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Pono Farm Soul Kitchen

Japanese Restaurant

Pono Farm Soul Kitchen34.5
brunch • pork • steak • bacon fried rice

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  • Photo of Meg Cotner
    6 months ago
    Sadly they are closed now, but they used to offer excellent sushi, noodles, dumplings, and more. Japanese comfort food. More:
  • Photo of Jessie Li
    a year ago
    Yuzu French Toast and anything with meat
  • Photo of Ryane Pitts
    3 years ago
    Lunch menu sounds yummy
  • Photo of Tzeeper
    4 months ago
    My husband and I really enjoyed eating at this spot. Was fun to go for appetizers and drinks before a movie at the Hollywood theater. Wait staff and bartender always kind and helpful. Definitely meat-centric, with some delicious mushrooms (sometimes!) This spot will be missed!
  • Photo of dseeley
    8 months ago
    We had a special large-group Omakase dinner at Soul Kitchen and it was incredible. Many courses of beautifully prepared dishes with a huge array of subtle flavors. This was a tour-de-force of fine proteins from sea and land, spanning from perfect simple sashimi to dishes that would be at home on michelin tasting menus. The staff was extremely helpful and responsive in the planning phase, and the environment, cocktails and service were impeccable.
  • Photo of Cris2019
    9 months ago
    Friendly staff and great sake were just the beginning. I ordered the special 3-course meal. First course was sushi, good flavor and fresh fish but nothing too special. The second course was braised pork belly with daikon. This is a VERY traditional Chinese meal I've had many times at home. Never did I imagine pork belly and daikon could taste so good. There is no word for it, it is simply SUPERB. I really wanted to lick the plate to not waste even one drop of the sauce. Then the beef shank with curry sauce just blew my mind. It was so delicious that my husband asked me to save him some more. I am not a big meat eater so normally 3 plateful of meat would be too heavy. That evening, I was so happy that I did not turn vegetarian because I would've miss all these good things in life. My taste buds were fully satisfied without overloading my stomach.
  • Photo of tfizzle
    10 months ago
    The dining month menu was a steal. Great sushi and great filet steak. I also got the pork and eggplant which was kind of like a ragu. The flavors which I can't really describe were excellent. This place knows how to do beef but the fish was good also. Their happy hour menu is an absolute steal.
  • Photo of mkardas_pe
    10 months ago
    The food is wonderful with rich flavors and excellent preparation. We have been customers both at the restaurant and PSU farmers market for the last 3 years. You can tell the difference in the meat they use. Owning their farm allows them to control the quality and the chefs make sure they prepare it properly. If you want a sushi bar and yakisoba, don't come here. If you want a beautifully prepared cut of meat or a sukiyaki that will blow your mind (not to mention the braised pork belly) then come here. Most importantly, the staff are and have always been courteous and welcoming.
  • Photo of LokiRN
    10 months ago
    We were excited about pono farms because the menu and reviews were really good, we were a little let down. The eggplant wasn't anything special in fact we left most of it in the little cast iron skillet it came in. The steak tataki had nice flavor but some of it was pretty stringy and tough. Pork belly might as well have been pork shoulder because of the way it was cooked ,it was overdone, but the broth it came in was excellent. The drinks were very good especially the green tea old fashioned.
  • Photo of Powellbutte
    a year ago
    Great place for dinner, I try to eat here every time I come to Portland, Great Japanese food, They own a farm in Central Oregon where the Beef and Pork come from, some of the Best Organic Meats I've ever had, Staff is very friendly and very helpful with menu selections.
  • Photo of jackwidely
    a year ago
    went for Brunch which is a menu closer to Lunch than American breakfast... Only real breakfast items were french toast (a bit small if very hungry) which looked great and tasted as it looked. Bacon side was excellent- a lot of bacon. Rest were lunch/dinner items- Raman (Tantanmen) was outstanding and more than I could eat. Egg in the bowl made it breakfast like, right? Kale salad was fresh and a full meal size. Cubano sandwich was also huge with lots of pork and great potatoes on the side. Tacos (pork of course) were just ok... don't go here for tacos. Coffee is excellent, service is attentive. Food is fresh and well presented and memorable. no wait for 'brunch' which in Portland is very important! Bit on the pricey side but all items were large portions and shared (except french toast which wasn't large enough). street parking usually just north of Sandy Blvd.
  • Photo of slc49
    a year ago
    Small but good Japanese fusion menu with grilled meats, comfort food, sushi selections. We had smoked pork chop (more like sliced tenderloin roast), tri tip Wagyu steak (perfect medium rare) with variety of small roasted potatoes and chimichura sauce, vegetable tempura (perfectly light and crunchy), firecracker roll (good but not firecracker spicy though). Very nice server but kitchen service was super slow (sat for over an hour before food arrived, kitchen issue says the server). At least food prep was not compromised and everything beautifully plated. For the slow service we were given free desserts (Japanese bread pudding was lightly caramelized nicely) which took another half hour to arrive. So we were there for over 2.5 hours! The dining room is modern, open, spacious. Nice addition to neighborhood and would return for special occasions only as prices not for penny pinchers as someone else said. Only street parking available so may need to walk a little bit.
  • Photo of Shanty7777
    a year ago
    3 of us ordered Omakase $50 /person. Waitress said it will be 10 course dinner. How do we share a KAKUNI which is only 1 boild egg, 1small meat ,2 Daikon in one dish for 3 people??? If you order only one Omakase You still can get the same amount. We asked the lady manager She said "This the way it is." Then she brought us some Sushi Nigiri. "This is a gift from us " But after all we only had 7 out of 10 dishes Then the lady manager said "The sushi was one of the course item." Wow what a turnaround!! At this point All of us were lost for words. Unprofessional manager makes it a bad experience. Good food but not worth it. We paid $174 left "hangry."
  • Photo of grolwer_82
    a year ago
    Good quality products. Service is fairly good, menu is reasonable. Saki and wine selection pretty good. Compared to other Japanese fusion places I been in the world it's lacking creativity in food for the cost...
  • Photo of MollyMac1962
    a year ago
    We just ate here last night and the food and the service were outstanding! Beautifully fused and unique flavors; interesting dishes and the service was outstanding (my partner actually tipped well which NEVER happens!).
  • Photo of TomFallon
    a year ago
    Not for the penny pinchers! This is our third or fourth time here. I'm a picky eater but I loved everything! We ordered the Mushroom Congee (I don't like mushrooms so did not eat this but my partner said it's good), Pork Gyoza (very good), Grilled Peaches (excellent!!!!!), Filet (excellent but too expensive at $50), pork and bacon fried rice (phenomenal - such a simple dish but there were some wonderful flavors in here), vegetable tempura (excellent). I really loved the food and it is odd when someone can get me to try a bunch of different things like this and have me enjoy it.
  • Photo of chandeb
    2 years ago
    We really like this restaurant with an airy, bright interior and excellent japanese-american fusion cuisine. We went for brunch on a Sunday afternoon and the place was half empty. I was initially put off by the rather limited menu but my hamburger and my husband's fried rice and pot stickers were both very good. Other people's eggs benedicts and tonkatsu bowl also looked inviting. If we had more time in Portland, we would return to try their dinner menu, which looked much more extensive. They told us their meats (and veggies?) are from their own farm in Eastern Oregon.
  • Photo of MoniqueAWP
    2 years ago
    We love the wagu steak and sushi on the menu. Both times we have dined, we have waited long periods of time for food and service. The food is excellent and I highly recommend the fried rice along with our favorites listed above as well. Parking is an issue, set aside a few extra minutes prior to your reservation.
  • Photo of Bruce P
    2 years ago
    Have dined here three different times in the last 6 months and every time is better than the previous. This family owns a ranch where they raise their own Black and Red Wagyu Beef and Pork as well. There is a butcher shop and a great restaurant with phenomenal food, a great wine list and craft cocktails. The flavor profiles lean toward Japanese comfort foods with everything from Rib Eye steak and Miso Mashed Potatoes - to kimchi and citrus brined pork. Parking takes a bit of backstreet driving - but well worth it.
  • Photo of lsc_Denver
    2 years ago
    Three of us wanted a variety of dishes and flavors that included some sushi. The Soul Kitchen was just right. We tried the Hollywood roll (excellent) the nigiri plate (good variety and perfectly fresh fish), the meatballs, the gyoza, and the wild mushroom salad (outstanding)! We weren't really needing dessert after that, but their Japanese bread pudding with yuzu cream is NOT to be missed. Lovely service, too, and comfortable, stylish ambience. We'll be sure to be back.
  • Photo of TnEShlaes
    2 years ago
    Japanese influenced cuisine. The soft shell crab was wonderful and so was the butterfish entree with a kumquat puree. There steak sushi was also yummy! Modern setting and a bar too. Late night available.
  • Photo of yellowpixels
    2 years ago
    This place is relatively well known so you will likely need a reservation. 15 min from PDX. Fresh, wholesome, tasty food served in an appealing restaurant. Really excellent food. Service was really good but a little slow.
  • Photo of buford33
    2 years ago
    Good: Excellent server named Sonia, management dealt with various issues well, tempura vegetables were quite good, vegetable roll and nigiri were good, the room is nice and comfortable. Needs work: the Chicken Karage was so salty as to be inedible, the braised meatballs were ho hum, the Firecracker roll was not one bit spicy ---absolutely no kick. We arrived on time for our reservation, told the hostess who we were and that we had a booking and were seated at a nice end table. Unfortunately, she never noted we arrived so Open Table sent us a notice we had been a "no show". As a result, we had to deal with both the restaurant and Open Table to correct this --not how we wanted to spend our time. As noted above, however, management did ultimately handle this appropriately. Give it a try.

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