Photo of Crazy Horse Memorial in Crazy Horse, SD, US
Photo of Crazy Horse Memorial in Crazy Horse, SD, US
Photo of Crazy Horse Memorial in Crazy Horse, SD, US
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Crazy Horse Memorial

Monument / Landmark

bus ride • laser light show • private donations • mount rushmore

12151 Avenue Of The Chiefs
Crazy Horse, SD 57730, US
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  • Photo of Bob T
    3 months ago
    doesn't seem like a lot happening. Sturgis 2006 and did the whole Crazy Horse thing. Entry fee was steep for two on a bike but good money for the project. Hundreds of bikes going in with us. In the years since then, not a lot of progress and better to just pull over and see it from the highway.
  • Photo of knitgusknit
    3 months ago
    Very impressive! The monument is still in progress. Wish I could be there when it is done. Learn why Crazy Horse was chosen for this monument - great story. The visitor center appears to be relatively new. Very well done. Food is diner-style food - ok, but not great. Make sure you stop here and allow 1-2 hours plus more if you want the bus trip to the top.
  • Photo of Robert M
    3 months ago
    Was kind of shocked that the price of admission only got you into the visitor center & not up to the actual monument. That is another $4 per person on a bus ride. Our bus driver was very good. We had the last one on Saturday. He was very knowledgeable. That was the highlight. We didn't spend much time in the visitor center as it was the monument we came to see. Very close to Mt Rushmore & both can be seen in the same day.
  • Photo of bbqkeith48
    3 months ago
    After a little more than five years we stopped again. Some very slight differences. Wife and daughter took the Bus tour this time. They really both enjoyed it. We took a leisurely stroll through the grounds and buildings. We exchanged ticket for a return pass to come back in the evening and watch the Legends In Light Laser show. If you don't do anything else you have to see this display and the show at night. Absolutely incredible. It was our first time to see the night show.
  • Photo of grace91859
    3 months ago
    The park is amazing. not a piece of garbage on the ground. everyone is very lay back and always ready to help. very educational. We loved it. Make sure you stay for the Indian dance and make sure you take the bus to the top of Crazy Horse.
  • Photo of Kerri C
    3 months ago
    Crazy Horse is to native people as Mount Rushmore is to the presidents. It was started almost 70 years ago by one family and it will not be done for another 50 years. It is funded only by donations. It has a nice visitor center that tills the story of the Dakota tribes as well as the story of the family who built Crazy Horse. They had a native women and her husband and children teaching native culture and dances. we even got to dance with them. The Laughing Water Restaurant is on site, it is simple and not the greatest, but worth going to if you want to stay for the nightly lazier show. The lazier show, at dark, is worth staying for. Lazier set to music and narrated tell the story of Crazy Horse, the Dakota, and the building of the monument.
  • Photo of Paul G
    3 months ago
    I read some of the more recent terrible reviews prior to visiting and everyone of them focused on the dollar amount and the seeming lack of progress. I found the cost to be quite reasonable as I had done my homework on cost and progress prior to my visit. It would seem to me that if one does their homework, the reason for a terrible review would not be necessary since they would choose not to visit. On to the review. This is an ongoing tribute, not only to The Man ( Crazy Horse ) but also to The nation that produced such an outstanding WARRIOR AND MAN. Take your time, read the exploits and see the artifacts and marvel at a culture that is old, proud and progressive.
  • Photo of Matt S
    3 months ago
    Really why bother. Spend your time at Mt Rushmore and Custer State Park. I knew that it wasn't completed and probably won't be for another 100 years. Hey I will come back when its done. Always was told if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything. Do not lie but say something nice. The bathrooms were clean. Enough said. DO NOT GO DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY
  • Photo of BeachyGrandma
    3 months ago
    We loved our visit to the Crazy Horse Memorial. We were very lucky to get to the visitor center in time to see the Native American Dance Ceremony. The facility is educational, interesting and a lot of fun.
  • Photo of HavasuBabe
    3 months ago
    This carving is about 20 miles away from Mt Rushmore, so it easy to visit both in the same day. This sculpture was started back in 1948, commissioned by a Lakota Indian elder, to honor the warrior Crazy Horse. It is far from completed, but the Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation offers a model sculpture just outside the Indian Museum of North America and Native American Cultural Center. This model helps you see the completed project in the mind's eye. A really interesting and educational trip!
  • Photo of Cynthia W
    3 months ago
    To see this memorial in progress and learn how long it has taken just to get Crazy Horse’s face and head done was an amazing experience. The visitor’s center has a great film all about the evolution of the sculpture, the huge family effort and decades of dedication and commitment involved in getting the sculpture to this point. This memorial is a must see if you are in the area and it’s very close to Mt. Rushmore.
  • Photo of Malcolm H
    3 months ago
    Good to see the work in progress on the memorial which I had heard about on television in England. It will certainly be big when it's finished ( in around 10 - 20 years if I recall correctly). And the coach driver in the old yellow school bus who took us down to the construction site was funny and knowledgeable. The visitor centre is huge too and very well appointed. And I made full use of the free tea and coffee available outside the restaurant and as suggested by the Titan tour guide.
  • Photo of Mike P
    3 months ago
    As it's so close to Mount Rushmore, we thought it would be worth visiting the crazy horse memorial too. I know it's not federally funded at all, but the price to get in was a lot more than we'd expected (I think $11 per person) vs $10 per car for Mount Rushmore. When it's done it will look incredible, however as it's only part of his face, it looks very small (although I'm aware it will be significantly larger than MR when done) because it's quite a long way from the visitor centre and I'd recommend bringing binoculars. The visitor centre is very good with a lot of variety.
  • Photo of Stephen S
    3 months ago
    The Crazy Horse Memorial itself is truly impressive, even unfinished, and even from the visitor center. There is a bus to the base, which we did not take. The Native American museum is excellent and the film about the history of the monument was fascinating. There is a cool outdoor space and that day a musician was playing original songs on a Native American flute. Would recommend taking the time to see this, especially if you are interested in Native American art and history.
  • Photo of MVPinBoynton
    4 months ago
    We visited while on a bus tour. I had seen videos and shows about the monument and knew that it might never be completed, so my expectations were low. I was most surprised at the excellent museum and beautiful facility. There was so much to see. The mountain itself was far away from the viewing platform, so it was a bit disappointing. With the statue being so far away, even with my telephoto lens, I was not pleased that I couldn’t get closer photos of the face. Also from the veranda vantage point, visitors could only see the statue’s profile. Our tour guide told us that if we wanted to get closer, we had a couple options. We could take a shuttle bus to the base of the mountain for $4.00 per person; or we could go right up to the top of the mountain right in front of the face for $125. Since the $4.00 option would more than satisfy my desire to get closer, I left the building to find the bus ticket booth. After purchasing my ticket, I only had to wait about ten minutes until the large white school bus drove up. I was surprised that there were only about ten of us on a bus that could easily hold fifty people. But with it not being crowded, it allowed everyone to sit on the driver’s side of the bus. He told us as we were boarding that it was the better side to see the mountain. As we headed down the road, it was obvious that this was a good idea, I was getting so much closer to the mountain and could get a much better view of the amount of work that has been done. It is amazing how much of the mountain has been removed for the statue. I could understand better why it had been taking so long to do. We were also able to see the full face, rather than just the profile. We first drove around the front of the mountain, where we could see how much stone had been cut away from both sides of the statue. I just couldn’t stop taking photos. It was so much better to see from this viewing point. If you are visiting this memorial, don't miss taking the bus to the much closer and better viewing angle. It makes the visit so much more enjoyable.
  • Photo of PhyllisK392
    4 months ago
    When finished, although not in my lifetime, this memorial will be enormous and should be fantastic. It is to be a sculpture of the Lakota Chief Crazy Horse and should be a fabulous memorial to the Native Americans of South Dakota. It was the dream and concept of one man and has been worked on by him and his family and decedents for decades. It will be a sculpture of Crazy Horse sitting on his horse and pointing to his lands. There are scale models of the finished concept which show that this will be a herculean undertaking. I wish I could be around to see it when completed.
  • Photo of jesse58
    4 months ago
    Stopped to see memorial paid $22 for both of us to walk into store area that has some exhibits and a movie . Then they announce if you want to take bus to bottom of memorial you have to buy tickets . They do have an observation area on back deck and an Restaurant . But we decided not to do bus took a picture and left . When it’s done it will be amazing but right now you see workers on the monument at a distant and a profile . The disclaimer says money is used to pay to complete memorial but it seemed pricey especially when you have to pay more for bus .
  • Photo of jeff k
    4 months ago
    GYPED/SCREWED/SWINDLED/DISRESPECTED is how we felt. My family and I, sympathetic to Native Americans, were initially excited to visit this memorial. We ended up being charged TWENTY-EIGHT DOLLARS for entrance, and then some lady outside the payment booth asked us for an additional 3$ for some "Volkmarch" which she didn't even bother explaining. We declined, and ended up getting rudely treated by some wannabe security guard who told us "YOU DIDN'T PAY FOR THE VOLKMARCH, SO YOU CAN'T SEE THE MONUMENT".....sarcastically, he said to us, "OH YEAH, IT'S A WHOLE LOT OF MONEY." What 28$ does buy you is admission to a forgettable museum, and a very distant view of the memorial which will never be completed. I left shaking my head at the incompetence of the people who put this pipedream together, knowing that they'll never complete this monument (it's been several decades and they only recently finished the face) and they will continue to screw over and alienate the very people who sympathize with Native Americans in the first place. I'm only bothering to write this to protect the average tourist who I'd hate to see getting ripped off. IF YOU WERE TRULY AN HONEST ORGANIZATION, LIST YOUR PRICES AND "HIDDEN COSTS" IN CLEAR SIGHT AT THE FRONT ENTRANCE!!!
  • Photo of astoops56
    4 months ago
    Enjoyed the movie that explained the history surrounding the artist and Native Americans selection of Crazy Horse for the sculpture. Museum is informative. Worth the money and trip to better understand and support Native Americans and their educational and cultural goals.
  • Photo of megh2759
    4 months ago
    This is Not a monument to Crazy Horse. This is a monument to the man who began this monument, Ziolkowski, and his family. Period. I'm sure it started as a great idea with lofty aspirations but Wow did it ever take a nosedive. In nearly 100 YEARS there's no significant progress? I smell a cash cow. I'm embarrassed to have contributed to this scam. And wasted my time waiting for the laser light show that was truly pathetic. All it did was repeat the same story heard in the film and on the bus ride (for another $4) but projected onto the side of the mountain of rock. Yawn. I truly enjoyed speaking to the true Native American craftsmen hidden off to the side and through a few rooms glorifying the creator of the monument so do keep looking past the hype. There are some amazing craftsmen and gorgeous, one of a kind, authentic works of art to be found. I also caught one of the dances which was inspiring considering the venue. There was a mediocre, overpriced restaurant we had dinner in waiting for the light show. My burger was some frozen shaped patty, dry and tasteless but the tables were gorgeous. The waitress told me all the wood throughout the visitor center, house, restaurant, etc were from the trees cut down to clear out the acres needed for the cattle ranch Ziolkowski started while he worked on the monument. Literal cash cow, too. Too bad they couldn't be bothered to use some of that prime beef in the restaurant. Oh and the gift shop prices were seriously outrageous. $40 tshirts and $25 mugs.

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