Photo of Pure Spice in Portland, OR, US
Photo of Pure Spice in Portland, OR, US
Photo of Pure Spice in Portland, OR, US
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Pure Spice

Chinese Restaurant

pork • shrimp dumplings • pot stickers • dim sum

2446 Se 87th Ave
Portland, OR 97216, US
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  • Photo of Anna P
    7 months ago
    Definitely one of the best dim sum restaurants I've ever tried outside of Oakland, Ca or China. Great service, fast, fresh, and delicious!
  • Photo of FromPortlandOregon
    9 months ago
    I read a review in the Oregonian saying how wonderful Pure Spice is - so I finally went. IMHO, save your time! The dim sum was fine - nothing special in the least. Regular old dim sum. No carts, they cook it for you - so it was fresh, but nothing special. The place is a dump. The waitress was sloppy and had a sharp nasty personality. Like she was doing me a favor! The service was horrid. I'm trying to be nice, but the over all ambiance was terrible. Oh, and don't venture into the restroom... The price was nice however. $2.95 for anything - big or little. I won't be returning.
  • Photo of MikaLeigh77
    a year ago
    The dim sum here was okay, but disappointing if you're lucky enough to live in an area that truly celebrates the awesomeness that is dim sum done well (Los Angeles, San Francisco, etc.). Service was slow, as the place was definitely understaffed. Dim sum took a longer than average time to arrive at the table. I'm a bit nervous about Portland's dim sum offerings, since this place seemed to be reviewed as one of the better ones available.
  • Photo of 338jacquelynk
    a year ago
    Slow service-meal was a bit on the greasy side. Not the tastiest dim sum in Portland only went as rest of family wanted to go there. I ordered an item that was suppose to be vegetarian and it came with sausage on the tofu-yuck. Food came out a little at a time-there timing was horrible
  • Photo of kennydlarsen
    a year ago
    They now have a sheet of paper with a list of dim sum that you check yourself like at a sushi restaurant. Choose from the menu with pictures that includes the usual items. Don't miss the specials on the board at the front. We had the Matsusake mushroom nicely seasoned with tender pieces of ginger. Everything is freshly cooked, not cold from sitting on a cart rolling around the restaurant.
  • Photo of lonil990
    a year ago
    I've eaten a lot of dim sum in Portland now and wanted to try someplace new. Well, new for me. Pure Spice did not disappoint at all! It was different ordering dim sum off a menu instead of waiting for the usual cart to come around but I didn't mind at all. Lots of items to choose from. Since I was alone, I stuck with the must haves of haw gow, shao mai, and black bean spareribs which all were very good! New for me was the noodle plate which I ordered with shrimp and I enjoyed that as well. All dishes were $2.85 and I even brought half of it home! I recommend Pure Spice for a quieter, smaller dim sum venue and the food was fresh and hot!
  • Photo of TraveLand
    a year ago
    Each dim sum item on page 1 was $2.85 each. Every dish we ordered was good except for the cold beef shank and tendon (tendon was great, but the beef shank had an off flavor). We also ordered the scallion pancake $5.50 (which I thought was overpriced for no meat in it), scallop and shrimp dumpling (excellent), spareribs w/ blackbean (healthy serving size) and 1/4 5-spice duck (cold, but tasty). $21 and we were full and satisfied.
  • Photo of Deanne A
    2 years ago
    Very good indeed! A good assortment of dim sum options and very well laid out with corresponding pictures. The service was also good and the food very fresh.
  • Photo of AnnKirby
    2 years ago
    We had heard about their dim sum but tried Pure Spice for Friday dinner around six pm. We were seated in a room with round tables set for eight. The dishes were served one at a time about ten minutes apart, a bit different but made for a leisurely eaten meal of seven dishes. Their sautéed green beans were probably the best ever; huge portion of bitter melon; never had salt and pepper oysters--delicious! Will be back to try the other items on their menu
  • Photo of TnEShlaes
    2 years ago
    My favorite was the salt and pepper chicken wings, Crispy and spicy. The spicy eggplant is great too! Service can be slow but the food is fantastic! Try the Peking Pork in a bun. Tasty and the buns are very fresh! They also have chinese barbecue pork , roasted duck and chicken. The prices are low too! Family friendly. They also have dim sum.
  • Photo of Evan S
    2 years ago
    My criteria for great Asian dining: 1. Must have a name that probably makes more sense in its original language (i.e. Butterfly Belly Pho, So Good Taste Noodle.) 2. Absolutely NO tablecloths or candles. Carousel with Sriracha, duck , soy and hot vinegar sauces, OK. 3. Mostly or all locals at the tables, several generations, enjoying huge plates of food and talking all at once. 4. Handwritten specials menu on the wall not in English. 5. Only nod to décor Asian airlines calendars (4 or 5) and/or Kirin or Hite beer posters. Pure Spice hits 5 out of 5, and has some amazing, tasty and unusual dishes at very reasonable prices. Plus it's open late (until 9:30) the service was very friendly and fast. Highlights of our most recent visit were Salt Pepper Chicken Wings, Vegetarian Sauteed Eggplant, and Very spicy Lamb with pickled cabbage (Kim Chee!) and enoki mushrooms.
  • Photo of William F
    2 years ago
    We were here on a Saturday, mid-day, and it was a little busy, however, the slow service was simply from having only two-servers, working hard, but could not keep up. Now, about the food. We ordered five dishes: pot stickers, salt-pepper squid, house special stir-fried rice, (had meat, shrimp, veggies, rice), dry stir-fry green beans and pumpkin pancakes. The food was freshly cooked, hot and tasty. My only complaint was that the salt-pepper squid was a little too salty, otherwise crispy and delicious. This is a simple, no frills place, clean, good food. The eating area is divided into two rooms and would be suitable for private parties, banquets, etc. Parking is in a small lot shared with other businesses or on the street. Our total cost for the meal was a little under $40-a bargain.
  • Photo of Dennis Y
    2 years ago
    Stopped in for a quick dinner after arriving at PDX around 6:30pm. Nice greetings, menus provided, suggestions and recommendations for the daily specials were quick and very nice. Have been here before for various meals. Again, no disappointments. Food was delicious, nicely flavored with ample portions and priced very reasonably.
  • Photo of HenryW
    2 years ago
    We came for dinner midweek, and found the food average, at best. The hot and sour soup was justvchinese-buffet quality! Our two stir-fry dishes were short on protein, short on authentic Chinese veggies, and lacked depth of flavor. Service was cordial, but spotty. Perhaps this is place for dim-sum only, as that is what it is best known for!
  • Photo of Claudiagenna
    2 years ago
    No Dim Sum carts, which I all love, but the personally prepared shrimp dumplings, scallop dumplings, pot stickers, green peppers stuffed with pork, were all so excellent, I started appreciating the NO cart, fresh prepared dishes, hot not tuff. Families, mostly Asians.....a photographer was there taking pics for a local newspaper......Can't wait to try their Hot n Sour soup next time!!!
  • Photo of ducttapeduo
    2 years ago
    If you are visiting Portland and want to have great and interesting Chinese food, check this place out. Although this jewel in the rough is located in a small strip mall, it is not your typical American suburban Chinese restaurant. Come during the day and try some of the dim sum treats as well as dishes from the regular menu. Come in the evening for a dinner feast. A meal at Pure Spice can be a culinary adventure. It's best to come with a group because the "appetizers" will quickly fill up 2 people. ( Chive pockets, special Peking shredded pork with buns [that's in the pork section of the menu], hand pulled noodles, and beef roll to name a few.) Other favorite dishes in no particular order are the Singapore noodles (some of the best ever), dry fried string beans, Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce, garlic pea sprout, garlic bok choy, (They make it easy to get your veggies in), spicy garlic eggplant clay pot!!, lettuce wrap with duck, Five spice duck and taro hot pot. There are other great dishes we have had. Look at the menu on line for photos. When you arrive, check out the specials board. During mushroom season, don't miss the matsutake dishes. Watch for the razor clams. Fish filet over vermicelli is another wonderful dish we have seen. Shrimp and fungus dumplings, yum. Thai Style Flounder (crispy). There is so much more on the menu. Check it out. Come for the food.
  • Photo of Henry N
    2 years ago
    The food was just OK, I'm not bragging, I'm Cantonese and have worked in Chinese Restaurants (cooking/waiter etc.) for over 25 years and eating it for 58 years so that kind of qualifies me to be a critic. Service was poor, they took our order, brought us the food and that's it. Here is what really made us mad. They brought us a lamb dish we did not order, by the time we realized what had happened half of it was consumed. Waitress/owner comes out looking totally puzzled then just walked away. Of course they charged us for their mistake without even the courtesy to talk to us first. Here's another complaint, as I've said we're Cantonese so it goes without saying we need bowls to consume rice (I'm talking about long grain rice not the sticky stuff). Try eating long grain rice with chop sticks on a plate (which by the way were way too small). It takes forever to eat rice one grain at a time. If they are too cheap or too lazy to wash more dishes and utensils they should at least furnish us some forks. Get a clue please. We'll never go back to this place and would definitely not recommend this place to anyone.
  • Photo of marcia_marcia
    2 years ago
    I saw this place in a list posted in social media of the 10 best restaurants in Oregon. It appears tiny from the street, but is actually good sized and spotless. The menu has some interesting items like the scallion pancake, which was good. I had the salt and pepper tofu which was really delicious, crusty outside, perfect salt and pepper spice, and nice soft tofu inside. My husband had the duck with white rice and he enjoyed that very much. The service was good, the food is good, but not sure it reaches that top 10 in state status.
  • Photo of gy820
    2 years ago
    To be fair this experience was on Christmas Day dinner. The restaurant was full as well as a line of take outs. The food was very good, four stars at least. Well seasoned (no msg), tasty. Singapore noodles were spot on. Spacing was a bit tight between tables and a little uncomfortable when every seat is taken. The service was spotty. It took 10 minutes to get menus, 30 minutes for water. Water was served after our first dish. Extremely bad was the tea which was undescribeably bad, leaving a dirty mouth feeling. Easy parking and access to freeways in the southeast section near the 205 freeway.
  • Photo of Kelly L
    2 years ago
    We had dim sum here today , and it was not very good. We ordered the chow fun noodles with shrimp, most places give you 3-4 shrimp in the noodle, ours had no shrimp in some and the rest of the noodles only 1 shrimp, then we ordered salt and pepper chicken wings, used to be perfectly seasoned and not greasy, today no salt and pepper seasoning and super greasy and bleeding at the bone😡. Then we ordered the Singapore curry noodles and again 1 shrimp in the whole plate and not much curry flavor. Sad to see this place going down hill, but like all Asian places once they start to make a profit , they get greedy and cut back on the quality! , very disappointed, won't be back! Best taste across the street is WAY better .

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