Photo of Nuvrei in Portland, OR, US
Photo of Nuvrei in Portland, OR, US
Photo of Nuvrei in Portland, OR, US
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pastry • sandwiches • salmon • the pearl

404 Nw 10th Ave
Portland, OR 97209, US
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  • Photo of Meg Cotner
    5 months ago
    Amazing pastries and quite good coffee. Get a pain au chocolat when it's still warm. More:
  • Photo of Jooyeun Lee
    3 years ago
  • Photo of Eric Ahn
    3 years ago
    Great everything.
  • Photo of rierieUSA
    4 months ago
    Excellent pastries - had a fruit tart, almond croissant & chewy chocolate cookie! All fresh & yummy!! They also have macaroons but we did not try, see photos for a selection. They advertise sandwiches, but there were 3-4 varieties of 'small' sandwiches that were sitting in the glass display ... we passed so cannot say whether they are tasty or not. Will definitely go back for the sweets!
  • Photo of skidog
    5 months ago
    How can I take 50'words to say the best croissants in town are at nuvrei? Well they also have a nice egg and bacon pastry, classic French macaroons and wonderful brioche and danish....but the croissants? I can't get up in Portland with getting my nuvrei croissant
  • Photo of Liz C
    5 months ago
    Nuvrei offers a variety of pastries to choose from. The mixed berry brioche and almond croissant was delicious. I wish I had a pastry place near my neighborhood similar to Nuvrei.
  • Photo of Gloria L
    8 months ago
    Visited the Pearl District today & decided to give Nuvrei a try. The place is ultra modern, light and bright. Pastries quite impressive with main focus on croissants and cookies + different kinds of coffee drinks. We each tried a croissant (almond & hazelnut). Both were flaky and rich. Hazelnut had more flavor; likely because that particular nut always shines thru any dish. Husband loved his coffee (which is a rarity in most places) and I enjoyed my decaf cafe mocha. Only one wrinkle; techno music though soft was rather off-putting. We'd have hung out longer but the vibe just didn't invite patrons who prefer melodic sounds to do so.
  • Photo of Rhonda R
    9 months ago
    Nuvrei offers all manner of delicious pastries (including macaroons), but it's their chocolate croissant which pulled me back every Saturday morning for several years. Flaky, butter-rich, with rich Valrhona dark chocolate that melts in the mouth. It's croissant heaven. It's better than all the croissants I've ever had in France. For the flakiest, most flavorful pastries, get here early, when they've just come out of the oven. Consider getting them to go--seating is limited. If there's a line (and there frequently is a line), relax and enjoy the hip atmosphere and great music. Oh, and when you get that croissant, take your time with it. It's worth savoring.
  • Photo of JMDJSC6969
    9 months ago
    Stopped off for some breakfast on Saturday , a really cool shop that sells some amazing looking parties, I only had one of the savoury croissants which they heated up, the croissant was perfect, a real butter light taste. My niece had one of the sweet ones and again was delighted wth the really light pastry. The coffee was also excellent. If I lived in Portland this would be a regular haunt, I really can't recommend it enough.
  • Photo of mscott2017
    a year ago
    We stopped by this place when we visited Portland a few years back. Now we make a point of going here every year. The baked good are superb. I think their Ham & Cheese Croissant is the best I have had in years. They are very serious about their coffee and I have yet to have a bad one there. So, if you are in the area around Powell's and you want a little treat, go here. I know we will the next time we are in Portland
  • Photo of Bryan H
    a year ago
    Went there early on a weekday morning, and there were virtually no customers there! There are only a few stool chairs on one wall, so seating is limited. It's mostly a "to-go" kind of place that's clean, white and modern. The pastries are displayed in an odd way, which makes it look there is more variety than there actually turns out to be. I wanted a vegetarian savory bakery item, but couldn't find one!?! So, I got a berry croissant that was actually quite tasty. I have eaten their items at different locations around town, but this is the first time I visited their actual store. Yummy looking selection I don't see elsewhere. While my friend complained about the service, I found the counter gals just fine. Pearl Bakery is better ... but if you want to try a new place for any reason, walk down the street and check out this place.
  • Photo of Julie A
    a year ago
    I live in the neighborhood and used to stop in frequently for their very nicely prepared food items (salads, breakfast sandwiches). They have recently remodeled to an over-the-top pretentious Clockwork Orange unwelcoming nightmare. No menu, over priced coffee and a couple of bakery items. It does smell really nice to walk by on the outside however,
  • Photo of NYCATX
    2 years ago
    We stumbled across this place on a walk in the Pearl District. Interior is super modern, and coffee and croissant were both top notch.
  • Photo of aaardvark
    2 years ago
    Nuvrei has some of the flakiest, most buttery and delicious pastry in town. Their cappuccini are delicious, and their fruit danish are some of the best I've eaten on this planet. I quite love their gluten-free chocolate cookies and their cinnamon rolls that look like Princess Leia hair buns. It's small and you can't always find a seat, but snag one if you can and be grateful for takeout.
  • Photo of N_Smith_AZ
    2 years ago
    Visited during a weekday for a light snack. Shop is very modern and clean. ALL the pastries looked delicious. We ordered an almond croissant ($3.75, vanilla almond cream), and a salmon pretzel ($6.50, cream cheese spread containing cold smoked lox style salmon, dill, and fried caper on a poppy seed pretzel bagel). Pastry was very good, the salmon bagel was disappointing. I love bagel & lox, but this cream cheese spread just didn't satisfy my taste bauds. Also, the bagel was not made to order, so not really sure how long it had been sitting out on display along with the other sandwiches. Stick with the pastries and I'm sure you'll be a happy customer.
  • Photo of Mike W
    2 years ago
    Very interesting take on croissants - more filing than actually flaky pastry - almond chocolate is wonderful, rose pistachio less so. Knavery appears to have made changes since I was last there in April - pastries cheaper (!!) and more varied.
  • Photo of PaytonPdx
    2 years ago
    This rating is solely for the delicious macaron bar, Mac Bar, downstairs from the original Nuvrei bakery. I've always thought they had the best macarons in Portland. Then I spent time in Paris and Mac Bar is on par, if not slightly better, than Laduree and the like. Kudos! Nuvrei itself has a few tasty selections but service tends to be apathetic and unwelcoming, which is too bad. Service is much better in the cookie cave below.
  • Photo of Dr_Lainey
    3 years ago
    Nuvrei is a great place to stop by for a light breakfast or snacks. The pastry bar is filled with croissants, scones, cookies, and caneles. There a few croissant sandwiches and bagel sandwiches. The ham & cheese croissant is delicious. Ask them to warm it up. If you want a sweeter treat, order the almond croissant. The Mac bar is downstairs and that is where you can order your macroons. They have a variety of flavors that rotate. When we were there, the Mac bar had earl grey, rose, lemon, blueberry, and salted caramel.
  • Photo of Merridee
    3 years ago
    Food is awesome!! I had the occasion to use the catering side of Nuvrei recently. Only a small order, which may not have been how they would make $$$$ but I was disappointed with the way the business was conducted. The person who I was working with, seemed to have days off just when I was trying to finalize the order, with no one else knowing about my order, and when I was trying to call to see if I really was going to get my order I was told that half the order was not available due to some family issues. Not the best way to run a business! Not sure I would use their catering again, but would certainly go back for their macarons
  • Photo of cityzen2
    3 years ago
    We popped in for an afternoon pick-me-up during an afternoon in The Pearl District and wowza! Nearly tore the other's from their hand; shared a decadent chocolate croissant that set a new standard. A berry scone was a taste sensation too. Both were sensational. I'm thrilled we got brioche for tomorrow's breakfast. Next time, will try savory pastries. P.S. My Pearl salon always has a selection of Nuvrei macarons for guests and they're wonderful.
  • Photo of Laura C
    3 years ago
    We grabbed breakfast here and loved it. The breakfast sandwiches were fantastic, the lattes might have been the best we've had, and the macarons...oh my word. Worth every penny! I got dark chocolate, white chocolate, violet and rose. We're definitely coming back the next time we visit Portland.
  • Photo of Sari S
    3 years ago
    I grabbed a bacon cheddar scone, a gruyere pretzel and several macarons for breakfast and sustenance on my cross country plane ride home and I couldn't have been happier. The gruyere pretzel was delicious, definitely a quality gruyere and not overly salty; the macarons were delicately flavored, not to0 sweet and the cream was very buttery; but the real winner was the bacon cheddar scone--I did not end up eating it until 15 hours later and it remained moist and delicious--I was surprised and delighted. If I lived in downtown Portland, this would be a regular stop for me.
  • Photo of Anna J
    3 years ago
    Ham and cheese croissant and everything bagel with cream cheese are both awesome. Masala chai was a bit on the sweeter side.

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