Photo of Luc Lac Kitchen in Portland, OR, US
Photo of Luc Lac Kitchen in Portland, OR, US
Photo of Luc Lac Kitchen in Portland, OR, US
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Luc Lac Kitchen

Asian Restaurant

Luc Lac Kitchen44.5
pho • shrimp • spring rolls • pork

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  • Photo of Lauren McCune
    a year ago
    Great happy hour, tasty chicken wings and adventurous cocktails.
  • Photo of J Talbott
    2 years ago
    Pretty good pho. Open late!
  • Photo of Paul Valenstein
    3 years ago
    Pho, Lúc Lác
  • Photo of Margot Mazur
    4 years ago
    There are 20 to choose from, and none is more than $3. From the $2 list, stuff yourself with pork and shrimp fresh rolls with mint, cream cheese won tons, sugar cane shrimp, and mussels steamed in lemongrass-tamarind broth.
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  • Photo of Brendan H
    4 months ago
    This place is unreal good. Pho is just top notch, and for only $10 a pop, there is sooo much food. Order at the counter, sit down and enjoy. Brisket and steak pho was out of this world
  • Photo of Eric F
    4 months ago
    My wife, sister, and I were up in Portland and found this place on TripAdvisor and were glad we found it. We arrived a bit before noon and found a line of people queued up at the door. You order at the counter and then wait to be seated, and we were very happy with our meals. The decor is casual but hip, and all of our dishes were excellent. I had the pork Banh Mi (sandwich) which was well prepared and came with a nicely prepared green salad (I ordered it spicy, which ended up not being that hot, but the garlic chili sauce on the table solved the problem). My wife had the Pho, which had a great broth. My sister had the Vermicelli Combination that was artfully presented and very good. Everything went down smoothly with a local IPA on tap - perfect!
  • Photo of FoodieMN
    4 months ago
    Hotel concierge said "skip the pho, get the combo plate." She was right. Delish and cool atmosphere. Nice bar to read at while waiting for my meal (dining solo). Will definitely return.
  • Photo of BKM512
    4 months ago
    Every time we went by this restaurant there was a line out the door so we had to try it. The line moves very fast, food was cooked well and servings were generous. Many interesting things on the menu. If I was staying longer, I would eat here everyday.
  • Photo of bridget b
    4 months ago
    The wait here can get long at lunchtime but it's so worth it. SUCH good pho and salad. And drinks. I wish I could eat here every time I was in Portland. Cute decor, too.
  • Photo of Billtill1
    4 months ago
    First piece of advice, get there early! This popular restaurant has fantastic food and is one of the best value's in Portland. Generous portion sizes are complimented by great taste. When you arrive, grab a menu and decide on what you would like to order. You order first, before sitting down and then you find a spot to sit. Remember when ordering, the portion sizes are generous so be careful to not get too many appetizers or sides. I would not hesitate in going back to Luc Lac and you shouldn't either. If you are looking for great food and great value, check out this trendy spot.
  • Photo of Carl R
    4 months ago
    We went during happy hour. 10 appetizers and three drinks came to 65.00. There was a 30 minute wait. You order and pay at the counter. Great food. Wings, shrimp,pork. All very original and presented as it comes out of the small kitchen. They had the whole operation well in hand. We had fun, the price was right, and we will be back.
  • Photo of Margaret1018
    4 months ago
    I have been frequenting this restaurant since it was a food stall next door. The food is always fabulous and a great take out option. I don't usually eat in due to the long wait and the noise factor. They make it very easy to do take out by having you go to the bar to pick up and pay. We do this for dinner every couple of weeks. As a vegetarian you simply cannot beat the options.
  • Photo of TaupoSheryll
    4 months ago
    There was a queue waiting but still worth it. You gave your orders and paid at the bar then by the time the table was ready so was your food. We shared 3 dishes and all were wonderful
  • Photo of dave1013
    5 months ago
    Wife and I had a late lunch at Lac Luc on a weekday afternoon in late August 2017. The restaurant was an easy walk from our hotel. Luckily, we arrived during a break in the action and were seated right away. The process here is that you first order and pay, then grab utensils next to the pay site and take the table bearing your assigned number. It's a pretty efficient operation but it breaks down when they send you to a table yet to be bussed from the occupancy of the previous clients. It took a while to flag someone down but we finally did and the matter was resolved on the spot. We both had the $9 pho with steak and brisket. It was excellent. Could have been served a little hotter, though. The broth was a winner, rich and savory with a subtle sweetness that distinguished it from all the other pho I have had. In this case, different was good. I enjoyed having lunch here and would certainly come back for more.
  • Photo of SeeTheWorld4Peace
    5 months ago
    We only spent 15 minutes in line until we ordered, and the food came very quickly. It was very tasty. We had the Luc Lac beef special (excellent), tiger shrimp banh mi, and papaya salad. It was rather noisy however, with blasting music.
  • Photo of Errol999
    5 months ago
    Was just passing by late at night checking out "another" restaurant across the street for another days' meal when I observed a crowd outside this establishment. Went across the street to ask what kind of food & interview the locals as to how the food was here. Spoke with Asians & others & unanimously got an "excellent" from all. Asked manager when the best time to come without long lines & he said early. Came the next morning around 11:30 am & only had ~10 people in front of me. Lets just say this place has their act together; you order, pay, get a number & they seat you; you wait until they bring your dishes to your table & the rest is heaven. We had the combo & shrimp vermicelli bowls with a side of minced beef rolls. Best Asian meal I've had in years. And not expensive. Don't miss this gem!
  • Photo of godh
    5 months ago
    Place is small, you come make line, order, wait and then the food ia ready at your table. Everything is fresh, huge portions, PHO train which comes with all beefcuts is just Amazing!!!! A vietnamit friend recommended couple a years ago, we went and now back. Its sunday 11.30 and there is no line :)
  • Photo of Bajuga
    5 months ago
    A great restaurant. Somehow it's both traditional and innovative at the same time. Go during happy hour (4-7pm), and order a bunch of the small dishes. The salads are amazing!
  • Photo of Hiroshi317
    5 months ago
    We are lucky so this Asian restaurant is very close to my hotel. Everything is delicious especially I like noodle with beef. So we have more days we will have more dinner or to go. Every customers are waiting with beer so not afraid line up.
  • Photo of bethnal91
    5 months ago
    Luc Lac is a chic, noisy kitchen in the heart of the downtown area. The food itself is delicious and authentic; the kitchen is run by Vietnamese who know what they're doing. It's more of a trendy, fast-food style of eatery than a luxurious sit down meal - you order before you are seated, and the food is served very quickly after. There's a wide selection of meals and most of the main dishes are a hearty size at around $10. It's well worth a visit if you're looking for a quick lunch or dinner.
  • Photo of reno1024
    5 months ago
    Most meals in the $8 to $12 range. Three meaty skewers in the vermicelli bowl. But also vegan meals available. It can be easy to overlook this place--signage does not really stand out that much.
  • Photo of Missy025
    5 months ago
    Where do you find a fantastic late night (think 1:00am) dinner in downtown Portland? Here!! An online search led me here at 12:30 am last night post 30 year high school reunion and I couldn't have been happier! My bff and I both loved the food and drinks and upbeat atmosphere. Totally interesting mix of people made it all the more fun. It has an interesting set up. Order at the counter, then they issue you a table w a number. You get your own utensils, water etc and then they deliver your food/drinks. It works and I loved it and I am so glad they were there.... I'll definitely be back.
  • Photo of Johnanddon1
    6 months ago
    This small cool little place on 2nd ave has great authentic Vietnamese/Asian fare. The twist is that you order at the front host desk and then you are seated. So you order all your food and drink at entry. The menu is diverse with lots of choices, including craft cocktails (excellent) and meat/veg choices. There is really no server experience since once your are seated, your order is brought out when ready. We enjoyed the spring rolls, chicken curry, and shrimp and vermicelli as well as the meatballs, which are served in a light broth. Would recommend for informal dinner or quick lunch.
  • Photo of EYC17
    6 months ago
    it was a half an hour wait time but it was good foods with good values. We enjoyed the foods very much. Order and pay first before seating are one of the kind... very smart business idea... we did not mind at all... excellent experience.

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