Photo of Jo's Coffee in Austin, TX, US
Photo of Jo's Coffee in Austin, TX, US
Photo of Jo's Coffee in Austin, TX, US
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Jo's Coffee

American Restaurant

Jo's Coffee24
breakfast tacos • sandwich • fries • salads

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  • Photo of Austin Chronicle
    3 years ago
    Counter service and pushed-back weekend hours are friendly to both early birds and hungover souls, though seating inside or on the patio can be limited during peak hours.
  • Photo of Raja H
    4 years ago
    Jacob and I had an awesome breakfast here
  • Photo of tag302
    2 months ago
    Excellent place for breakfast downtown. It has the feel of an old diner. The atmosphere is very casual and relaxed. The staff was friendly. The breakfast was excellent it quality, preparation and taste.
  • Photo of Tirzah D
    2 months ago
    My boyfriend and I really loved the food we got here. I got some of the breakfast tacos that were very delicious. Just take note that this isn't the Jo's coffee that has the cute mural on the side. We looked it up on Google maps and obviously picked the wrong one!
  • Photo of Joelshungrydaddy
    3 months ago
    Had breakfast here, it's busy and packed out for reason. Staff were good and the place is clean. I've never had a migas taco before but it was awesome, I wish I had got another one tbh. The hot salsa is really good as well. The coffee was good for me and to be fair it has to with so many other outlets around the area. Some good options if you want a lighter breakfast as well.
  • Photo of jc4002013
    4 months ago
    Had seen the reviews and was not disappointed- wanted a local good breakfast to beat the normal hotel style in close proximity. Very friendly and efficient staff in a busy jostling restaurant - my son had pancakes no surprise and he loved them - I had the mijas and would really recommend - good food and service at a reasonable price
  • Photo of sergiol279
    4 months ago
    We came here because it's dog friendly, that was about it. The staff, for the exception of the guy that took my order, seemed grumpy and unwelcoming. We ordered the picadillo breakfast tacos and the migas tacos. The picadillo tacos were a little on the greasy side. The migas was delicious, not greasy at all. Overall, this place seems to be a local favorite. Second street is known for it's dog friendly atmosphere. The food was ok, the staff needs to work on customer appreciation.
  • Photo of Jet_Vol
    4 months ago
    Went here several times to get coffee while I was in Austin for work. Great coffee compared to Starbucks type coffee places and a nice place to hang out
  • Photo of muskydawn
    4 months ago
    On a very hot day we decided to pop in for a cool refreshing drink. We had not visited before so took a while studying the menu but were not offered any suggestions from the staff member, in fact he showed very little interest at all. We ended up just choosing drinks and hoping for the best and to be fair the drinks were very refreshing sat at a table outside. I had hoped for cake but the options were very limited and tasted average.
  • Photo of Kayla K
    4 months ago
    The turbo is a must! Also, crushed ice seems to be a thing in Austin so on a nice hot summer day this is the place to go.
  • Photo of TravellingDutchie
    5 months ago
    Just a quick visit for some cold brew coffees and pastries. Overall pretty good, but nothing special. The burgers looked good, but we were just not hungry yet.
  • Photo of piphiangel80
    6 months ago
    I love visiting local coffee shops when I travel so instead of opting for Starbucks, I ventured a block or two down to explore the local options. I ordered a latte and breakfast tacos which were all ok, but I have not returned. I decided to try some of the other options hoping for a more tasty, unique experience.
  • Photo of HelenChenTX
    7 months ago
    Get the TURBO, you'll thank me later. =) Great for coffee and the food is delicious. Loaded fries comes with a whole avocado on top. Can we talk about awesome?!?! Service is great and such a convenient location.
  • Photo of Dave H
    7 months ago
    Located on shady and sophisticated West 2nd Street, Jo's is the kind of place that you stumble upon when you see a line of people out the door. Don't let the line scare you away. Inside they are taking orders to stay or take-away. This is more than a coffee shop. It's good for breakfast and has great hamburgers. I've eaten here for both meals and I can attest that the Mushroom Melt is an excellent hamburger. When you come here you order, get a number and take a seat and then their generally tattooed staff bring your food to you. It's relatively cool and efficient. Don't come here looking for a ton of personality. I like this place, it's in my neighborhood and when I don't want to go farther afield for breakfast, it's a great place if you are staying at the W or somewhere else downtown.
  • Photo of Melissa H
    7 months ago
    I assumed we were going to just another coffee shops but Jo's is impressive. Offering a walk up order option with outdoor dining and indoor seating as well. The coffee is smooth and the offer many milk options including almond and coconut. The breakfast tacos are wonderful. They made chocolate chip pancakes for my daughter that were enormous for a little girl but easy to share. We loved Jo's so much we bought souvenirs including one for our dog. Love this place
  • Photo of Jeramy J
    7 months ago
    Everything was impressive from the healthy egg whites to the pancakes and oats! Coffee selection also was top notch!
  • Photo of teddymalice
    8 months ago
    This wasn't my experience, but observing while I dine. A young couple walked in, ordered and thirty minutes passes with other newcomers ordering and leaving. They went to the front counter and seems like they asked about their food and a refund. They had badges, I can only assume they were on a lunch break. The cashier seemed to avoid the situation and ran back and forth trying to look busy. The cashier avoided them until the order came up(6minutes later). This isn't reflected of the food, but for the service I observed being given.
  • Photo of adalbert3
    10 months ago
    The perfect place to get a great breakfast taco. The food is reasonably priced, the tacos are great, you can eat there or get them to go, it has a wonderful location for those that are downtown and the folks are nice. I doubt you will be disappointed.
  • Photo of T C
    10 months ago
    The coffee was brewed strong like I like it but I got a regular iced coffee (was still warm outside regardless of wind and time of year). I put some creamer and cinnamon (next time I don't want cinnamon in iced coffee it just clumps up, bad decision on my part) Now I wanted a snack... and fries sounded good. If you go here GET THE FRIES! Home made delicious and big order considering how cheap they were! Sorry I didn't take a picture of the fries because as they got to the table... the just disappeared... (in my tummy).
  • Photo of LSommer12
    a year ago
    Great place to grab breakfast. I had a coffee and blueberry muffin and my husband had a breakfast taco and some home fries. All were delicious!
  • Photo of ronena914
    a year ago
    Good food - eggs, breakfast tacos, pancakes and good coffee. A solid way to start the day and at a fair price.
  • Photo of mplafferty
    a year ago
    Good burgers. They are gigantic and probably enough for two people. No wait service. Clean up after yourself. Friendly folks.

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