Photo of Wendy's in Columbia, SC, US
Photo of Wendy's in Columbia, SC, US
Photo of Wendy's in Columbia, SC, US
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  • Photo of timothyjm601
    8 months ago
    I have been to this Wendy's many times due to proximity to my house. You can't beat the 4 for 4 deal but it takes a while to get your food. Just today it took me 16 minutes in the drive-thru to get my order. Well the drink was watered down because it sat in the window waiting for me to move up. The food was cold and the service was terrible. All the person could say at the window was sorry. Well I would say this is a one time occurrence but it has happened now 4 times in a months time. I would avoid going here unless you do not have any other options.
  • Photo of R. B
    a year ago
    We visited this Wendy's on a Sunday afternoon after passing other fast food restaurants. The bathroom was tidy although a water faucet was unable to turn off completely. The workers greeted us, and the service was fast...Although, I was unable to eat because they had ran out of my order of a baked potato. My family stated the food they received was fine. The first thing we noticed while in the eating area of the restaurant, was the carcass of a fly on the divider in the eating area. The tables were dirty...(we canvassed many, and decided on a least dirty table.) The air conditioning was functioning very well on this 45degree day of continuous rain. We were in earshot of other customers complaining of their orders, and lack of for their salads. Once again, the employees were very nice and cheery. We just wish that our experience at this Wendy's would have been better! God bless you!
  • Photo of Edward S
    a year ago
    On the way home for shopping , my wife and I stopped for a quick burger from Wendy's. The place was clean and efficient. the burgers were better than average for such places and tasted good and did not produce heartburn. Overall , good job , pleasant personnel
  • Photo of Jason S
    a year ago
    Every time we go to the drive through they get my order wrong!! It seems they don't care if your order is right or not. Then you have to get out and go in to get the food you ordered! Defeats the whole purpose of the damn drive up window!!! It's always something the food the drink or the bad service and attitudes of the window workers! They never give you napkins or a straw! Again then you have to stop get out and go inside for these items! Needs better management obviously!! Never will stop here again. Not that they care anyway!!!
  • Photo of btown0
    2 years ago
    I eat here in a pinch. This is a Wendy's but the food is decent. The restaurant is clean and well maintained. About the best totally fast food you will get as far as drive-throughs. The staff seems to always have an attitude though like you are bothering them by being there.
  • Photo of jlantern3
    2 years ago
    stopped here on a Saturday afternoon and not too busy. Counter help was very friendly and efficient. Order was served up in a quick manner. The food all tasted good. As I was eating I observed the employees cleaning the restaurant and maintaining the drink machines. The place was very clean. Enjoyed the 4 for $4 deal.
  • Photo of Citallwic
    2 years ago
    This Wendy’s has been around a long time, but is in pretty good shape. I’ve patronized it many times, and I’ve always gotten standard Wendy’s fare and fast and friendly counter service. Perhaps it’s a mistaken impression, but the place never seems to be very busy. I was the only customer when I stopped in at 11:00 am today. This isn't a very convenient stop for I-26 motorists. Numerous fast fooderies in this locale are closer to the interstate, including the Wendy's on Woodcross near the Harbison Blvd exit.
  • Photo of Lenora Nelson A
    2 years ago
    This restaurant needs more qualified help in cooking and window help. Had a bad sandwich and will not go through the window for service again. They always get the order wrong and a manager has to come to correct.
  • Photo of wmleken
    4 years ago
    I ordered a large chili, Caesar side salad, chicken sandwich, chocolate Frosty, and a senior drink. The bill was under six bucks. What more can I say other than the food was very tasty!

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