Photo of Mount Rushmore National Memorial in Keystone, SD, US
Photo of Mount Rushmore National Memorial in Keystone, SD, US
Photo of Mount Rushmore National Memorial in Keystone, SD, US
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Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Monument / Landmark

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  • Photo of Cavan R
    4 months ago
    We were well aware of the place this site has in the hearts and minds of Americans, but we wondered whether anything much would be communicated to we Brits. We need not have worried, we had a thoroughly satisfactory visit. The first and pleasant surprise was that there was no entry fee, just a small carpark fee, and since the parking was under cover and the temperature was in the 90's we were very impressed with that. The whole complex has been impressively designed and beautifully presented to visitors. Everything was high quality and we were much impressed by the museum and films giving a lot of information about the construction of the monument. As with many visitors we were a little surprised to realise that the heads are not as large and overwhelming as we had expected, but nevertheless they are commanding. In particular we would recommend that you go on the walking trail along the cliff face beneath the heads - good views "close up" of the heads and good information boards - just be warned that there are a lot of steps! All the general facilities were well presented and of a generous size. Also generously sized was our ice cream. We had balked at the price of $3-50 for a single scoop but when we found that the resulting ice cream was the size of Lincoln's head - and delicious - we stopped complaining! All very satisfactory.
  • Photo of MKtravelers19
    4 months ago
    We did the evening program and the next morning went back to see it in daylight. If you can...go in the evening. So patriotic and moving. Well done and happy to be there with fellow Americans and enjoying the celebration. It cost $10 to park but it is good for a year. Daylight was another wonderful experience. Seeing the 4 presidents with the sunshine on them was spectacular. Everyone should go!
  • Photo of Mike P
    4 months ago
    Yes, it is a little out of the way, but the scenery around it is beautiful so it's worth the drive. As you approach you get a glimpse of the memorial, it's definitely worth paying the $10 to get in though, especially as you can keep going back all year. There is plenty of parking, cafes and toilets. The visitor centre and everything all looks very modern and the carving itself is mind blowing, such amazing detail. You get a great view as you walk towards it but if you want a slightly different perspective you can take the presidents trail (I think this is what it's called) which kind of loops round underneath it. For another view, when you leave there is a lay by that gives you a side profile of Washington. One of my favourite parts of our trip.
  • Photo of Blondie9203
    4 months ago
    This was on my places to visit it was so worth it. It was quiet since kids were in school. The drive up to the monument was gorgeous.
  • Photo of Beth  C
    4 months ago
    Pretty impressive. A lovely stroll to see the Presidents. Easy access to beautiful scenery. A bucket list must do. Then off to Crazy Horse.
  • Photo of Jack M
    4 months ago
    Stopped in for a visit a few months back. The monument is, shall we say: unique. I'm happy I got the chance to view it in person at least once, though I want go again and its hard to find much more to say about it.
  • Photo of Ernest M
    4 months ago
    Many people have seen pictures, but when you approach the Grand Viewing area - AWESOME! You will learn the sculptors life story and why he chose the 4 Presidents for Mt. Rushmore. Great visitors center with lots of history. Go to see the 8 pm lighting of the memorial. Veterans and active military are asked to come on stage for a flag lowering ceremony. Proud to be an American.
  • Photo of GATraveller60898
    4 months ago
    The quality of the workmanship on such a large and inspring memorial was exxcellent. The memorial is easily found and parking is plentiful. Well-maintained and extremely clean. Nice presentations by rangers. Trails took you close and provided good photo ops. Most of area has very good accessability, although the Presidential Trail does become a bit strenous, with many steps, about half way. Definitely a good family visit.
  • Photo of luvlife0
    4 months ago
    The carvings themselves are awesome but the history lesson that is included in the museum was fascinating. Devils Tower, Crazy Horse Monument, and the iowa Corn Palace are nearby attractions not to be missed
  • Photo of MAOSyracuse_NY
    4 months ago
    Beautiful, well maintained park. The museum is very informative and highlights what an amazing accomplishment this sculpture is.
  • Photo of turgonuk
    4 months ago
    The mountain faces mainly east, so the sun rise hits them and changes the colors several times. Check out when the sun rises at the time of your visit and get there just before. If it's in mid summer, you'll be almost on your own! Plus you'll likely miss paying any car park fee :)
  • Photo of radx4
    4 months ago
    Obviously, Mt. Rushmore is an impressive work of art, and everyone should see it at least once in their life. We had a great time visiting the monument. You are treated to a view of the mountain as you approach from the east. You can even see it from the parking lot. But the best view is right in the main entry plaza. This provides an ideal angle for photographs while being close enough to observe some of the sculpture detail. We did walk around the Presidential Trail. Although the signs warn of it being strenuous, it was not a difficult walk at all. It was neat to get a bit closer to the monument, but the view wasn't any better (you end up looking up their noses). Still, if you are able to do so, I would recommend walking around, taking in all the sights, and visiting the exhibits in the buildings. Don't forget that there is a nice visitor center with a couple (somewhat outdated) films. It's under the main plaza, and you have to walk into the amphitheater to get to it.
  • Photo of MVPinBoynton
    5 months ago
    Mt. Rushmore has been on my bucket list way too long, so I was glad to finally see it in person. It was even more impressive than I expected. Just a beautiful place and great facility for viewing the mountain and evening illumination ceremony.
  • Photo of PhyllisK392
    5 months ago
    We've all seen pictures of this mountain, but its nothing until you see it in person. You can't get too close to it, but its fabulous from the viewing areas. We went to an evening lighting ceremony and saw a short film explaining how it was created. Then we went during the day to see it in the sunlight. Gorgeous! Well worth the visit. The gift shop(s) are priced for the traffic, but not crazy.
  • Photo of Malcolm H
    5 months ago
    Although smaller than I had imagined, it was nevertheless very impressive with plenty of facilities - including delicious buffalo stew.
  • Photo of Tom F
    5 months ago
    Spent entire day here and enjoyed everything there was to see. Night show is well worth staying for, very patriotic. The paths are very well maintained and have ample resting areas for us older people. The only issue we had was the food, bison burgers were very dry.
  • Photo of swagner69-2017
    5 months ago
    We went to Mount Rushmore as part of a bus tour and spent about 3 hours enjoying the view and the other memorabilia on display. Very nice gift shop also on site.
  • Photo of Walter R
    5 months ago
    Incredible sight and hard to believe that all four we’re finished in less than 10 years (1930’s, 1940’s)
  • Photo of ex-Xeroid
    5 months ago
    This national park is among our favorites. It has been over fifty years since we visited last. In fact, it was about the time the movie 'North By Northwest' was filmed here. Early in the morning as we sat in the large amphitheater, and a group of young Mexican performers lined up alongside us - equally awed by this great sculpture. They were unannounced and unexpected. They were all decked out in their costumes and eager to put on the show of shows for us. All of this, a perfectly cloudless dark blue sky, the American flag flying in glory, and this Mexican musical troop of nearly one hundred made this a very memorable experience. The Visitor Center is immaculate. The trail up to the mountain is moderately easy to difficult in some spots, but a can do. There was a portion of the trail that was closed making the end a little longer than expected. This is a most do.
  • Photo of megh2759
    5 months ago
    I really enjoyed the monument and the evening ceremony. Shop prices were beyond ridiculous. Trails were well kept and thankfully uncrowded in the early morning hours. Staff at the visitor area when you first enter were totally bored, rude and couldn't be bothered to even offer the one small brochure that's free of charge. Thankfully the evening ceremony was well presented, interesting and left me feeling the presenter actually cared about the history behind the monument.

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