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La Nueva Fresh & Hot

Mexican Restaurant

La Nueva Fresh & Hot25

9625 Webb Chapel Rd
Dallas, TX 75220, US
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  • Photo of Dallas Observer
    3 years ago
    The tortillas are so soft and fluffy they almost absorb the mixture, turning the tangy stew into finger food, which is good because there aren't any seats here and you'll likely be eating from the hood of your car.
  • Photo of D Magazine
    3 years ago
    The barbacoa at La Nueva comes in three forms: the common beef head, borrego (lamb), and beef cachete (cheek).
  • Photo of Travellover6128
    3 years ago
    You would never in a million years pass by here and think of stopping. It's in a tiny parade of shops, which being honest isn't in the best of neighbourhoods. However it was highlighted in one of the Dallas papers, as being a great place to find authentic tacos. We walked in, to find a tiny taqueria, with 5 seats and a massive taco machine, which looked like it had been made in another century. Being honest we we skeptical. We ordered 3 pastor tacos each and sat down to nibble on some of the tortilla chips and sauces. As soon as we ate the first homemade chip with the homemade sauce, we knew we were in a great place! The nachos were delicious, the sauces were amazing, 4-5 different kinds of varying strengths. When the tacos came out, we were were amazed, they were massive and filled with a completely different kind of pastor meat. It was more like a stew, which had the most authentic taste, with such a depth of flavour! Obviously an old family recipe made with lots of love. If you like tacos and want to experience something authentic - then look no further. This is the real deal.

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