Photo of Cheu Noodle Bar in Philadelphia, PA, US
Photo of Cheu Noodle Bar in Philadelphia, PA, US
Photo of Cheu Noodle Bar in Philadelphia, PA, US
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Cheu Noodle Bar


Cheu Noodle Bar34.5
miso ramen • brisket • wings • coconut curry

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  • Photo of Rob Segal
    2 years ago
    coconut curry
  • Photo of Philadelphia Weekly
    Comforting and adventurous all at once, this preparation crystallizes so much of what I look for when I’m in the mood for some stick-to-the-ribs goodness.
  • Photo of City Paper
    3 years ago
    A near-impossible choice this year, but the new place that I find myself wanting to return is Cheu Noodle Bar (255 S. 10th St.). There are always new things, they’re somehow always great, and it’s priced so that you can actually keep going back.
  • Photo of citywalker15
    5 months ago
    I had high hopes for this place, but upon entering I immediately found the hostess to be quite rude. The food here is overrated in my opinion, and expensive for what it is. We ordered the brussel sprouts to start, which were good but the portion was rather small for 10 dollars. I had the poke bowl, which was lacking in flavor and seemed to be drenched in a creamy sauce with little to balance it. My husband had a bowl of ramen, and noted that the noodles were too soft. There are many better options in the city.
  • Photo of Andraparrell
    8 months ago
    I am a Philadelphia native/local who tried Cheu because of all of the wonderful things I've heard about it. While the restaurant has a cool exclusive-feeling atmosphere the food simply does not deliver what the appealing decor promises. Having actually been to Japan I can say that this is not the kind of Ramen one finds in Japan. It is over seasoned, over salted and has a greesy quality that makes it unpleasant. I say all of this having given Cheu multiple tries. Philadelphia is a city with diverse food offerings, I would suggest that if anyone wants Ramen that they look elsewhere
  • Photo of KSD843
    9 months ago
    We dine here when in town and can't say enough about the fun atmosphere and great food. The Black Garlic Wings and Miso Ramen are favorites. Love the creative food and drink specials! The place is small, so understand that going in. Warm and yummy. Shout out to Justin & Bryan who cooked for us, and our server Kyle!
  • Photo of Kevin W
    a year ago
    I wanted to try this place out for a very long time so when I went to the new Whole Foods on Pennsylvania Avenue I saw them there and decided to order the dumplings appetizer and for 6 bucks they weren't that bad...I don't think that ordering an appetizer at any restaurant gives you an accurate reflection of the restaurant but these were good although not much different than any other thing I've ever had
  • Photo of Aded1990
    a year ago
    The restaurant is very small and we were lucky we did not have to wait for a table. The staff are lovely, friendly and make you feel very welcome. The menu is very simple and small however there is something to suit everybody on it. We had Gyoza's to start which were incredible, definitely the best we have ever had. We then followed these with pork ramen which we could see being cooked from scratch in front of us. Having eaten a lot of Asian food we appreciated the authenticity of the flavours and the dedication the chef has in achieving good Asian food. The beers are all local guest beers which change regularly which we loved especially as we were on holiday so we got to some new beers. Definitely recommended eating here !!!
  • Photo of litphyl03
    a year ago
    Cheu Noodle Bar is small and uncomfortable. Their famous chicken wings were under-cooked not crisp. Don't understand the hype. After the wings I left.
  • Photo of MT K
    a year ago
    Had the miso ramen and ocean drop. Liked them both. Quick service. Sat at the bar since all tables taken which worked fine.
  • Photo of Wabbit_Taz
    a year ago
    Food was fine/average. Can't say I was particularly impressed by the ramen or green curry noodles. Ramen had a bit of a fishy quality to the noodles/broth (some folks love the complexity; I don't). Likewise, curry noodles had a bit too much of a "vinegary" taste. I wanted to like this place but wouldn't go out of my way to get here.
  • Photo of ithaca75
    a year ago
    I had lunch here while at a conference in Philadelphia. It's an easy walk from the convention center and the hotels of center city. It was full of millennials- you can decide what you wish about that. It's a small restaurant- probably only seats 30 or so. I got a seat at the bar. Music was loud but the vibe was fun. I had the beef and kimchi dumplings. Lovely flavor of sweet salty and a little sour. I also got the coconut curry noodles with pork shoulder added on. Both my waitress and a regular customer sitting next to me strongly recommended the add on. Fantastic! Portion sizes were large- I took half of my noodle dish to go. Both food and service was excellent. Great place for lunch!
  • Photo of Edward Y
    a year ago
    Maybe my expectations were too high after seeing Cheu Noodle Bar on a Top 50 Philly restaurant list. I ordered the corn rangoon which had a nice spicy kick to it. I thought they were yummy even if it tasted a little like a cheez-wiz dumpling. After seeing a few reviews on the brisket ramen, I ordered that. I regret not ordering the more conventional miso ramen. Each part of the ramen was fine - I especially liked the kimchi they used. It was the real stuff, and delicious! But just having the brisket and matzo ball in there was a little weird. Everything tasted fine, I just didn't think it was a great combination. Keep in mind the restaurant is pretty small, most of the seats are at the counter. The service was just average - not really personal or friendly.
  • Photo of Kathy H
    a year ago
    I've been to a few different ramen places and have never been very impressed. This place, however, was really good! I got the miso ramen, and the broth was really savory and delicious. The place itself is very small so you may need to be willing to sit at the bar.
  • Photo of Bayside11361
    a year ago
    First visit,very happy with the delicious food. I had Yakisoba noodles with lamb sausage,crisp sugar snapeas, mushrooms,and cucumber raita (13.00) Chop sticks on counter to help yourself.Not very good with them but I managed to get every last delicious bit. Also had Al Pastore dumplings containing pork,pineapple,guess fresco and green chili oil- yum(5 dumplings $6.00)
  • Photo of Ezrail
    a year ago
    Noodles are not rocket science. But, unfortunately, when someone decides to reinvent the wheel as they did here, they can become unnecessarily complicated. The noodles here are ruined by absurdly acidic sauces, way too much salt, badly cooked noodles that stick all together, and extremely poor service. The first approach is the unfriendly hostess, who seems like she'd rather work somewhere else. Please, don't hate me, I come as a friendly customer! First thing she did was give us two empty dishes, one of which had big, crusty stains of food from a previous diner. When I pointed it out, they replaced the dish without even one word of apology, as if it were an odd request to want to eat with clean plates. Then, every dish was the same experience, from the gyoza to every noodle dish we tried. Some absurd, green, hyper-acidic sauce is perpetually ruining what might otherwise be edible. I'd guess the average PH of any dish here is around 2. In a noodle bar, you'd expect them to know how to cook noodles, instead you inevitably receive a blob of glued-together noodles with which you have to fight all the way through. To the point that the center of your noodle blob is sometimes white and has not touched any of the broth or sauce, ever. I ordered a beer which came in a can. The waiter opened the can, I had to insist to receive a glass (!), and only after I realized that the top of the can was filthy, so he had poured beer and s**t in my glass. All this at crazily expensive prices, not justified by the inedible food, and even less by the careless service and the poor hygiene. Never again.
  • Photo of LovinLifesJourneys
    We have been here 2x now and each time tried different meals. WOW. The service is friendly and prompt and the food is sooooo good. Drinks are fun (could be bigger) beer selection is good too. There are nice happy hour specials for drinks and appetizers too. Will we be back? You betcha!
  • Photo of lhamilt77
    a year ago
    Clearly I thought the food was delicious lol. We stumbled upon Cheu by just parking our car and looking for a Saturday afternoon lunch spot. Cheu is on the small side, with only 4-5 tables and bar seats, it fills up fast. And no wonder why, the food is tasty. They feature a tight-knit menu of small plate and flavorful noodle options. I got the scallion dumplings and yakisoba, and hubby got the wings and dumplings. Delish! Would go again!
  • Photo of Dlacu
    a year ago
    Took mm to lunch after visiting WillsEye (near hospitals). Very casual atmosphere. Small ramen-ya (ramen shop). Had brisket ramen. Oishi desu.
  • Photo of makoto n
    2 years ago
    I tried only ramen, which was so-so. Definitely this place will not survive in Japan as a ramen joint. But the ramen is calibrated towards non-Japanese (American) taste; soup is milder and the noodles are softer, both of which are sort of no-no in Japan. And they also have other options to choose from (other types of Asian noodles). These make this place a decent option in Philly if you are not committed to ramen. But for each of the noodles they offer, go to a specialized (and more serious) place, if you want to experience real ones. If you go with friends, and want to have variety of noodles to choose from, this is a good choice. But this is not the place that ramen-snob Japanese are crazy about. It's also a plus that they can offer beers. But waiting time makes me stay away from this place, even if I am with non-Japanese friends. The decoration is sort of cool.
  • Photo of NewMoon99
    2 years ago
    Tiny spot in cute part of Philly, totally worth the wait and money. One of a kind experience. Helpful and friendly staff.
  • Photo of WillTravelForFood96
    This place is really as good as you can do in the city for inventive ramen. I have been here countless times and it is always consistently delicious and the service is always great. It's a small place so be wary of the tight quarters and they don't take reservations so make sure you allow extra time if there is a wait (and there almost always is). My favorites include the black garlic wings (voted best wings in Philly last year), brisket ramen, miso ramen, and unfortunatly not on the current menu but the hand torn noodles with lamb and dates was amazing as well as the BBQ pig tails! Bring these back Cheu!! The price of ramen at this restaurant is maybe slightly more than what you pay for in Chinatown, but the quality of the ingredients and the broth more than make up for the few extra dollars you may spend. Cheu makes a great spot for lunch or a late night meal as well and they do take-out which is also a plus! Be open minded with the non-traditional and give this place a won't leave disappointed, but if you get the brisket ramen, you definitely will leave full!
  • Photo of Ashley P
    2 years ago
    While the space is small and you generally have to wait to get seated, it's totally worth the wait. Everything I had here was delicious--the brussels sprouts, black garlic wings, and coconut curry noodles. Drinks were great, as well.

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