to 15 minutes (with no waiter in sight) we got the attention of the host and he brought me a new glass. Ultimately the waiter showed up for the order. I ordered 3 items from the Happy Hour List. He repeated back two of them to me, and said "That's it right?". I corrected him and he again acted like I was an idiot (I know, I got that). Ok. Partner ordered a main dinner. Waiter disappeared. Food was brought as it was ready by several people. Then we asked for some silverware. At first the woman that we asked was confused - like what could we want other than the usual knife and fork. Then she realized that we had never gotten that. She corrected the problem. House wine was actually good (Chardonnay). Food was just ok. The fish and chips were actually pretty good. The margarita pizza was a disaster. The menu described a typical margarita pizza - tomatoes, basil, mushroom and margarita sauce. Took one bite and nearly died. Huge amount of incredibly hot red peppers in the sauce. Unable to eat it at all and was sweating profusely in under a minute with my mouth on fire. I have not had anything that spicy since taking a bite of a very overspilled Thai dish many years ago. Manager offered to make another one but my taste buds had been completely destroyed so I declined. Waiter showed up later and said "You look pretty pissed off". I told him that it was definitely not the best meal and very disappointing. He proceeds to tell me "Don't let it ruin your day". Great. Just what I needed - words from the Zen Book of Peace. He disappeared again, never to return. The other people who brought the plates to the table and the Host were all nice people. Especially appreciated Katie B. who helped us at the end of the meal. Very nice - wish she had been our waitress. Then we found out that it was the last night for our waiter. He should have been sent home when he showed up for work. That reflects poorly on the management. All in all this should have been a nice evening. Instead, the worst and I cannot recommend that anyone ever go to this restaurant. I know that I will never show up there again. There are too many good places to spend my time and money. What a disappointment.
  • Photo of A TripAdvisor Member
    Great food, atmosphere & service. There were four of us for lunch & everyone thoroughly enjoyed their meal. The brussel sprouts were excellent!
  • Photo of dojay111
    6 months ago
    We enjoyed the food very much. Three of us had salads, that were all very good, one of us had the chicken and waffles which he said was great! The only complaint was the price of the cocktails was very high. The service for how high the prices are doesn't match. Servers were very laid back, we had to get their attention for utensils. Prices were on the high side.
  • Photo of DrBarnett
    6 months ago
    Asher was very attentive and professional. We had a lot of fun for a "stop in" as we walked through the area. Didn't eat here but everything looked good. Next time
  • Photo of Sarah E
    7 months ago
    The buffalo cauliflower was super delicious! Who knew cauliflower could be that delicious? The atmosphere is nice with a school vibe.
  • Photo of Christa B
    7 months ago
    Can't beat $5 carafes of mimosas they are so delicious. Chicken and waffles are really good. I've been here 3 times and I always get the same thing.
  • Photo of Barrelreserve
    8 months ago
    They have one of the best happy hours in the area. Their small plates and drinks range in price but each are all good values.
  • Photo of Clare V
    9 months ago
    My husband and I went in PS214 for dinner last night and the food itself was delicious but the service absolutely ruined our night. We walked in about 9PM and there was no host/hostess to greet us so we sat down at the bar. While we waited for menus another table walked in about 5 minutes after us and sat down in the bar as well. When the host/hostess finally came out from the back the other table was given menus while we were not even acknowledged. My husband had to go and ask for menus since no one seemed to notice that we were in the restaurant. Once we got our menus the night only got worse. The server came to ask for our drink order and I inquired about the Recess Happy Hour since it was posted on the website that is was from 3-7PM and 9PM - Close, but our server said that was not true. I was disappointed about this since the website clearly stated otherwise, but whatever we went out to eat so we ordered a beer and a $5 beer flight. I tried to order some Bacon Cheddar Tots as an appetizer, which the server then told us they were out of tots and cauliflower. So, again I had to compromise and ordered the Chorizo Mac n Cheese, which was very good, I would recommend it to others if the service had been better. The rest of the night continued like this, we didn't get to order our food until we had finished the entire appetizer while the server sat in a booth and talked to someone eating out of a Tupperware container in the bar. Our dinner was delicious, but by the time we finished we had to go ask the bartender for the check because the server was nowhere to be found. Overall this was the worst experience I have ever had in a restaurant and even though the food was delicious I will not recommend this restaurant to anyone because of the HORRENDOUS service we received.
  • Photo of D'Shanna M
    9 months ago
    We were a party of 6. The decor is reminiscent of a school but not kitschy. They have an interesting menu. Great wine and beer selection. I had the PB&J burger and it was really good. Everyone really enjoyed their food. Our waitress was attentive but not overly attentive. Some members of our party ordered a pizza and it took a while and came out about 5 minutes after the rest of the food. However, it was for good reason. The food expeditor did not feel that it was up to par with the restaurant's standards and had them remake them. We felt that was better than them sending out food that would have left a bad impression. Overall impression was that it was a great experience and we would all be willing to return for a second visit. Highly recommended.
  • Photo of Steve H
    9 months ago
    Unique nostalgic school decor, but not overly casual. Menus are they style of a composition book. We had a group dinner for 32 people at Public School for dinner. We arrived and spent some social time at the bar before dinner for our 7:30 reservation. We were seated outside with 2 wait staff. Our drink and food orders were taken quickly. I had the Ceasar Salad and Chicken and Green Chile Waffles. The salad was drowned with dressing that made the lettuce soggy, the chicken was very hard and the waffles were cold. I felt the meal was better suited for someone being held after school for detention.
  • Photo of Bessca
    9 months ago
    We had a good meal here - nothing special but the food was good. The drinks, on the other hand, are amazing! I would probably come back for drinks and appetizers next time I was in the uptown area.
  • Photo of buckrael
    10 months ago
    I was walking around the West Village last week and sought out Public School 214, because of their crafted cocktail list, which changes daily. I sat outside (too cold inside with the air conditions on) and it was a lovely sunny day. I ordered a Crushed Velvet-an amazing concoction of blackberries, blueberries, vodka and ginger beer! Refreshing and interesting and a perfect compliment to the shrimp and grits-this dish was so good I brought 3 of my friends back that day so they could order it and taste it. The white grits are the background for perfectly cooked shrimp, lots of thick crispy bacon, sweet fresh corn nibs, blistered tomatoes and bite-sized pieces of fresh kale all smothered in an incredibly delectable, spicy sauce. I cannot believe they don't serve which with a spoon, because you will want to get every drop of that sauce! The server Jennifer was helpful and sweet. The restaurant looks like it can get busy at times, but it has outdoor seating with heaters AND fans-just in case. There is also a great selection of beers.
  • Photo of Brian B
    a year ago
    Great appetizers from buffalo cauliflower to Parmesan truffle fries to the meatballs al forno. Excellent craft brews....Irish Red was a winner. Great happy hour deals.
  • Photo of Sj4220
    a year ago
    Great menu and atmosphere. Good drinks too! Desert was a bit of a miss, chili on a brownie and bacon on the ice cream, but overall was a good meal and drink.
  • Photo of dallasgirl53
    a year ago
    Just found out that they had a Public School 214 in Dallas near a center I frequent weekly-and they have been there two years. Unusually nice evening temperatures so we opted to sit outside as there was almost no traffic on the adjoining street. We had a great waiter-Dalton-who was one of the most knowledgeable wait staff persons I have encountered in a long time. So helpful as most of the beer and cocktail offerings were new to us. And he knew the food. Hope they can keep this jewel of an employee. I ordered a cocktail like an old fashioned and it was divine with one large cube of hard ice so it wouldn't dilute the drink. Later table-mates ordered beers-one light and one dark-they said they were very good. I was hungry having missed lunch so ordered the bison burger and someone else ordered the steak tacos and another-bangers and mash. My burger was cooked perfectly, but it seems the star of the evening was the steak tacos. Lots of perfectly seasoned meat with a mild salsa and pickled red onions. The bangers and mash needs to be made from something other than chicken sausage because no matter ho much you season it it still tastes like chicken sausage. Will go back-especially for the cocktails..
  • Photo of proon247
    a year ago
    This used to be my favorite spot. I would take all my friends there because of the good customer service and good mimosas. However, everytime I went back the rules onew how many mimosas that came with the price and whether one or more people could share the deal changed. Other than that I loved the theme they have. It is always packed with people so try to get reserations before you go.
  • Photo of Seayeaitch
    a year ago
    12 months since my last visit and I'm pleased to report it just gets better and better, friendly polite staff that are there when you need them and in the background when you don't, relaxed atmosphere and a great range of craft beers at reasonable prices what else does one need.
  • Photo of MSkinner
    a year ago
    We stopped in here for a brunch after shopping in the West Village (which is great, by the way). We had some amazing meals in Dallas, and this was one of the best. Absolutely fantastic! Service was also fantastic (thanks, Kate), and it was a really fun atmosphere. Be prepared to wait a little while, though, as it was definitely busy! How can you go wrong with $5 mimosa mini-pitchers? It's a steal! My wife had the vegetable hash, which comes in a skillet, and it was very good. But the highlight had to be the stuffed french toast I had. Stuffed with Cocoa puffs, with maple syrup, and a banana, it is absolutely AMAZING. Seriously, the best french toast we have ever had. Period. Prices were reasonable ($12 for each of our meals), service was great, and it's a fun atmosphere - absolutely nothing bad to say about this place.
  • Photo of Holly W
    a year ago
    My friend ordered broccolini, slaw and cauliflower. She loved them all! And kept saying how much she loved it! I got the CCB which stands for Chicken Cob Burger. I did not care for it. I was expected a solid piece of chicken. What a got was the opposite. When I asked, the waiter said it was a mix of dark and white meat in a patty. It tasted like a cheap version of a chicken burger. Overall it was a fun new experience. A very "hip" location. I'm glad I tried it
  • Photo of k4mconsulting
    a year ago
    Our family visited for Sunday Brunch. What a great experience! From the very nice waitress to the $5 carafes of Mimosas and Bloody Mary's, this is a great brunch option. Two of our party had the breakfast burrito, which was great but needed some salsa or other sauce. Two others had the Chicken Sausage and Cheddar Grits Skillet and it was truly outstanding.

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