Photo of Sugar Mama's Bakeshop in Austin, TX, US
Photo of Sugar Mama's Bakeshop in Austin, TX, US
Photo of Sugar Mama's Bakeshop in Austin, TX, US
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Sugar Mama's Bakeshop


cakes • baklava • snickerdoodle cookies • red velvet

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  • Photo of Zuchero-10
    5 months ago
    Cute cakes but not so good. Extremely sweet and they use to much icing in everything you can really taste the actual cake... its good if you want to impress somebody with a cool design.
  • Photo of Dawg_Travelers
    5 months ago
    Great little bake shop. We had a decent variety of cupcakes and what I liked was they were not too sweet - even with a ton of frosting. The flavors were unique and the cupcakes were fresh. The workers were friendly and the place was small and clean. All in all a great spot!
  • Photo of Marievaca
    6 months ago
    They have some of the BEST cupcakes I've ever had. It's a cute quirky little place with a lot of pizzazz. The ladies are so very friendly and patient helping to explain all the flavors as this was my fist visit. Won't be my last!!! We had a variety box, all I remember is Marilyn Monroe (vanilla) and something about red velvet, each equally delicious in their own right. If you are looking for something to make you happy on the inside and out, GO HERE NOW!!!!
  • Photo of maxe1lab
    7 months ago
    We had several types of cupcakes ;coconut vanilla and spice, Butterfinger, snickerdoodle, and chocolate they were all great. The icing was a little sweet but they were moist and we ate them the second day and they were still fresh.
  • Photo of Mike E
    8 months ago
    A friend turned me on to this place and now I turn friends on to this place. The cupcakes are over the top delicious, the atmosphere is kind of that Austin weird vibe. It's a wonderful dessert destination of South First street. I lived in that area for 6 yrs take it from me it's all things south Austin about fabulously delicious cupcakes, cakes, cookies, coffee and espresso and much more. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
  • Photo of OnTheRoadAgain-5ofUs
    We weren't hungry enough for dinner, but didn't want to skip coffee and dessert - some locals gave us the tip to try this hidden treasure. Oh my - it was late in the evening, so there was not a full selection of cupcakes or desserts, but we still got some of the best I have ever can't go wrong here. Try the wedding cookies, too! Coffee was perfect and the waitress was a true joy!
  • Photo of cbellhr
    9 months ago
    Quick stop after eating BBQ. The cupcake I had was good, Marilyn Monroe, which was vanilla frosting and vanilla cake. Cupcake overall was good, but cake part was very dense almost to the point of cornbread. That kind of surprised me. Frosting was good, but I felt like the ratio to frosting and cake was a bit off. Would have liked more frosting.
  • Photo of John B
    10 months ago
    We stopped by Sugar Mama's for a quick snack and were thrilled by the quality - and reasonable prices - of the cookies and cupcakes. The cookies are just $2 a piece with the icing molasses and salted caramel snickerdoodle being two of the best. The Back 2 School cupcake was also great - it's like a hostess Ding Dong with cream in the middle. There's one small table inside to enjoy your treats as well as a small store selling unique Austin gifts.
  • Photo of Steve D
    10 months ago
    This was my first visit to Sugar Mama's. I ordered a Salted Caramel Snickerdoodle cookie. It was large, soft, and delicious!! They also have cupcakes and cakes. A good place for a tasty, sweet treat.
  • Photo of Ron M
    a year ago
    We were on our way to see a play and had about an hour till it started. What better way than to have a sweet treat! The shop is a bright, friendly, clean place with courteous staff. We were greeted by Annie and she explained what she had in her display case. Since it was our first time there, she was nice enough to offer a Candy Apple cupcake to try out. It was delicious! We decided to order the James Brown, Marilyn Monroe, and the Churchill (two with chocolate cupcakes and one with a vanilla cupcake). All had sweet buttercream icing. This is a definite go-to place when in town. Looking forward to visiting again.
  • Photo of Holly O
    a year ago
    We were on the precipice of having one of those snippy arguments you get into when you're on your honeymoon and your new husband parks in a handicap spot without realizing it, and you were reading about a presidential candidate's most recent bombastic remarks on your phone so you weren't paying attention, and then you got a $500 parking ticket. So I needed some chocolate. We went in here and ordered a bourbon pecan bar*, a baklava cupcake, and a mini strawberry cheesecake. The pecan bar was A+. The baklava cupcake frosting was good but very thick. Did taste like baklava. B+. The strawberry cheesecake was a little dry, but good flavor. A-. I also wish they had more drink options. I was hankering for iced tea. Overall, it did prevent our first marital argument. Would go again. * Another close call on the argument when new husband said "pea-can" instead of "pih-cahn", but he caught himself and corrected it. Whew.
  • Photo of JLRno1
    a year ago
    Oh my goodness! Cupcakes are their specialty with so many choices, but something for everyone. They even had the best snickerdoodle cookies I have every had! They offer gluten free, vegan and chocolate lovers options. Staff was friendly and helpful. There is a small area for seating with water available for you, which you need once you taste the richness of your selection. Finding the location and then parking is an adventure and be really careful when pulling to the rear to park - big enough for one car only.
  • Photo of pcsanity
    a year ago
    Overall not impressed. I ordered four cupcakes. Everyone felt that the frosting g was lacking flavor and was way too sweet. Also two of the cupcakes seemed dry and overcooked. For the prices, I would expect a more enjoyable product. Maybe it was just an off day for them, but I won't be back to try.
  • Photo of Vera L
    a year ago
    I picked up 4 different flavors. The staff at bakery was really nice, my only complain was the parking--tiny space behind the building. Before I comment on the cupcakes, let me mention that I grew up in Europe and it takes a lot to impress me in the USA when it comes to deserts, especially because American bakers tend to put too much sugar in most deserts served here. So, if you grew up in the USA, you may want to take this review with a grain of salt. ;) Peppermint Patty--good and moist (not too sweet) cupcake, but the frosting was so sweet, that it was almost inedible. The same goes for Harlow Honey Baklava; I enjoyed the cake but the frosting ruined it. James Brown--I got this one for my husband (former American chef). His comments: it was good but tasted just like a chocolate cup cake, nothing special. He was surprised that the cupcakes can actually sell for $3.25. Odd Couple--to me the only "edible" cupcake of the bunch. Still too sweet for my taste, but I was able to finish it. But I did not get the promised "salty caramel" taste. Final verdict: if you like very (I mean very) sweet deserts, you may like the cupcakes. If you experienced European pastry and deserts, you will not. This is way too sweet even for American deserts. At any rate, the cupcakes are overpriced. I noticed that some reviewers made comments about not being provided any utensils, which is crazy. I would not be able to eat these cupcakes without a fork or spoon.
  • Photo of TreeHugger2014
    2 years ago
    I asked them to hook me up with their most decadent chocolate. They gave me a "James Brown" cupcake. The chocolate swirl on the top was reminiscent of Brown's hair. This hit the moist, over the top chocolate button. There is limited seating at the First Street location, but it's good enough to make some effort to get it.
  • Photo of Lisa B
    2 years ago
    My family and I were visiting friends in Austin over Easter weekend. We are from out of town and offered to bring dessert for our Easter dinner and decided to pick up a dozen cupcakes from Sugar Mama's on Saturday. The bakery is great, has an awesome vibe, and the employees were very helpful. We all chose our cupcakes on Sunday after dinner (which was hard to do because they all looked SO good!) and when my husband bit into his Hummingbird cupcake he noticed a HAIR sticking out of the cupcake. He tried to pull it out nonchalantly, but it was so long and dark that it soon caught all of our attention. The first few bites were very delicious and we would have loved to give this shop a 5 star rating because it has everything going for it, but unfortunately it's hard to overlook something like that. I'm sure this isn't a regular occurrence and we were just unlucky.
  • Photo of Musicl0ver22
    2 years ago
    These cupcakes are moist, flavorful and will keep you wanting more! Luckily this little gem is right down the street from us. Every time we have guests visit Austin we take them here and they always want us to bring them back for more. Don't waste your time at other cupcake shops, this is the best you'll find in Austin!
  • Photo of Friendly_Renee
    2 years ago
    This little place is unassuming but packs a big punch on delicious cupcakes. I've been two times ... got a caramel apple cupcake the first time and a lemon cupcake the 2nd time. Both had really great flavor. Anyone who likes unique flavors and homemade taste should go to Sugar Mamas
  • Photo of MrsLtraveler
    2 years ago
    I read that they won an award on the Food Network... so we had to check it out. Their cupcakes were the ONLY time in Austin that we were disappointed with the food. My husband got a Mud Pie and I got an Elvis. I can make better cupcakes, so I don't understand. Don't go here. It is a waste of your time.
  • Photo of Shawn M
    2 years ago
    Cute little store in a nice location. Helpful staff, though we were told we got a triple berry but it ended up being Pumpkin chocolate chip that was absolutely delicious! Got a dozen mixed that included a pretzel topped (oh Yum), cookie dough, red velvet, chocolate and more. Loved the chocolate one and the pretzel one! So good. We also got a lemon bar which was tasty. That being said, had we not had a groupon we wouldn't have bought so much. Pretty pricey--over $3 each.

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