Photo of Madras Pavilion in Austin, TX, US
Photo of Madras Pavilion in Austin, TX, US
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Madras Pavilion

Indian Restaurant

sambar • fried cauliflower • indian restaurant • vegetarian food

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  • Photo of wordphoto
    6 months ago
    First time visit turned out to be "all you can eat dosas night." Dosas are like crispy crepes and on this occasion the restaurant was making 15 varieties. Extremely pleasant staff made the meal all the better. A buffet was included with the dosas. We plan on returning soon.
  • Photo of imhansag
    a year ago
    We catered Wedding Reception Food from Madras Pavilion. Test of food was no problem but service and quantity was a real issue. Before half the crowd gets their plate, they ran out of half the Menu items. They tried refilling by bringing little more but did not cut it. Our event was a grant success from every aspect; however the last event got ruined by food quantity. This people do not know customer service. Not capable of handling or managing large crowd. On multiple occasions before and after, was short on food. They can ruin your special event, be careful.
  • Photo of Susan J
    a year ago
    I ordered the dosa and the paneer masala, and my friend ordered the onion hot chili uthappam. The service was not terrible, but was noticeably absent. It took close to 15 minutes to get someone to stop by our table and take our order. The paneer masala was very good, and dosa was also good though enormous. I also really liked that we were given a full pitcher of water, as I usually drink a ton of water with my meal. The sauces that came along with the meals were not great, and the rice that we were given was a very small portion. All in all, I would go back for the paneer masala if the service was better.
  • Photo of Doctor_Possum
    a year ago
    I lived and worked in the State of Kerala and other Southern States for 16 years, so this food is like a homecoming for me. First, dismiss how you think Indian food should taste. In the US, the Northern style is prevalent with strong, pungent flavors. Southern food is different; it's delicate, more subtly spiced, usually hotter and coconut milk is used frequently. Go at lunch for the buffet as it's the best bargain and you'll get to sample food representative of different States. It's all vegetarian but meat-eaters, you won't miss the meat. If you think that vegetarian food is lacking in flavor, Madras Pavilion will change your mind. For all of its positives, there are a few negatives. Service can be spotty but it's always cordial. I love chai, it's one of my favorite drinks. Here, unfortunately, I cannot recommend it. In India, it's made by boiling the tea, spices, milk and sugar together; here the sugar is left out, which makes a huge difference. But don't let those few thing dissuade you from going to Madras Pavilion. If you've never tried Southern Indian cuisine, this is a really good place to start.
  • Photo of SVG108
    2 years ago
    You'd think their Dosais are crispy-- NOT! You'd think the stuffing would make up for it?-- Not. The sambhar served was barely lukewarm. The staff that greeted us went and sat somewhere in a remote corner and never enquired once if we needed anything-- not even napkins or water refills. On a Friday night, there was not a single soul other than us.
  • Photo of Heather S
    2 years ago
    Food was delicious and definitely worth the price for the amount of food that I got. Service was friendly and rather quick.
  • Photo of RWG7777
    2 years ago
    I've honestly never eaten at the restaurant but their takeout is very tasty. My only complaint is the plastic wrap that they place on the takeout dishes makes it very difficult access. Their Sag Paneer however is well worth the wait, and their Garlic Naan is the best in town (even with delivery time factored in).
  • Photo of Gina V
    2 years ago
    We tried some new dishes at this Indian restaurant and thought they were pretty tasty, if a little spicy. This is the first Indian restaurant I have been to where they did not ask our preferred spice level. It is a completely vegetarian restaurant, so the whole menu is there for your choosing. We selected some new dishes for us - Manchurian spiced fried cauliflower, Hyderabadi eggplant, and a plaintain/green onion patty. The latter tasted like a knish, which was a surprise indeed. No tablecloths, not much atmosphere, good service.
  • Photo of Judy M
    3 years ago
    We went to this restaurant because we were helping our daughter during a move to Austin and wanted to introduce her and her new roommates to south Indian cuisine. since our guests did not know what to order, we thought it would be nice to order the Chef's dinner so everyone could try a variety of dishes. Well, first the waiter told us that we had made it easy for him and then proceeded to ignore us. They brought drink menus after we ordered and then never came back for our order. they left us with a partially filled water pitcher and then didn't refill it. They didnt bring us dessert that was supposed to be included. Then when we asked for the check, it took 20 minutes to bring it to us and they still did not bring dessert. it might be fine for a buffet lunch where service is not necessary but I wouldn't recommend it for dinner.
  • Photo of Rucha B
    3 years ago
    The doses are wonderful. The chutneys and sambhar are tasty. We especially loved their spring dosa. Their lunch buffet is fantastic if you like South Indian food.north Indian dishes are not their speciality.
  • Photo of Nagajyothi N
    3 years ago
    Buffet is really good.. Specially the different types of dosas and other types starters and Pongal is really good
  • Photo of tarajog
    3 years ago
    Previously it was nice but now spoiled a lot in food taste, ambiance and service. Some time even stale food is served. No Indian spicy taste at all
  • Photo of Naya245
    3 years ago
    We are visiting Austin and so rely on reviews for our next place to eat. We went to this resto as it's got 4 star reviews. But we were so disappointed. We came for dinner and ordered meal for 2. The soup was horrible like it's chalky/ reheat and served us stale toppings. The curries were a joke. My hubby who's from India (im not) said my experimental cooking is better than the food there. Service was also poor with the servers chit-chatting in the kitchen while we waited for the plates that we requested. This place is overrated.
  • Photo of Unni2006
    3 years ago
    Good Parking space for vehicles near the Plaza adjacent to the flyover and the highway . All varieties of South Indian Food including thali or buffet is available as bundled package .if one would like to have masala Dosa , vada , pongal etc , the same is available . Ample seating arrangement is available . LED TV available and it is nice to see that the Indian Programs are played . The rates are reasonable and taste is pretty good . The service is fast . Recommended .
  • Photo of Counterweight
    3 years ago
    I recently had dinner here with family and friends, we had several vegetarians in our group so we decided to visit Madras Pavilion. I was happy when we entered to see cricket on TV, and the rest of the restaurant was clean, spacious and inviting. Our server was very friendly, patient and helpful with suggestions for our group. The food came out as it was ready, that made it a bit hard for us all to wait until everyone had been served to start eating...but if you dine "family style" it's great, as everyone can sample a bit of everything as it comes out. My kids didn't love the "Indian pizza", but they did love the naan. I had a dosa, it was huge and tasty. We also tried the thali, and we agreed it too was pretty good. All in all, we had a pleasant experience, and found the food to be good if not great.
  • Photo of CP M
    3 years ago
    This is pure vegetarian restaurants so you don't have to ask which dishes have meat it in. Lots of choices (north indian/south indian) but south indian stuff is good (e.g. Dosai, Idli etc.).
  • Photo of Foodlover4sure
    3 years ago
    We visited this place when we went to Austin. We were really homesick and this restaurant just answered our woes. We had a yummy South Indian meal and loved it. Being Travelers from India, we weren't too sure of the taste, flavours but this place proved us wrong. Visit this place for some good and authentic Indian cuisine. The ambiance seemed fine
  • Photo of NitinGaur
    3 years ago
    Simply Terrible! We went for dinner, and I went after almost 8 years and I should not have ventured into it. The place is such a mess and Gives Indians a bad name, Food should be a experience, the food - Dinner was just terrible, and not even reflect rich heritage and variety of Indian food South India has to offer. Dosa's were cold, Idli was hard and smelling of Soda ( that leavens it), Kulfi and dessert was just worst --- I do not think an Indian Pet would eat it....... I am just disappointed, that the restaurant owners hire random people and do not invest into the business....neither the food/experience nor the ambiance... so it may server cheap food on lunch buffet--but certainly not reflective of Rich Indian Cuisine... and I will never ..never...never go there even if they offer me free meals.
  • Photo of srini_r71
    3 years ago
    I went to this hotel on sep 1st and seeing a pure veg restaurant in this part of US was very rare. The lunch buffet was very good an I loved their rava masala dosa. The service was very courteous and the ambience was also really good. overall, it was a very good experience.
  • Photo of Atul C
    4 years ago
    This is a good restaurant where I went atleast once every week for lunch or dinner. The service was great and you can order any variety of dosa during lunch along with your buffet and they will make it for you. The prices are reasonable and nice atmosphere.

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