Photo of Wong's King Seafood Restaurant in Portland, OR, US
Photo of Wong's King Seafood Restaurant in Portland, OR, US
Photo of Wong's King Seafood Restaurant in Portland, OR, US
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Wong's King Seafood Restaurant

Chinese Restaurant

dim sum • peking duck • seafood • pork

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  • Photo of David S
    2 months ago
    We have been having dim sum in Portland for nearly 40 years. I believe the cooks get better offers and bug out to a different restaurant.....then, we have to figure out where they have gone. Could be what has happened here as most of the food was a day or two old. A couple of the dishes were slimy. Hum baugh was filled with fat, not pork. Tea tasted like dishwater. I am tossing my rewards card...and never going back.
  • Photo of Lindajean2013
    5 months ago
    Not for people who want fancy but well worth going here. We loved their menu that had pictures of every entree. Try the pork with Baou buns. Large portions.
  • Photo of rrodriguez2016
    7 months ago
    My wife and I recently had dinner at this location. We were very pleased with the extensive menu selection and the prices were very reasonable. The quality and quantity of the food was very good. We also had excellent service. Recommend this place. Lots of locals eat here.
  • Photo of Old P
    7 months ago
    Mediocre DimSum that tastes a bit fishy, greasy or both, served tepid at best and offered by the most uninviting staff I could imagine. I was actually belittled by the floor manager for requesting a few things on a take out order. My Hong Kong-born friend attributes the rudeness to the fact that the restaurant's owners hail from China and not Hong Kong and went so far as to make a generalized statement about this group that I probably shouldn't repeat. I'm done with this place and will settle for the middle of the road choice Ocean City just south on 82nd. A little better food, a little grimier carpet, but without the verbal and gastric abuse.
  • Photo of CulturedBacillis
    9 months ago
    Food fit not for a king but serf? Many rave about how good the dim sum is - well, it's not. Quality is middle of the road, at best. For real dim sum, head up the road to Vancouver BC or down to San Fran. Otherwise, make do with this pretender. Many dishes were bland - glutinous rice, har gow, cheung fun, siu mai, shen jok guen, pai guat included. Moreover, the pai guat had filler pieces of veggies to stretch the volume - shame! Custard buns were the only decently done items tried.
  • Photo of kibblesm
    9 months ago
    We were hesitant to eat breakfast at 0930 in the morning at a dim sum restaurant. They opened on time and quickly started bringing the carts of hot steaming dim sum goodies. The food was so good, it was just like the Honolulu chinatown dim sum! We were pleasantly surprised.
  • Photo of Cosmos M
    9 months ago
    Friends took us last Sunday. I was so loving this place. Trolly's of delicousness would come by with new little bites to choose from. It was so easy to say yes. It was challenging to wait for the next dim sum to sample, maybe pass on one variety you might not like, and to pace yourself. Quite nice.
  • Photo of Kim D
    9 months ago
    We had a disappointing lunch-experience because we could not understand our waitresses. We would ask, "Is there meat in the dumpling?" and the answer came back in what sounded like Chinese or maybe just heavily accented - it was hard to tell which. The waitresses seemed a little impatient and uncaring about whether we understood. There were 2 carts - one with all different dumplings and another with hum-bows and dumplings. I expected maybe BBQ pork or grilled chicken but all we saw was dumplings, which were delicious but didn't give us much variety to our meal.
  • Photo of Alzor S
    10 months ago
    This is a great place to get them oriental dumplings they push around on carts and you dunk in the soya sauce.
  • Photo of Linh O
    a year ago
    The first thing that struck me was that we were too late for dim sum, which wasn't anyone's fault but our own. The second thing that struck me was how fancy this place was, despite it being inside some sort of shopping center. The service was a bit better than average. We waited a long time for our food, as the place was fairly busy. I had recommended Peking duck to one of my family members, as I had had it somewhere else and it had been phenomenal. But here, it was bland and a bit rubbery. The rest of the food was pretty good, but that bit weirded me out. And when it came time to pay the bill, no one came around, and no one and nothing explained how to do that. So, a bit strange and more independent than a restaurant tends to be, but pretty good.
  • Photo of Avik C
    a year ago
    Friday dim sum lunch with buddies; awesome food but when the place gets crowded (peak lunch hour), they have a hard time managing food distribution and paying attention to tables that need attention. This happens all the time and if you are stuck towards the back of the dining area, the food carts hardly make it to you. Food taste and variety is great if get it
  • Photo of loveDCA
    a year ago
    A very traditional dim sum place with all the carts of goodies passing you by - with the exception that the servers speak English. You'll be disappointed if you're comparing the quality and selection to Hong Kong, LA, or San Francisco. But for the PacNW, it's pretty good. Just be prepared to wait to be seated - it's pretty popular.
  • Photo of Franklin S
    a year ago
    This highly rated and internationally recognized restaurant is beautifully set. Your selections are delivered to your table from carts that roam the restaurant. The food is wonderfully done with a wide variety. It is a bit crowded as the tables a bit close. A great experience all around.
  • Photo of Daniel L
    a year ago
    We went to the China-town in Portland and ran into some local Chinese. We asked them for a dim-sum restaurants. They told us most of the restaurants in the Chinatown area have moved out, If you had a chance to check out the Chinatown, this point is well taken. The whole Chinatown block is filled by transients, the scent of urine and marijuana are everywhere. The local Chinese told us about this restaurant and recommended us to try it out With the traffic jam in Portland, took us 25 mins to drive from the traditional Chinatown to this "new" Chinatown.location. The restaurant is quite large and dressed up like most of the restaurants in Vancouver BC. I am not surprise to see a lot of wedding banquets at this location. But the dim-sum quality is just so-so. The dough for the shrimp dumplings are quite thick, the pork still stick to the bones on the ribs, I believe this is the best they can offer according to the Chinese community size in Portland.
  • Photo of C C
    a year ago
    Beautiful wedding decor, Food are service for 280 guests. Service and food 👍 Special dishes from banquet, love the food !!!
  • Photo of Gary G
    a year ago
    Wong's is a must stop each time we visit Portland. Weekends can be crowed, but the weekdays are not bad. The dishes have great flavor and a good sized.
  • Photo of Avik C
    a year ago
    Friday dim sum lunch with buddies; awesome food but when the place gets crowded (peak lunch hour), they have a hard time managing food distribution and paying attention to tables that need attention. This happens all the time and if you are stuck towards the back of the dining area, the food carts hardly make it to you. Food taste and variety is great if get it
  • Photo of An L
    a year ago
    I've been eating at this restaurant since its grand opening. Food have always been good, decor is beautiful and clean, but service went downhill for years. Management finally realized that they need to change because they were losing customers. It is getting better now A little history, the dim sum wait line for this place used to spill into the parking lot. Service used to be exemplary when it first opened. Unfortunately, as they became more successful, their service deteriorate. They used to provide peanuts to snack on, and some complimentary desert at the end of the meal. They don't do that anymore. They used to have waiters/waitress that change your dish when it was getting a little too messy, they don't do that anymore. Most of their servers don't speak english, but what was horrible to me was that one of their dim sum server cheated us when she stamp our dim sum ticket, on purpose. I noticed something was wrong when another righteous server question her action, but they spoke chinese so I couldn't understand. When I finally paid, I question the charge and they made the change. Another thing I observed was that the waitress/waiter treats caucasian customers or chinese speaking customers much nicer than other ethnic groups. Especially, non-chinese speaking Asian customers. I guess they assumed Asian culture would accept their lack of customer service and rude antics. Needless to say, I stop going there for the next 8 years. They have since close several branches, and they were cited by the health department. I find myself going to Ocean city restaurant a few blocks away. Last night I went there for dinner. Friday night, the restaurant was half empty. I was nervous, but went in anyway. To my surprise, I was coordially greeted and seated promptly. It might be because the place was half empty, and several staff standing around doing nothing. Anyway, the food here is great. The quality of the food have always been good compare to other hole in the wall restaurants. It's a place where you want to go for special occasions. The service have improved, and I hope they keep it up. Treat ALL your customers as you want to be treated, and your customers will come back. Unfortunately, their reputation have been tainted for way to long that customers have not yet come back. In a good economy, Friday night dinner time, and the restaurant is half full, that is not good. However, it was better last night, and I will come back.
  • Photo of mgk72nj
    a year ago
    We went here after Dim Sum was served and had a really good meal.This is a well loved establishment as was evidenced by the large birthday party for a family matriarch going on when we arrived.I wish Wong's King was in our hometown. The food was terrific.
  • Photo of Ashlandbuck
    a year ago
    We've been here several times, every time we are in Portland. We've had good dinner for 6, but usually we come in the morning for dim sum. The last two times, we arrived as they opened. Now I've learned that that isn't the best idea. The kitchen isn't ready with all the great dim sum treats. They have carts of har gow, shu mai, chicken feet, chow shu bao, all the hits. If you, like me, want the extended menu of treats, like turnip cake, or something, Go later.

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