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Buzz Mill Coffee

Coffee Shop

Buzz Mill Coffee34.5
philly cheesesteak • on tap • great coffee • food trucks

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  • Photo of Jennifer Watts
    9 months ago
    Coffee Shiloh w food
  • Photo of Hotel Indigo
    2 years ago
    24-hour shops with serious coffee programs are a rarity these days, but thankfully the lights at Buzz Mill never go out. The vibes are lumbersexual thanks to lots of reclaimed wood, draft beer, and a solid selection of infused liquors, but one of the biggest reasons to visit is all the food trailers cranking out legit barbecue and cheesesteaks. Bonus points for carrying Ken’s samosas.
  • Photo of Lynn Cage
    3 years ago
    Neat place, great coffee
  • Photo of jon w
    9 months ago
    All I can say is, I grew up in the espresso, craft brewery explosion in Seattle in the 80s and 90s and felt very at home. After landing in Austin early evening, I hit the map app for espresso and the Buzz Mill showed up. Off we went. Food truck at the entrance, band setting up, people partying, drinking local beer as well has hand mixed infused spirits; and then an espresso bar. A big rough, tough looking Texan dude with a beard asks me what I want. I asked for a double espresso. He said Ethiopian or columbian central american blend in a tough voice. At that moment I knew I was safe. I went for the less earthy south/central american blend. Just fantastic espresso; and my wife had a killer latte type drink complete with a design on top. My six year old daughter ordered a cold hot chocolate. She got a weird look but I guess you can't judge a book by its cover! The dude that looks like he just got out of prison makes great coffee and does it with pride. I love this place!
  • Photo of Stephen C
    a year ago
    The coffee and latte's are great but the Cold Brew was the best I have ever had. All the jolt and NO BITTER TASTE ! The cinnamon buns are rich and luxorious.
  • Photo of Charles M
    2 years ago
    Our son took us to his favorite hangout. If you want great coffee, if you like a great selection of craft beers, if you want an unique selection of liquors I would highly recommend Buzz Mill. The outdoor seating areas offer secluded or group seating. I'll definitely go back next visit to Austin.
  • Photo of PITTparent
    2 years ago
    In Austin for 10 days to visit my 26 year old son. He said we had to try the Buzz Mill. Since we like coffee and beer it was a no brainer. A coffee shop that serves coffee and beer and is open 24 hours a day, can't beat that! Lots of room with a huge patio, many power outlets if you have to charge your equipment. I tried some coffee and beer and it was good. This is not your ordinary coffee shop. Food trucks parked out back, off the patio, friendly service and even a Bloody Mary bar. Simple, with lots of wood, somewhat rustic. Hey, did I mention you can coffee 24 hours a day!
  • Photo of konikowski
    2 years ago
    Me my buddy and sandy went here yesterday it was a scorcher out here in Austin. Sandy had the Ufo beer which was on tap the servers are hipsters and very professional very nice. It has a very cool library with a sighn that says quiet talking pls. Outdoors is a nice live music venue wood deck and a philly cheesteak truck in back. Smoking outside is permitted. Lots of people with beards and very laid back for sure. I did not drink any coffee or beer on this visit i had a water it was just too hot out. The bartender was very nice and professional. to all my 45.000 reviewers this place is very cool check it out. Greg K
  • Photo of goose3nbc
    2 years ago
    Buzz Mill was recommended to my husband and I (first-time Austin visitors) at the end of a Rocket Electrics bike tour. Oh, tour guide Louie - you guided us well. We were delighted to find that Buzz Mill serves coffee AND alcohol, and features an indoor seating area marked "Library Rules." Which was spelled out as no loud talking, no music without headphones, etc. I love the premise. We ended up sitting outside to enjoy the beautiful night. The seating area is somehow both big and cozy. We sat by the fire and socialized with a friendly Great Dane. If we lived in Austin we'd visit this place weekly. Go here.
  • Photo of kblackstock718
    2 years ago
    This place was great, only craft beers, liquor and coffee. Open 24 hours, in the morning they make egg and potato burritos for 2.00. Otherwise they have food trucks, and the best Philly cheese steak I have had in many years. Guys running the joint are hipsters, super nice and helpful.
  • Photo of Kimberly F
    3 years ago
    if the baristas weren't such jerks to us when we went in. Joking sarcastic comments are o.k. Looking at us like we are peons and eye rolling are not. Overall I feel like it is a great coffee shop. They have a good selection of teas and coffes and they were prepared well. They make their own liquor and have a cool section in the back with a variety of concotions. WiFi was sub par with a pretty crappy connection.
  • Photo of ndmny
    4 years ago
    East Austin continues to conjure up nostalgic memories of what Austin used to be. Buzz Mill has so much to offer. Perfectly located near the new Board Walk on Town Lake, Buzz Mill gives you that local lodge feeling. It is open all the time, has the smell of wood and bbq, and has a stuffed bear and beaver inside. What more could you want in a place that serves you comfort food and drink, and a great cup of java? Go already before it isn't cool anymore.
  • Photo of JohnSturtevant
    4 years ago
    This is a great place for an early morning coffee or a late night beer with pals. Cool music. Friendly staff. Excellent beers in bottles and on tap. Plus an intriguing assortment of infused gin, vodka, and tequila. And, the food truck Blue Ox - the best BBQ in the USA - is right outside on the patio.
  • Photo of pensfan58
    4 years ago
    Weird collection of coffee shop, craft beers, infused whiskey's and bar-b-que out back (Blue Ox) along with posters for music at night. Looks like a small stage out back with some table and benches. The selection of beers was great. Some not quite the middle of the road craft beers, keeping it interesting. The infused whiskey's were also pretty cool. We tasted a few really interesting ones. Definitely a great find away from the South Congress and Sixth Street crowd.
  • Photo of Courtney A
    5 years ago
    I loved this place! The atmosphere is amazing they have a patio with lots of games like skiiball and giant Janga. They also have a place for live music outside although they didn't have anyone playing while we were there. The best part for me was that I could have great coffee in the middle of the night while my friends drank beer. If you are going to Austin I definitely recommend going here.

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