Photo of Tuk Tuk Thai Cafe in Austin, TX, US
Photo of Tuk Tuk Thai Cafe in Austin, TX, US
Photo of Tuk Tuk Thai Cafe in Austin, TX, US
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Tuk Tuk Thai Cafe

Thai Restaurant

thai basil fried rice • spring rolls • thai food • egg custard

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  • Photo of Jim B
    4 months ago
    Went there for dinner with family and loved every bite. Coconut soup was out of this world. Pad Tai anyway you like it, spicy or mild, either way it's delicious. Service is prompt and friendly. Make sure to bring your appetite.
  • Photo of txtfa001
    5 months ago
    Five of us went for dinner on a weekday and the parking lot was full. I had not been before so I figured we would have a wait. That didn't happen because the restaurant is much bigger than it looks outside. Everyone ordered something diffferent and it was all good. The restaurant isn't fancy but the food is very good and we had a good time.
  • Photo of Dave512aus
    a year ago
    The outside of this restaurant doesn't look very appealing but you will be so happy you stopped to have some AMAZING food at this restaurant. It is actually the BEST Thai restaurant in Austin. The owners are always there as well and everyone is SO NICE!
  • Photo of Elisa R
    a year ago
    Tuk Tuk serves pretty standard Thai food. Nothing fancy, but definitely delicious. The close location makes this place one of my go-to take-out spots. The massaman curry is my favorite.
  • Photo of ReuvenJ
    a year ago
    Tuk Tuk Thai Cafe is not the best Thai food I ever had but it is good. I am a big fan of the Pad Thai and every time I have been there the service is good and the staff friendly.
  • Photo of kikirob
    2 years ago
    Great little spot. Awesome to eat in or take-out. Pad Thai $7.99 Thai famous stir-fried rice noodle with eggs, bean sprouts, chopped green onions, and crushed peanuts Panang Curry $8.99 Red panang curry with coconut milk, bell peppers, jalapeno, and kaffir leaves Thai Basil Fried Rice $8.99 Rice stir-fried with Thai basil, yellow and green onions, and choice of meat, garnished with lime and cucumber, served with crispy fried egg Kao Soi $10.99 this dish is fabulous! Popular northern thai dish made with egg noodle and Choice of meat in yellow curry-like soup, topped with crunchy egg noodle, green onion, and cilantro, served with pickled mustard, and bean sprout
  • Photo of William Y
    2 years ago
    I started with their egg rolls which were very good. The house made sauce gives them a leg up on most and the ingredients were fresh and flavorful. I tend towards the curries and order the green curry chicken. The sauce was ok but not as rich as I prefer. The chicken had a slightly strange flavor that may have been a spice I was not familiar with. It has a very typical small restaurant in an old Taco Bell kind of feel but that doesn't bother me at all. The servers were very friendly and I was never wanting for a refill. A solid effort that could up its game.
  • Photo of Apanda8
    2 years ago
    My husband was in the mood for Thai food. I am super picky with my Thai food after being in Thailand in 2014 for 2 weeks. We ended up setting on here the Tuk Tuk Thai cafe. Upon entering we saw a seating area where it appears if you have ordered take out you can wait there until it is ready. Note they do offer delivery service for food. They also had some thai packaged food for purchase and even a Tuk Tuk T-shirt. My husband and I were prompted to sit anywhere we like. We settled on a table and glanced at the drink menu on the table. I ordered the thai ice tea and my husband ordered the thai ice coffee. Our drinks came out shortly and we placed an order. My husband ordered the chef's special Tuk Tuk duck curry: special house duck simmered with grapes and tomatoes in a panang curry sauce. This dish is a milder curry made with coconut milk and full of flavor. The duck tasted leaner than most duck I have had in America. Meaning no big giant bowl of greasy and rubbery meat. My meal was the Po-Tak (spicy tom yum seafood soup). Tom Yum soup in general is a typical flavorful soup from Thailand that uses herbs and spices like lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, fish sauce, etc. The po tak version has seafood in to include crab legs, shrimp, fish, clams, etc. When I ordered this dish I asked for it to be "thai spicy". The waiter is like, now what do you mean by this? I started to explain that I have been to Thailand before and that is how i ordered it because I have a stomach of steel. My husband proceeded to tell them that I went to a Thai cooking class while I was in Thailand I had made my jungle curry with 30 peppers which is HOT!! The waiter looked at my doubtingly and said okay he would let the chef know. My meal came out in the hot pot with a little fire in the middle. Our waiter gave us two small bowls and one bowl of rice. The soup had a good flavor but still wasn't super spicy to me. The waiter decided to bring over their spice tray so I could help myself to some more. Now to the average person, this would be very spicy to you. I am just one of those freaks of nature that believes the spicier the better. However I also believe that it can't be hot to just be hot. I want super spicy with flavor. After we finished out meals we decided to check out their dessert menu since we saw mango sticky rice on the menu from earlier. However as it turned out they were out of mangos!! Boo! We decided to order their sticky rice with thai egg custard. The sticky rice was delicious and the egg custard was a light green color. I have never seen it this color before and only tasted just ok. I think next time I would try another dessert. Another person across from our tabled ordered the fried banana and ice cream. That looked awesome! My overall review of this place is it is full of flavor and probably the best Thai food place that I have been to since my Thailand trip. Since I just moved to the area my experience is limited to the DC area and maybe a few other trips I had taken within the US.
  • Photo of kikirob
    2 years ago
    We loved everything! We ordered fresh spring rolls with shrimp, coconut soup (good but needed to be creamier), basil fried rice, panang chicken curry with brown rice, shrimp pad Thai and a chefs special with curry noodles. All amazing! Dessert was mango sticky rice, perfection. Very impressed.
  • Photo of FrankWill
    2 years ago
    Have seen this place for some time, finally time to check it out. Appetizers were traditional with egg rolls and springs rolls, chicken satay with nice peanut sauce, not spicy. We ordered Tuk Tuk Duck curry, mild, good flavors, good duck meat, not fatty, nice mix with white grapes and cherry tomatoes, Yum Nuer Salad which had quite the vinegar flavor to it, quite a bite. With the Thai restaurants here in Austin, have not gone wrong yet, will back again. Downside is that is noisy, acoustics does not allow it to be intimate dining, following next table conversation too easy.
  • Photo of jean g
    2 years ago
    Excellent food. i was looking for something different and came across this restaurant that offered nearby delivery. It had tons of really good reviews so I thought I would try it out- it was great. Exactly as the reviews said, food is hot and tasty. Fresh and just really good. But, the delivery time does take a while- but this is noted on their website- so you are well aware of this when ordering. So, if you are really hungry- just remember that- otherwise it's excellent and if you plan ahead, you should have no problems. i definitely recommend.
  • Photo of Nicholas S
    2 years ago
    Tuk Tuk saved the day. On our family trip to Austin, we spent over an hour trying to find a place to eat. Wait lines in Austin are the norm. Lines do not work for three kids. Lucky we found this place off the main hot spots. Busy, but go in immediately. Server was super nice and said food would be there in a minute. Amazingly it was! Kids had noodle soups. My wife and I had curries. I have never been to Thailand, but easily the best Thai food meal I have ever eat. Super cheap, super nice, super fast and so much more. Highly recommend for anyone on date or with kids.
  • Photo of MonteATX
    2 years ago
    finding good thai cuisine in ATX is not difficult with so many house variations on traditional Thai dishes available. TuK Tuk is a family run restaurant with yummy traditional along with very tastyChef Specials that satisfy every time along with excellent quick and courteous service made better by no long waits even on saturday night, the kitchen is on it and the servers tag team the tables to insure prompt coverage, all at a very fair cost. it's BYOB with no corking fees, so pick up your favorite wine or beer/cider(ginger perry is great with thai) and savor delicious thai cuisine!
  • Photo of sammy_gp15
    2 years ago
    I always passed by this restaurant on my way to school and honestly I never desired being inside. From the looks of it, it seemed deteriorated, and really small... however I wish I had never judged this "book by its cover" The service was great and fast! Also the food WAS DELICIOUS! The prices are fair (a bit high), but they serve you well...but really, again, I still cannot get over how delicious their food was. My advice: Get The Pork or Beef Soup (both are great), the Pad Thai, and for dessert order the STICKY RICE WITH THAI EGG CUSTARD. You will not be dissapointed!
  • Photo of lefaucheurc
    3 years ago
    the place got a few but good review on Yelp so we decided to try. Big mistake. as a starter teh satay were covered (I am not exagerating) in peanut sauce; a very suspicious move, maybe to cover/hide the strange texture of the chicken. we also tried the steamed dumplings: same results, pretty tasteless and no real sauce to go with. My friend has the grill beef salad: the beef was grayish and a very poor cut of meat, too salty and n beef taste. I had the pork noodle soup: there was no broth to talk about: just water with cilantro and again, the pork had no taste. we paid a total of $35, left and went to eat as SAP's. Stay away
  • Photo of LalithaSetty
    3 years ago
    This place was previously Thai Garden and was next to our apartments on Manchaca Road. It was our weekend place to dine. During our recent visit to Austin we decided to visit the place after 14 yrs. The menu and the taste is the same and we were very happy to relive our memories with kids. Do not be fooled by the small place. The food is great and the portion size is huge. Their special blend of chilli sauce gives unique taste to the food. Our favorites from their menu are Pad See Ew, Panang Curry, Red Curry, Pineapple Fried Rice, Thai Basil Fried Rice, Spring rolls. Food is served pretty quick and their customer service is very good.
  • Photo of exaslonghorn31
    3 years ago
    I have eaten here on and off for several years.I think the food and service are ok. They never seem to be busy (have been in at both lunch and dinner) which is nice as there is no wait. I usually get an appetizer with a side of rice and even though I specifically state that is my meal (meaning bring it out at the same time as the meals of the people I am eating with) more than once they brought it before others food was ready (and weirdly didn't bring the the side of rice would be brought as my dinner?????) Anyway my food would then get cold as it was either sit and wait for my companions meal to.come or be rude and eat first. I don't eat out a lot do it is disappointing when the meal doesn't go smoothly.
  • Photo of Dave512aus
    3 years ago
    I have tried most of the Thai restaurants in Austin and this is definitely one of the best. It is a "Hole in the Wall" looking place but you won't be disappointed in the food and service. Excellent !!!!
  • Photo of Anthony A
    3 years ago
    The Tuk Tuk Thai Cafe in Austin, TX may not look like much from the outside, but this small cafe has some surprisingly good dishes along with a very attentive staff. I tried the rice soup with chicken, which was excellent, followed by a heaping plateful of pad thai, which was also very tasty. The cafe isn't elegant - probably not the first choice for date night - but if you're looking for good solid Thai food in Austin, head over to Tuk Tuk.
  • Photo of Tom T
    3 years ago
    We had lunch here today and really enjoyed our meal and the service. Friendly staff and owner, creative dishes and nice, simple decor. Definitely a restaurant to return to!

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