Photo of The White Horse in Austin, TX, US
Photo of The White Horse in Austin, TX, US
Photo of The White Horse in Austin, TX, US
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The White Horse


The White Horse44.5
two step • tacos • dance floor • dance lessons

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  • Photo of Sally Thompson
    2 years ago
    Bar. live music. honky-tonk
  • Photo of Hotel Indigo
    2 years ago
    Tacos, live music all week, giant dance floor, pool tables, photo booth, and whiskey on tap. End the night here.
  • Photo of Colleen Crawford
    2 years ago
    Live country music
  • Photo of Stephen Lee
    4 years ago
    Great country talent almost every night, this dive bar has a nice dance floor and caters to the rockabilly crowd.
  • Photo of Solodam J
    4 months ago
    Dark, smelly and a small podium with dance floor that was used by the audience. Cheap drink, friendly staff and good music. Really enjoyed the atmosphere. Didn't go to the restroom, terrible! The parking place of the white horse is very small so parking on the side of the road is not free until midnight.
  • Photo of Tyler L
    4 months ago
    This bar has great bands/ music and is a nice old-style place for dancing. However, the attitudes of the bartenders and door staff make it almost not worth it. Staff generally seemed like they resented their patrons and didn't want to be there. Totally ruined the atmosphere. The White Horse could be great if staff were less miserable. We were there on a Wednesday night. The bar seemed to be doing good business but was not at all crowded.
  • Photo of tamsterd
    5 months ago
    Came here on an Austin Live Music Crawl. Such a fun stop. Old style country band playing that kept the dance floor full. All walks of life, great people watching and man can they dance! Fun bartenders. It's nothing pretty on the inside or out, but a legend for dancing in this city.
  • Photo of Lisa F
    5 months ago
    After seeing who was playing and wanting to take family out to see one of our faves play and AFTER CHECKING THEIR WEBSITE...3 50 year olds and a teen went to White Horse on an early Sunday evening only to be kicked out because we had a 16 year old. The website said this was fine as long as they were with their parent the whole time. We had plenty of parents and the kid was not drinking. And the plan was to stay for the early show and leave. Bar tenders decided today was not the day. And they were RUDE!
  • Photo of Mary G
    5 months ago
    This place is great for live music and dancing. People are really friendly and the drinks are reasonably priced, although not as much to choose from, you're there to dance! Music varies by night. Call ahead or check website to see what type is playing. I've always taken Uber's but t seems there is a small parking lot on the side.
  • Photo of Sam B
    5 months ago
    I took a large group of people to the White Horse and we had been there for awhile, and after most of us had left, we were accosted by their bouncers and removed from the bar in a very unpleasant manner. If there was any justification or the slightest wrong doing on our end, I would not be writing this post. We asked why were being told to leave, and they could not give us the reason. I think the bouncers were looking to get into a fight, and we seemed like ones that were going to give it to them. We kept our heads and avoided hospitals and jail, so that was the only positive. The way we were treated was so bad, that I feel like this is not a place I can recommend to any visitor or Austin resident. I've lived here for 20 years, and have never been treated like this by staff from a bar. Spend your money elsewhere people.
  • Photo of spinnaker137
    6 months ago
    Arrived at 10pm to see a band I really like.. Bartenders were aloof, place smelled bad, The dance floor surface is not maintained at all. Limited parking seems closely regulated by for band member, and friends of the door staff only. 5 open spots, but was forced to park on the dark streets half a block away, Returned to find my car keyed and kicked in, roughly $3000 in damage, Never again, White Horse.
  • Photo of angeliaf1967
    6 months ago
    I went to the White Horse for the first time last Sat. night and the smell when you walked in was horrible. One smell of sweat and body odor and the other of the sewage from the bathrooms. They must have issues with their AC because it was 100 degrees outside at and felt like it was 80 degrees in that place even before it got crowded. Sweat was rolling off of everyone even just standing there. And only one fan in the place. The stench from the bathroom was unbearable. Pure raw sewage. I mentioned it to the bar tender and he just said it always smells that way... WOW... I wont me going back, at least not until summer is over.
  • Photo of cjmstone100
    7 months ago
    I am not fan of country music. But I really enjoyed the band and the atmosphere of this place. Everyone was having a great time. The bar tenders were quick with drinks and very friendly. The band played at the perfect volume, loud enough to enjoy the music but not so load you could not have a conversation with the people in you group. A must visit if in the area.
  • Photo of Toastwitheggs
    8 months ago
    It is an icon on the scene, it is a honkey tonk to the 3rd degree. The music was good and the drinks very reasonable! The bartender with a beard was fine to look at and the staff was pleasant. But, the bathroom, though usable at the time, was disgusting really, I've seen and been in worse, but, still, yuck. That being said, id go again and just hold it👍
  • Photo of Antityco
    8 months ago
    What a find! Great country music and and dancing. The bartenders do a great job keeping up. There are lots of good beers to choose from, including many craft beers.
  • Photo of cookcamera
    8 months ago
    This is my favorite bar in ATX. If you like old-time nostalgia like I do, two step your way over here for drinks, dancing and classic live country music. There's a couple pool tables and a pretty good taco truck outside if you get hungry. Highly recommend this dive bar to anyone visiting Austin!
  • Photo of Jorge D
    9 months ago
    Great little dive bar on east Austin, refreshing to see this old place still stands in between the new development. Went on a Monday night and listened to some great live music; there's a great taco truck on the patio in case you get hungry (great tacos man!) Hope this place doesn't go away anytime soon, will come back for sure!
  • Photo of grapebgirl
    9 months ago
    My hubby & I went to scope out the place early but went back to try tacos from the truck outside but on the property! They have live music inside & offer dance lessons. They also had outdoor area to drink & enjoy the tacos!
  • Photo of RachaelDenverCO
    9 months ago
    This place is awful if you want to listen to country music it's not that it's rockabilly don't go... there were hundreds of people waiting to dance and wanted to dance standing there staring at a band that sucked I think it was horrible.
  • Photo of Bryan L
    9 months ago
    The band was great, laid back atmosphere with an inclusive feel if you think you can't dance don't worry nobody was judging and they have lessons early in the evening. There were great dancers of all ages, they were all amazing.
  • Photo of Jon A
    10 months ago
    From the doorman to the bartenders, I did not encounter a single nice employee in the place. Take some pride in what you do for a living and treat your customers with some respect. I had a tip jar slammed down in front of me when I was not quick enough to through a couple of bucks into it...It was coming, but I was not fast enough for this guy. Watch your change as well, the bartenders make it up as they go along. The prices change from round to round. One bartender had BO so bad that I walked to the other end of the bar to be served...unreal that his fellow employees would not say something to him.
  • Photo of Tina L
    a year ago
    Wasn't sure what to expect when my friends wanted to check out The White Horse. It was actually very fun. If you are expecting something fancy, move along. But, if you like a down to earth spot to drink a domestic beer and enjoy some good music, this is the place. Our group had so much fun we closed the place down. No, really, they turned up the lights and I had to round up my crew. It was a nice casual atmosphere with friendly patrons who taught us folks from California how to two step. We had a wonderful time.
  • Photo of Lou D
    a year ago
    Walked in to the place, at 5:30pm or so. Was dark, dingy, drab, and smelled like an old old bar. Unless it was hidden behind the curtain we saw, the dance floor was small. In seemed run down. And doesn't seem to be in to great a part of town. Guess we're just used to the "country scene" in MT where places are kept up. Even older places don't "appear" to be falling apart.
  • Photo of Brian D
    a year ago
    We happened across the White Horse the first night out in Austin, and we loved it. We met "Frazier" the bartender, and he was very cool. The live band started at 11p, and things picked up from there. We would for sure hit this spot again in the future.

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