Photo of Viva Pho in Castle Hills, TX, US
Photo of Viva Pho in Castle Hills, TX, US
Photo of Viva Pho in Castle Hills, TX, US

Viva Pho

Asian Restaurant

Viva Pho14
pho • summer rolls • bun thit nuong • egg rolls

2114 Nw Military Hwy
Castle Hills, TX 78213, US
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  • Photo of Frankie Lara
    a year ago
    Good pho.
  • Photo of Tim W
    7 months ago
    My family and I love this place. We found this place by chance a year ago and have gone back at least once a week since then. Best damn place in SA!
  • Photo of Donna B
    8 months ago
    My husband and I found this place on a whim. I was excited because it had quail (I LOVE quail). We had that, and 2 bowls of Pho. The quail was tasty, but slightly overcooked (it's such a tricky thing to cook). The pho... to quote my husband "I'm just eating it because it's still here and I can't stop. I passed full a long time ago!" That broth... I'm going to have dreams about it. Worth a stop for sure!
  • Photo of June B
    9 months ago
    The pho was good but it was not the kind I ordered. I order the eye of round and brisket because I don't like things like tripe and tendon but I got all of it. It did not make the broth taste bad so really I just didn't eat the parts I don't like. But it's disappointing to get something you have to pick through to eat. Restaurant was clean and service was good. It was weird that part of the staff was eating at a counter in between bringing food to customers.
  • Photo of Tim W
    9 months ago
    My wife, kids and I come here often. Probably at least once a week. Great food and great service. Best pho in SA. Literally we have been to over 80% of pho places in town and Viva Pho is the best around!
  • Photo of CKLEETX
    a year ago
    I happened across this place because I was in the area. I decided to stop by for lunch on my ongoing quest for good pho and bun thit nuong. This place was pretty crowded when I got there at noon. Maybe it was because it was Black Friday so a lot of people had the day off. I don't know. First off, this is the first Vietnamese place I've eaten at in San Antonio where there were actually Vietnamese customers eating there. And actually, quite a few Vietnamese families came in while I was there. Now I'm not saying the other restaurants don't have Vietnamese customers. I'm just saying I've never seen any when I was there. The menu was in Vietnamese with English translation and the price was on the higher side for Vietnamese food. I wasn't in the mood for pho, so I ordered the bun thit nuong with egg rolls. The amount of food was good. The egg rolls had the good wrapping and the fish sauce was fairly flavorful, but that's where the good part ended for me. There was way too much ginger in the pork for me. I felt like I ordered a plate of ginger with a sprinkling of pork. All I could taste was ginger which ruined it for me. I'll come back and try the pho at some point, but I won't be ordering the bun thit nuong for sure.
  • Photo of Sp435
    a year ago
    Excellent service and good food can never go unnoticed. The lunch we had was delightful. We had popcorn chicken, not McD style, but it was amazingly tasty. The Pho was out of this world. I had never completed an entire bowl of Pho in my life. This is a must visit place for Pho lovers. Would definitely visit again.
  • Photo of Jeni B
    2 years ago
    Seriously some of the best Thai Tea we've had anywhere. The 4 of us all enjoyed our pho and the summer rolls are fabulous and generous. We'll be back!
  • Photo of Yorka V
    2 years ago
    This place is not only Pho! Rest of the menu is full of delicious surprises. Our server was outstanding, helpful, patient and gracious. Definitely coming back!
  • Photo of chrisguerreromusic
    Seriously the best pho in San Antonio. The ingredients are always fresh and service beyond excellent. Spring rolls=10+. Summer rolls=10+. Any pho=10+++++++. Haven't had a bad item yet and I'm pretty sure I've tried everything. Do yourself a favour: get there and get there fast. You won't regret it.
  • Photo of jansonatrip
    2 years ago
    Mixed review. Spring rolls were good (exactly like others I've eaten before elsewhere) but the staff is a little mixed up about how to run a restaurant. I was hesitant from the get-go after seeing their filthy back door area with door open. On the counter was a display case (intended for sushi service?) filled with trash: wadded up paper, cups, etc. Face piercings and earlobe extenders on the server - then when I saw a young man sucking on a noodle walk from the kitchen to the counter I wondered... Really?
  • Photo of mdbsat
    3 years ago
    The food at this Vietnamese place is fantastic. I usually order the #48 and add a spring roll instead of the normal egg roll they put in the dish. The Pho's are all really good, the spring rolls are out of this world and the Bun Thit Nuong is my favorite. I have not tried the sushi as of yet because the other stuff is so damn good.
  • Photo of Mona S
    4 years ago
    It was supposed to be open until 8:00 on Sunday evening, so we got there by 6:00. Unfortunately, while we were still eating, the staff decided it was time to get ready for a private party! As we rushed to finish up, they bustled around us: removing condiments, adding tablecloths, placing decorations and moving tables/chairs. The food was fine (I had a noodle dish with shrimp, pork and squid with oyster sauce) but we felt quite unwelcome.
  • Photo of maxwell1323
    4 years ago
    Nice looking restaurant. Good salad rolls. Ordered the Grilled pork bun. Very fatty pork. Asked for something else, they redid the dish with chicken, but it had a sauce on it from another dish. Not bad, but not what we wanted. Don't know if we'll try it again. If we do, we'll ask for lean pork.

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