Photo of Husk Restaurant in Charleston, SC, US
Photo of Husk Restaurant in Charleston, SC, US
Photo of Husk Restaurant in Charleston, SC, US
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Husk Restaurant

American Restaurant

Husk Restaurant84.5
brunch • shrimp and grits • burger • pimento cheese

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  • Photo of M L
    4 months ago
  • Photo of Saranya Sridaran
    10 months ago
    Restaurant in an old timey house, menu changes 2x daily. Chris' aunt's suggestion!
  • Photo of Jill Berardini
    2 years ago
  • Photo of Elliot Cohen
    2 years ago
    One of the best restaurants in the country
  • Photo of Paul Newman
    3 years ago
    Sean Brock from Season 2 of The Mind of a Chef
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  • Photo of Paul Asel
    3 years ago
    Named 'Best New Restaurant in America' by Bon Appetit. Award winning chef Sean Brock
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  • Photo of Richard Perkal
    3 years ago
    We didn't get there but was told it was great. Had to cancel or lunch.
  • Photo of Brian Boerman
    4 years ago
    Bar at husk
  • Photo of TerriRD
    3 months ago
    As part of a birthday celebration and first time visit to Charleston, we had lunch at the Husk restaurant as it came highly rated. Reservations are highly recommended and although the reservation list for dinner went well into October, we accepted lunch reservations so we could sample some of the advertised delectables. As the menu changes daily, we opted for the fried chicken dinner and shrimp and grits. Advertised as a house specialty, the fried chicken, a leg and thigh, was very good and came with a creamy bean, onion, and green salad. The shrimp and grits was equally as good and the grits were creamy and seasoned perfectly. We also shared the iron skillet corn bread which was disappointing to say the least. Not being from the south, the corn bread was not sweet but of the typical corn meal variety. The waiter gladly brought us honey to sweeten the dish but it didn't do much to add to the flavor and unless you like the corn meal type, I wouldn't recommend ordering this side. The rolls, on the other hand, were very good and the sweetened butter added their appeal. The service was average and we had to hunt for and ask the waiter for several items throughout the lunch (beverage refills, honey). We also noted the table turnover rate is quite fast as the restaurant is extremely busy and the sooner customers are served, the quicker they can leave. The lunch came within 10 minutes of ordering and short of trying to locate the waiter a few times, the time spent in the restaurant was less than 35 minutes. Overall, the meal was good and if its your first time in Charleston, I would recommend visiting this restaurant.
  • Photo of Laura K
    3 months ago
    An amazing meal with food to die for. Had Oysters, Beef Tartare, Sweet potato, and Red Snapper and all the dishes tasted as spectacular as they were presented. The beverage range was also quite impressive. We got lucky to be seated at 10:15 pm and I highly recommend planning for this location with a reservation as soon as you know you are going to Charleston. Service was excellent and we truly enjoyed the whole experience.
  • Photo of mptraveller
    3 months ago
    The Husk was # 1 on my daughter's list of restaurants to try in Charleston. It was located in a stately mansion in the heart of town. The inside was quaint with gleaming wooden floors and we were seated promptly upstairs. The waiter took our order of 5 starters (3 for the grownups and 2 for the kids since a kid's menu was not available), 3 main entrées along with a drink of their best whiskey. The dinner rolls tasted great and we were looking forward to be impressed by the famous chef. Starter 1: lettuce wraps of pig ears and bacon. The few tiny strips of pig ears were deep fried and very salty but tasted okay. Starter 2: baked cheese with mushrooms. The seasonings in the mushrooms didn't go with the cheese. Starter 3: heirloom tomatoes and cucumber salad. Ordinary and dull. The starters for the kids were smoked pork ribs and prosciutto on something. The pork ribs were very salty and burnt but the older granddaughter was impressed with the thinly sliced ham! The entrées for the adults were fish, ribs and chicken. The chicken breast was pan-grilled and served with black eye peas with some green petite pea purée. It was one of the worst chicken dishes I've ever had at a restaurant. As for the other two dishes, not one word was said at the table. I supposed we all just wanted to get some ice cream somewhere else and forget about the expensive meal we just had!
  • Photo of LQ654
    3 months ago
    We arrived 45 minutes before our reservation and enjoyed a crafted cocktail at the adjoining patio bar. At dinner, we select a royal red shrimp starter and fresh oysters as appetizers. Randy guided us through the entree menu and we selected NC chicken and a SC Heritage pork chop--- both were superb! The wine list was extensive and the sommelier recommended excellent choices. This placed was packed. It was loud. It was fun and fabulous food from local sources. Don't miss it!!
  • Photo of kcor8825
    3 months ago
    We stopped in for lunch on a Thursday and the restaurant was packed. The pig ear lettuce wraps was delicious! I ordered the shrimp and grits which was tasty. My husband got the brisket sandwich which was supposed to be on a hoagie roll but showed up on a super soggy brioche. Our waitress checked in sooner our food arrived and offered other meal options for the brisket. He opted for the cheeseburger which was 'fancy but familiar'. Crispy patties, melted cheese, toasted buns, yummy potatoes. Overall a great meal and good service
  • Photo of donnawalker29
    3 months ago
    Not as great as I expected ...had salmon which was ok...rolls were delicious ...service not good We sat upstairs outside and that was beautiful but wouldn't necessarily recommend the restaurant...
  • Photo of alyant12
    3 months ago
    We chose this restaurant for a birthday dinner and our entire group were all extremely un-impressed. As a Charleston local I know all of the restaurants very well and do not understand why so many people are attracted to this restaurant. We had every single entree and all tried each others dishes. All of the entrees were bland and we had to send the snapper dish back as we all mutually agreed that it tasted terrible. We also tried the pig ears that were recommended by our server and speciality oysters. The pig ears had no flavor and were not exciting and the oysters were chewy and didn't taste fresh. We also partook in a dessert course which had no flavor as well and left us very unsatisfied with our experience. Our server, MiKayla, was personable and tried to create a memorable dinner for us even though the food was not up to par for Charleston and Husk's reputation.
  • Photo of Lazypigr
    3 months ago
    We ordered Fried chicken skin, steak, and duck leg. Had a really interesting combo on the side for the duck leg. That being said, the duck leg was delicious. I think it was glazed with honey to give that hint of sweetness. The food was good, but for the money I am paying, it better be good.
  • Photo of hirschwrites
    3 months ago
    We found this a nice place, good service, good atmosphere, but were underwhelmed by the food both in selection and in the food itself. Both had the chicken dish ... boneless, not much flavor. Would not return here. Both had chicken, embered Asian pear, butternut, SC chanterells, shishito peppers, brown butter ... sounds a lot better than it tasted.
  • Photo of redxmatchstick
    3 months ago
    I was trying to make a reservation for dinner a month in advance and they were already all booked! We settled for a lunch reservation, and Husk didn't disappoint. The fried chicken there was so flavorful. I saw a lot of people there order the burger too, so I'm assuming that's good. Would want to try their dinner for sure!
  • Photo of Annieb2u
    3 months ago
    My daughter and I love to travel together and try a city's great eateries. We booked a lunch in advance of our visit because we couldn't get a dinner reservation. Quick review. We felt rushed, it was as if our waiter wanted to get rid of us as soon as possible so they could sit the next guests, my chicken though tasty enough could have been cooked a bit more. The glass of rose the waiter proposed was probably one of the most expensive on the list. The room on the second floor was lovely, we had a table by a window, looking out at the guests eating on the balcony.
  • Photo of endorad3
    3 months ago
    Way above average. Excellent food. Good service. Well served. Good ambience Quiet. Will definitely return
  • Photo of buddhapeep
    3 months ago
    Great location and food. Went there with business associates and had a great meal. The staff is great and the bar is definitely one to be remembered. More bourbon than any other restaurant in town I think (could be wrong). If you eat meat, pork, or fish its the place to go. If you are a full on vegan I am confident they would accommodate you but you will have better choices if you are not! Really a great spot.
  • Photo of JJJCincinnati
    3 months ago
    Eight friends (from across the US) enjoyed an evening at Husk. It was highly recommended to everyone from various contacts. Maybe it was hyped too much. Everyone enjoyed their meals (except the one who had the chicken...very bland and had to ask for salt). What bothered me was that we shared appetizers and desserts. We had to ask for individual plates for the apps. And then we had to ask again when we got the desserts. And keep in mind we spent a lot of money there due wine and cocktails. So it's not like we were being cheap. I just expected more attention to detail for a restaurant of this caliber. I had the catfish for my entree and it was EXCELLENT. And I had a bite of the duck, too, which was also terrific.
  • Photo of baslerbebbie2017
    3 months ago
    HUSK was named the BEST NEW Restaurant in 2012 in all of America in the Bon Appetite Magazine. Have been there many times - love the Place but the best part is their Cheese Burger. Man oh Man, BEST EVER. Go try it out - make a Reservation since the Place is always packed.
  • Photo of Jaz_n_Tee
    3 months ago
    We have heard a heck of a lot about Sean Brock and his restaurant Husk. We made our visit to this establishment the high point of our visit to Charleston. When we arrived the hostess was very warm and sat us upon arrival. Our server Brian was one of the most knowledgeable servers we have encountered. He gave enticing descriptions of the first and second courses. He was also quite knowledgeable of the great selection of bourbons offered. We shared a course of smoked oysters and the sweet pea tagliatelle with royal red shrimp. Both course were spot on flavour wise and the perfect portions for a first course. Our main courses were confit duck, warm farro salad, charred eggplant, fennel, cucumber, pomegranate, dill and Heritage pork with charred beans, barbecued cabbage, smoked peaches, summer peppers, toasted peanut, country ham consommé. Once again the perfect portions. So many flavours were presented. The duck was tender and the other components worked very well with it. The pork was a combination of shoulder and belly, roasted in the oven. Tender and flavourful. Its components were a very good balance with the protein. We finished the evening with churros with dulce de leche and mexican chocolate while I enjoyed two wonderful bourbons from their reserve list. Through the being we were taken care by Brian and other staff members yet we were able to enjoy our experience at a relaxing pace. This by far is the best restaurant we have visited to date.
  • Photo of MelHinUSA
    3 months ago
    The wait was long so we went next door to the bar area, which is its own house. The food and drinks were very good.
  • Photo of LakesiderToronto
    3 months ago
    We visited Husk for lunch - we couldn't get a dinner reservation on short notice - and overall the food was creatively presented and prepared. The shrimp in the shrimp and grits were likely the most perfectly cooked I have ever had. Of course it helps that they were extremely fresh. Also excellent were the daily soup, a large salad serving and Kentukyaki pigs ears served in an Asian style on bib lettuce. The service was less than stellar - we had to catch our waiter's eye on several occasions and we had to remind him of our wine order after he had served our main courses and left the table side. I suppose that may be a result of being on the hot list of places to eat in the city but from a customer's point of view, should that matter? Overall we had a very enjoyable lunch but we did have the feeling that we were treated in a somewhat impersonal manner, particularly given the overall level of hospitality in Charleston.
  • Photo of MakaiTide
    3 months ago
    It's very difficult to criticize our meal hear, yet it fell a bit short of expectations. Each entree was good, but not great...starter of heirloom tomatoes was special!
  • Photo of Heidi0201
    3 months ago
    We loved Husk after our first visit two years ago and planned our anniversary vacation around this dinner destination. And we live in SD. We booked a month in advance and couldn't get our exact date but scheduled around it. We new we'd have a drink or two at the bar next door and arrived early enough for that. They make their own ginger beer here, so a Moscow Mule is a must. Dinner was upstairs, the rooms are lovely and not overly crowded. Of course we ordered the pig ears, yum! And chicken skins... we may have gone overboard, but all so good. My husband had steak and I had the pork, they were both amazing. Seems as though we had 4 or 5 servers helping us and serving us. They were all very polite and helpful. If we left the table for a moment our napkins were refolded and placed beside our dish. Drinks were always filled and time was given to enjoy each dish before serving another. Both desserts we tried were great however my husband was sad that the chocolate cake he remembered was not on the list this night. Wonderful evening, we'll be back again.

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