Photo of Thai Fresh in Austin, TX, US
Photo of Thai Fresh in Austin, TX, US
Photo of Thai Fresh in Austin, TX, US
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Thai Fresh

Thai Restaurant

noodles • thai food • papaya salad • south austin

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  • Photo of travelrangerj
    8 months ago
    This place is really not very good. People are reasonably nice, but the A/C is barely on and it is quite hot inside -- 86 degrees in the back room where you use the restroom. Food is super-salty and not very good, just...strange. And wicked-expensive when a lunch-sized portion is $18. You can do a lot better than this place.
  • Photo of Ashley L
    8 months ago
    Always enjoy their food. Though their atmosphere could use a little sprucing up. Old furniture, seats in need of a wipe down, etc. But the food is good and consistent. They also have outdoor seating as an option. Lots of gluten-free options which is nice as I have a couple of friends who can't tolerate it. Peanut butter fudge pie is amazing! Seriously - get it! Also, there is no tipping here which can be awkward if you aren't aware of that.
  • Photo of arieshorse
    9 months ago
    My friend and I went here for lunch. We actually came here to try this place because of good reviews we heard from our friends. We ordered Rice Soup with pork, Padseaw (Amazing!!!), beer battered mushrooms, and some thai home made ice cream. The food was amazing! I wanted to eat there again the next day, but we have other places planned already. Not many parking space. We parked on the side road across from the place. :)
  • Photo of fortheloveoffood10
    10 months ago
    My husband and I stopped here for lunch after a friend recommended it. We were there on a Sunday so we orders off their brunch menu. My husband ordered a coffee and it was cold. Kinda disappointing. I had the Thai basil citrus sparkling drink and it was delicious. Love how they bring out water in a container so you don't have to worry about waiting on the waiters for a refill. We ordered the chicken and waffles. We were both excited about this. The waffle was good, extra crispy in a good way. The syrup was delightful. The chicken had good flavor but it is served on the bone. My two pieces had very very very minimal amounts of meat as did my husbands. We were both still hungry after eating. We also tried dessert. Vegan golden milk ice cream served in a gluten free waffle cone. That was hands down the best thing we had! I was told that everything on their menu is gluten free unless otherwise marked. It was overall a good experience
  • Photo of chscheafer
    a year ago
    Our waitress, Katarina, recommended vegan dishes for our part of four vegans. We all loved our food. We sat outside in February!
  • Photo of MWSPIRIT
    a year ago
    We waited 25 minutes for our table so when we sat down we were ready to order our food. It took over 40 minutes for our food to arrive. At this point we were very hungry. The salad was not what we ordered and told our waiter at which point he came back and said the one we ordered was out of season. So why was it on the menu and why not come back and ask us what else we wanted? the beef salad that was served had rotten lettuce in to changing the flavor and the beef was small pieces with lots of gristle. The chicken and rice were unimpressive as well. It was boiled chicken with no flaver with a side of dry rice, thank heavens for a small amount of thai sauce. To be fair it was very busy but I am sure they usually are. This was the third time I have eaten at Thai Frsh. the first was OK, a friend took the second and it was better but after this I will not be returning and going to Sway Thai from now on.
  • Photo of Kerry S
    a year ago
    I came here for lunch on the recommendation of a couple worker. Absolutely wonderful food. I had the drunken noodles and highly recommend them. I also enjoyed the lavender ice cream (vegan). Fabulous. A must if you are in Austin.
  • Photo of Jim T
    2 years ago
    We were here for brunch last Sunday. I had the chicken & waffles and the wife had some type of Thai breakfast soup, with tofu. Both were good. The place itself is kind of funky, in an old South Austin way. Plenty of seating and a dedicated asking lot await.
  • Photo of CanyonJack
    2 years ago
    This is the first time in my life I've had Thai food that I didn't enjoy. I ordered Spicy Glass Noodle Salad with Tempeh. I detected a mild acidity from the lime and a tiny bit of heat but other than that there was very little flavor. My wife ordered Pad Sea Ew on the waitress's advice. While it did have flavor she didn't enjoy it and ate very little. At least we enjoyed the Turmeric Coconut Ice Cream.
  • Photo of afreebing
    2 years ago
    Austin's Thai Fresh Coffee Bar & Restaurant is NOT CLOSED! We ate here for a late afternoon lunch in mid-April 2016. TripAdvisor, please update your information... We 2 decided to try this Austin neighborhood coffeehouse and restaurant after seeing it advertised recently in Austin's EDIBLE magazine, always seeking new restaurants spots that offer vegetarian and/or vegan choices. It's located in the "quirky" Bouldin neighborhood of South Austin. Upon entering, the restaurant appears to be split into two sections ~ one for larger crowds of diners and the other side for laptops, coffees and bakery items. Indoor air temperature seemed pleasant. We were promptly seated in the "coffeehouse section" by a friendly, front-door staff person, who provided us with restaurant menus at our rustic, wooden-slatted table. Our waitress appeared rather quickly, but we had already decided on our order, while passing the time during a previous, medical appointment approx. 1 hour before. My daughter and I settled on ordering 2 dishes to share: the small sized papaya salad for $6 (strings of papaya, dried shrimp pieces, peanuts, green beans & fresh tomato chunks, tossed in lime juice,Thai chilies & fish sauce). And, my 23-year old daughter selected the spicy glass noodle salad (“Yum Woon Sen”) with fried tofu & mushrooms, tomatoes, cilantro pieces, shallots & scallions, which were tossed in a spicy lime dressing and supposedly served warm. Firstly, after "digging into" the papaya salad, I was a bit surprised by its overpowering fish flavor. I did not like it at all. Our waitress was very helpful when I explained my distaste for the "fishy" papaya salad, mentioning she hadn't likes its flavor at first either, but recommended squeezing a large piece of lime over the salad, which she provided. With the lime juice, the salad did taste better but not tasty enough to take the leftover salad home. My daughter's selection of the glass noodle bowl was excellent, absolutely delicious, sharing it between the 2 of us. (I wish I had ordered my own!) Noticing the vegan ice creams, we just had to try a few flavors ... I ordered the mint chocolate chip and my daughter ordered the Rocky Road. Both were delicious ~ I am enjoying vegan ice creams so much more; their flavors are so much "lighter" than the traditional ice creams made with cows' cream and milk. We noticed that there's plenty of outdoor seating areas, too, from wooden tables at the front right to round metal bistro tables and chairs on the left side, surrounded by lush green, tall bamboo plants for a more private setting. There was also an "unexpected" outside, small table, set up for selling young, potted plants to customers.This is really such a nice place, a bit "unassuming" from the outside. But once one enters, there are plenty of options for quiet conversations, free Wi-Fi for laptop business, and special, somewhat unique dining delicacies. We 2 highly recommend this place, off of First Street ~ find it!
  • Photo of Rose6Ranch
    2 years ago
    Thai Food at its best. Just about sums this place up, when we visited it was order at the counter but I understand we can now only order off the menu at the table and this will be a new experience when returning. But now talk Thai Food - you have a great menu, all fresh, Spicy & cooked to perfection. The Thai noodles any way you have them are excellent. The chicken wings to start, noodles to follow and a selection of vegan, gluten free & WAY GOOD deserts........... Go now do not wait eat good Austin
  • Photo of PauletteFey
    2 years ago
    We were immediately struck by how hot it was inside, due to the open cooking area and the lack of air conditioning. The green design theme was restful, but the retro furniture of Goodwill rejects is dirty and spotted - think twice before sitting! The floor under the tables had visible food droppings and the counter tops were sticky. Our dinner chicken platters offered three small minuscule pieces of overcooked, dry chicken (truly not worth eating), a passable noodle dish, tasty chicken wing appetizers and a brownie that produced a smile. The general consensus was that Thai Fresh is a misnomer, as it's actually a vegan bakery, with very little Thai cooking.
  • Photo of CobaltConnection
    2 years ago
    Although the lady taking orders overcharged us by $35, the food and experience was very good. Even after we addressed the issue of overcharge, the girl didn't alter our bill. The kitchen came out to deliver our meals and said that we were overcharged. They then took my Credit card and gave me a credit for the correct amount. The food was very good . Desserts should be outlawed here as they are decadent !!! I will return to give them another try.... Stay tuned.
  • Photo of Don B
    2 years ago
    Best Thai food I've had in a long time. Curries are outstanding - choice of a few different fresh ingredients, all fresh, very tasty. Exactly the right degree of spiciness. Be brave, go for the green curry, it's awesome! Nice setting in an Austin neighborhood. Also a coffee/tea bar. Good mix of customers, great place for anyone of any age.
  • Photo of Lori_J777
    3 years ago
    If you are wanting locally grown and/or organic, look no further. Many gluten free choices. The coconut milk ice cream and desserts are wonderful. My fav entree is the Coconut Vermicelli with grass-fed beef.
  • Photo of Gloria L
    3 years ago
    My daughters took me to this restaurant and I loved the food! I had papaya salad and one of my daughters had a noodle salad that was scrumptious. I cannot wait to return.
  • Photo of JudyG09
    3 years ago
    Like the casual atmosphere, the drunken noodles & the price! Definitely returning for many more entrees!
  • Photo of blaalid
    3 years ago
    I was thrilled to find a restaurant with such delicious gluten-free menu choices. Thai Fresh is a typical funky Austin eatery with informal ambiance, mismatched furniture, and an order at the counter style of service. What is exceptional is the gluten-free food, bakery items, selections of coffee and wine, and free wi-fi.
  • Photo of DeeEll57
    4 years ago
    Extremely great food in a down-home atmosphere, this is veggie Thai food at it's best! Price is moderate and parking in the back, if you can find it- amazing sweets for sale here, as well!
  • Photo of Michelle B
    4 years ago
    We stopped by here to chat outside and enjoy their wide selection of gluten free dessert items. I got a cookies and cream ice cream which if you are GF is a dream come true. I will have to go back to try more of the amazing options.

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