Photo of Cafe Izmir in Dallas, TX, US
Photo of Cafe Izmir in Dallas, TX, US
Photo of Cafe Izmir in Dallas, TX, US
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Cafe Izmir

Greek Restaurant

tapas • hummus • chicken • turkish coffee

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  • Photo of Greenvilledan
    8 months ago
    We tried this small plate venue for fun. Everything was delicious! We had their chicken dish (dark meat) and it was spectacular! Then again, all the dishes were. Their "special dessert" was wonderful! The $15.00 bottle of sangria wine was great too (choice of a bottle of house red, white or sangria for $15.00)! We shall return!
  • Photo of Beverly O
    9 months ago
    Been coming here for nearly 15 years and the food is stuffed grape leaves and tabouli so will love it
  • Photo of John H
    9 months ago
    My family treated me to an unexpected culinary delight by taking me to this cafe. It was a totally satisfying experience ranging from the food to the outstanding customer service. This cafe falls into the category of Mediterranean culinary culture, which has a core of tradition based on the olive, olive oil, wine, & humus or pita bread (usually a thin type of bread that can be also seasoned). Geographically, Mediterranean food corresponds to the food & preparations of the people who inhabit the Mediterranean Basin & Southern Europe. This region is marked by the cultivation of the olive tree & grapevine, thus enabling the plentiful harvest of olives, olive oil, & wine. The idea of Mediterranean food as a unified cuisine reportedly derives from Elizabeth David in a 1950 book entitled "Mediterranean Food." The Tunisian historian Mohamed Yassine concurred with the conclusions of the aforementioned book. This food group is absolutely delicious when properly prepared, & of all my wanderings through Mediterranean food restaurants, I think that Izmir serves the the most "stand-alone" outstanding food: homemade, well seasoned, diversified choices, delightfully presented, & @ very reasonable prices. It is a family operated & managed service that shows all of the attentiveness & care expected from a proprietary status. In other words, the service is so good that it makes you feel like a part of the family. Then there's the homemade Sangria: its hard to stop with one bottle! Either have a designated driver or uber over as the first stop of "a night on the town," no better place to start such an evening. Perfect food, Sangria, & ambient setting for a first date or a 30th year anniversary!
  • Photo of Orbchaser
    10 months ago
    I've been here a couple of times, and from the sangria to the food, everything was really good. They have a wide variety of items to choose from on the menu, so chances are good that every person in your party will find something they like to eat.
  • Photo of Tater T
    a year ago
    Skip the burger, total waste of money and insulting. Super greasy, the patty was very compressed and not a great texture if meat or flavor. Fries were ok, service was slow and subpar for the price point, you have to ask to be serviced and wait and wait and wait. If you want a burger go to fudruckers next door.
  • Photo of 2flylo
    a year ago
    We try and go out with friends every other weekend. And pick a new restaurant each time. Cafe Izmir was our choice this past weekend. We got reservations since we didn't know how busy they would be the weekend we selected them. Our group is a fun group, and you would consider a couple of individuals in the group as being picky, so I never know how they will be received. We all were at the restaurant prior to the reservation time, and we were seated easily. It took a bit get our waiter in gear, but we soon realized they were shorthanded that evening, and our waiter actually had two large groups and our medium group at the same time, so I commend him for the good work. All the food ordered can in a timely manner and all arrived at the same time with three people bringing the food to the table. We had appetizers, Tapas, and entrees all around so we were there for a fair length of time. The restaurant also had live music, an acoustic guitarist, and he was very good. He filled the room but did not overpower the room as the number of people in the restaurant varied thru the evening. You will enjoy the menu and the staff. All did well considering the size of some of the groups and how well they worked them.
  • Photo of shamyla19
    a year ago
    I'm at the Cafe Izmir at the airport and ordered a chicken bowl. We got plain boiled rice with 4 piece of chicken breast for $14 US. This is a rip off. The waitress was nice enough to switch our rice for salad which was better and refreshing. Feel it's. Eye expensive and food mediocre.
  • Photo of Randy D
    a year ago
    The food here is very good. It has a patio that is covered and the inside is small but very comfortable. Service was good. Great for a group and sharing. That way you get to get a taste of a variety of items. Would defintiely go back.
  • Photo of Stephanie H
    a year ago
    I LOVE this restaurant! We've been going there for over 12 years now. The food is fabulous and the service is fantastic. Even our boys that are 9 and 12 love going there. It always feels like we've been welcomed home when we go there! ❤
  • Photo of kimmie920
    a year ago
    Inadequate service. Asked for plates with the meal and she only brought one. Had to ask for a second one. The salad was incomplete without feta and olives and stated in menu. Not impressed.
  • Photo of Becky A
    a year ago
    Every chance I get I go here. I was taken here for the first time about 12.5 years ago. Since then anyone that comes to town to visit me gets to go here to eat too. Not a single person has not liked it. We drive from Arlington out to Dallas any chance we get to eat here. We bring friends and co-workers. The food is AMAZING. After going a couple times it's as if you become family. We are greeted with hugs and handshakes, huge smiles, and before we even start to order they know what we want to start with and it is at out table within 5 minutes of sitting down. I just wish they would open one in Ft Worth so I don't have to drive as far, but then again, I probably would miss our waiters at this place and have to go back still.
  • Photo of Hank S
    a year ago
    This restaurant is very close to my daughter's home in Dallas. She goes there several times a week. We found ourselves in Dallas on business, and she wanted us to try it. We met her there and the staff all knew her and treated us like family. They were very accommodating. The menu is fairly extensive. My wife had the shrimp with saffron rice, my daughter and I had the beef tenderloin kebab. Although it was listed as a Tapas, it was a dinner-sized portion. I also ordered the cabbage roll. Some of their dishes are quite spicy. When you order, be sure to ask about how spicy the dish is, so you are not surprised. We also ordered their home-made humus, which was excellent. Definitely recommend this for either a light snack or full-blown dinner. The restaurant also offers quite a selection of vegan selections. They had a full bar and nice outside seating. It is a family-owned restaurant and has been at this location for over 20 years. They also have three other locations.
  • Photo of russkwtx
    a year ago
    This is one of favorite places for Middle Eastern food. The food is consistently top notch. Service is friendly and warm. The hummus is the best in Dallas ($5.95). The babaganoush is excellent also ($5.95). After those we like the falafel platter, crunchy on outside, soft on the inside ($15.95). Falafels have some nice kick from hidden spices and heat. This time I tried the beef tenderloin plate for the first time ($21.95). The quality of the meat was good and the serving was generous. The meat has some kind of dry rub that gave it a unique flavor. I liked it although it took a bit to get used to it. We will undoubtedly return. Plus they often offer discounts through Groupon or Living Social.
  • Photo of CLONorthWales
    a year ago
    Popped in for a coffee, ended up eating too. Excellent pitta and hummus and a couple of simple and extraordinary tasting tapas. Good service. Great for lunch.
  • Photo of triphopper
    a year ago
    Went here recently with a large crowd to celebrate a friends birthday and they did a good job accommodating everyone. When you have a large group, recommend the family platters which are about $50 each - comes with the pita, 2 types of hummus, chicken, lamb, Pita rolls, and the sides. Tasted pretty good and takes your mind of figuring out what each one wants as you get a variety. The covered patio is a good spot for a large crowd. A good experience overall.
  • Photo of tia1124
    2 years ago
    Very attentive waiters and a big selection of food. The location is close to lower Greenville Avenue which is a bit unique.
  • Photo of eoinjen
    2 years ago
    I have been going to Cafe Izmir for at least 20 years, or probably since they opened. I have never had a bad experience. Some of the waitstaff have been there since it opened. I respect a place even more when they are able to keep good employees happy. Service is always impeccable! I live all the servers and have never eaten anything bad here. I have gone on romantic date nights, girls nights and there with family. Tuesdays are busier than normal because of half price wine and Sangria and deals on tapas. They have the best hummus I have ever tasted and the lamb rolls are always a favorite of mine. And, no matter how much wine or Sangria I consume, I always have to end the night with a delicious Turkish coffee...perfection!! And again, all the staff are so attentive and make you feel very special. I can't say enough good things about this wonderful restaurant. May it stay there on Greenville for many many more years to come!! And, I respect them even more because they have been so kind to donate to my children's school auction that is a great fundraiser. Thank you Cafe Izmir - you genuinely created my love for Mediterranean food!❤
  • Photo of Mazlimo
    2 years ago
    In short order we received reservations for nine for Sunday Brunch. Eating outside under awning was simply perfect! The wait staff was fast and friendly. The food was fabulous!
  • Photo of russkwtx
    2 years ago
    You go for the hummus, which is the best in Dallas, but the other food is really good too. You can't go wrong with any of the tapas. This time we opted for entrees. I got the chicken kabob ($15.95) and it was delicious, the chicken cooked perfectly so it was smoky, yet juicy. It had some kick as it was really peppery. The wife got the saffron chicken kabob, same price. To be honest I did not taste much difference. The main thing was that it appeared her's was dark meat and mine was breast. Both were great and we really enjoyed it, as usual. Service was friendly and accommodating.
  • Photo of BrandonJ_13
    2 years ago
    We really liked the tapas option for the variety. Everything was delicious but the chipotle hummus and beef kabobs were my favorite. Super friendly and accommodating staff as well.

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