Photo of Dizengoff in Philadelphia, PA, US
Photo of Dizengoff in Philadelphia, PA, US
Photo of Dizengoff in Philadelphia, PA, US
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hummus • lamb • cakes • warm pita

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  • Photo of JD Eiseman
    a year ago
    Hummus. For lunch?
  • Photo of sfruchtman2017
    6 months ago
    As a vegetarian I have only tried a few of the menu offerings which change daily. The Pita bread is fresh right out of the oven. When I leave Philly I always take a few orders to go.
  • Photo of rennurmk
    8 months ago
    I was staying at the Hotel Sofitel Philadelphia on business and searched the Internet for someplace to have dinner when I came across great reviews for both Dizengoff and Federal Donuts. Both are located a couple of minutes' walk from the Sofitel. Federal Donuts is known for their fried chicken (and donuts), and Dizengoff for their hummus. I couldn't decide, so I got some of each and took the food back to my hotel room for dinner. The hummus was amazing; it came with freshly baked pita and a small side salad, and everything was more than enough food for 1 person for dinner. The staff were extremely friendly, and I wouldn't hesitate to eat in the restaurant the next time. I highly recommend the hummus meal at Dizengoff.
  • Photo of Adam R
    8 months ago
    This place is amazing. Best hummus ever with freshly baked pita. Shakshuka on Sundays is a must. Go here.
  • Photo of Alina L
    9 months ago
    this place has very comfortable location, small itself but it has tasty variety of hummus. several times I tried shakshuka on sundays and it's very good for breakfast (only a bit salty for me).
  • Photo of jzar0ven
    10 months ago
    So you're thinking, "It's hummus. How good could it be?" Sit down and let me tell you. This is the caviar of hummus. (Even if you don't like caviar or hummus - this is on a higher plain.) I had the basic hummus plate to get to the heart of the matter as a first timer at Dizengoff (but a seasoned hummus diner). It was a WOW, that is the creamiest hummus in the world!! And I can say that since I have eaten hummus in several countries around the world. But wait! The pita, should be referred to as food of the angels. It was the lightest, fluffiest and tenderest pita I could have dreamed of, but even better. I immediately thought that one would not be enough, although I actually was stuffed before I got close to finishing my meal. I did find the hummus to be a bit salty and I like a lot of salt. My friend said that with the vegetable added, it balanced out the saltiness for her. All the same, I will forever be disappointed with any other hummus from now on since I don't live near a Dizengoff:( Hey, got any plans to open one in Atlanta? Call me:)
  • Photo of Lovetogetaway4169
    10 months ago
    We initially left to return the next day for carry out hummus. Basic hummus is about $10 or upgrade to lamb topping for $3 more. Comes with chopped cucumbers/pickles/onions. If you love hummus, you must try it. There are only 2 long communal tables and some counter seats, so carry out is a good way to go. So many good cheap eats on this block - you could get a hot fresh donut at Federal Donuts across the street when you're done!
  • Photo of maalvika
    10 months ago
    I have always been wanting to visit this place but never make it as they close by 7 pm. It's a very small and simple place. Limited menu but everything is delicious.very limited sitting capacity. Long queue of people just to pick up their food. Very reasonably priced and the most friendliest staff.their classic hummus was to die for. Simply the best is all I can say. We ate even the chicken hummus and packed both to eat at home the next day. Chef Michael I love Abe fisher n zahav n Dizengoff Hope to see you in person sometime
  • Photo of Leslie S
    a year ago
    Rolled in at 6:30 ( they close at 7) and was quickly served a nice plate of creamy smooth hummus with a nice nutty underflavor - the sesame rich tahini, of course. Came with a warm round of fluffy type pita and small side salad. I found the salad a bit salty for my taste although I loved the carrot. The hummus was topped with celery root. I haven't been to Israel, but make my own hummus because I find most of the commercial ones rather meh. I like mine a bit spicier - perhaps not as authentic! Considering the quality, I cannot complain about the $11.00 price ( plus tip - I had no drink) but I am a thrifty person, so this was fine for dinner but just a little high if it were my lunch ( unless I skip dinner.). Very friendly small staff, and nice experience. NOTE: in my rating I say ok for kids and it is, but it is a tiny place with bench seating so don't expect special accommodations or dishes for little ones. But they might happily share a platter...nice finger food. Also I don't call it fast food but you get your food very fast.
  • Photo of Ruben2445
    a year ago
    This small Restaurant specialized in one dish Humus,and every day changes the companions of the Humus,like today went from Tehine, to celery root,lamb,sweet potatoes, and more.The place is owned by the same Israeli Chef that owns in town the famous modern Israeli food restaurant Zahav.
  • Photo of gbernstein
    a year ago
    Ate at the new Dizengoff today in Whole Foods on Penn Avenue. I know good hummus and pita...and this was amazing. A simple menu, yet amazing flavors. Hummus is on point and the fresh baked pita was awesome. Buy an extra pita and skip the egg.
  • Photo of Patricia A
    a year ago
    The place is small and does not seat a lot of people but seems to have quick turnover. There was a handful selection of hummus. The beef brisket one is fantastic! Wish they would just sell that by itself :-) Hummus and pita breads are all fresh and taste great. The frozen lemonade is also very good.
  • Photo of VacationTraveller101
    The hummus at this restaurant by Michael Solomonov is just unbelievably tasty and delicious. Absolutely worth the trip to get a bowl and that warm, yummy laffa bread. Parking is a bit tough, but worth the drive or walk over. There is a line, but fairly small on the weekends.
  • Photo of convivial
    a year ago
    "Hummus is served with fresh-baked pita, chopped salad and Israeli pickles for a complete meal." The add-on items (included in the price) change daily, but they're all delicious.
  • Photo of kidstravel1995
    a year ago
    Very small but worth waiting for a seat. This is the best hummus in Philly. We ordered the hummus topped with lamb and an extra pita. OMG..the pitas! I could live on these
  • Photo of Esilb
    a year ago
    I spent about 5 months living in Tel aviv, and this is the only hummus I've had recently that even comes close to the quality, price, and delicious simplicity of the hummus in Israel. The decor is also super Tel Avivian, which is a bonus. It's great for eating in or taking out - always very speedy! Wish I lived closer so I could go more often
  • Photo of WildKatz
    a year ago
    Looking for a quick place to eat lunch stumbled upon this hole-in-the-wall place. It has a hummus menu that changes daily. These are exotic variations on hummus but you can also get a basic version. It was plenty for lunch and very tasty. The mint lemonade was awesome. It also has a bar if needed. The line was long at first but moved very quickly. I highly recommend for lunch.
  • Photo of Eric M
    a year ago
    Stopped in here for a light lunch while touring downtown Philly with my daughter. We both loved it. First off they bake their own pita. Second, their basic hummus is outstanding. Then they have several alternative hummuses (hummi?), plus a special each day. I had baba ganoush. I really wish that there was a place like this in my town, though I don't think my town could support it. Philly's keeping this place packed though. We arrived at 11:45 on a Saturday morning, by the time we left it was standing room only. Highly recommended.
  • Photo of FelicitySpike
    a year ago
    Feast on delicious hummus with toppings (including ground lamb) and fresh wood-fire grilled pita in a tiny super-casual restaurant.
  • Photo of dagsmith
    a year ago
    Dizengoff is literally a hole in the wall - maybe room for 20 people to sit in very tight quarters plus a few seats outdoors if the weather is nice. But, you don't come here for the ambiance the reason to visit is the awesome Hummus. We had not been here in several years and part of our weekend trip included a planned stop for lunch (and maybe lunch on the 2nd day too...). Limited food choices centered all around Hummus.
  • Photo of Heather S
    a year ago
    I had no idea about Dizengoff until a friend took me for lunch. I now have to actively prevent myself from going multiple times a week. The hummus is heavenly and the pita to die for. Service is fast but go early or late to avoid the line that snakes out the door. The pickled veggie salad is also very good. This is heaven on earth.

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