Photo of Dick's Kitchen in Portland, OR, US
Photo of Dick's Kitchen in Portland, OR, US
Photo of Dick's Kitchen in Portland, OR, US
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Dick's Kitchen

American Restaurant

Dick's Kitchen14
beef • burger • cakes • sliders

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  • Photo of Meg Cotner
    6 months ago
    Good paleo-friendly eats. Recommended: burgers, Superfood Coleslaw. More:
  • Photo of MidoriKi
    4 months ago
    Dick's bills itself as a great place for humanely raised beef. They offer burgers that really are more interesting than the standard (even for Portland). I was wary of the non-fried fries, but they were great. I'm not wild about hamburger buns, but wanted a choice that wasn't included as a burger bowl (burger over salad), and they happily obliged. Our waitperson was helpful without being overly hover-y. Worth a trip if you like burgers, fries, and veggies.
  • Photo of 190Daniel
    4 months ago
    We enjoyed a light supper at Dick's Kitchen NW. The restaurant offers a wide range of speciality beers, but we chose a bottle of chardonnay to accompany our chicken Caesar salads (and a shared bowl of their special fries!) followed by coffee. The service was friendly and efficient, the food excellent and atmosphere very relaxing as we sat outside on a balmy September evening. The bill was $50 before tip, which was good value. Well worth a visit if you're in the area.
  • Photo of Donald J R
    4 months ago
    This place serves fantastic burgers. The burgers are cooked to perfection. Many options of meat to choose from, and a large menu to choose from. Friendly service, and helpful staff if you have questions. The fries (traditional potato and sweet potato) are very good. Give your taste buds a treat.
  • Photo of nolachuckd
    4 months ago
    We had lunch at 1pm so we thought it would be hectic and loud. We were right but not in a good way. The staff was busy talking with each other or cleaning and stocking. We sat at the bar for over five minutes before being acknowledged. The burgers were not as impressive as we had inspected with very little basic seasoning and cooked more than expected. The server never came back after she delivered the food and had to get the managers attention to get the bill.
  • Photo of Geof J
    4 months ago
    We had dinner here after a visit to the Japanese Gardens and it was very good. The food was good, they could accommodate gluten free needs and our waitress was very friendly. I would recommend this if you need a quick friendly place to eat or if you need gluten free options as they are very aware about gluten issues. I would definitely eat here again
  • Photo of ny20005
    5 months ago
    Food was good but service only so so & multiple mistakes made either by waitress or kitchen Wouldn't encourage me to go back I'm afraid
  • Photo of amoomba
    6 months ago
    Hiked down the hill from the Wildwood Trail. Hungry and thirsty. Dicks fit the bill. Good burger, nice beers on tap. Pleasant seating inside and out. Good service. We will be back.
  • Photo of Niblet98
    8 months ago
    So I tried Dick's Kitchen a few years back after reading reviews and LOVED it. The next time I went I still loved it, burgers are yummy. However, in the last 6 months I have gone there and it wasn't so great. Food wasn't hot, service was ok and I just remember the burgers and fries being better. Not sure what's happening or if there is turnover in the kitchen but haven't been back since.
  • Photo of SophieTRR
    8 months ago
    We stopped here for lunch and were thrilled that we did. There are tons of paleo, gluten free, and vegan options. The meat was delicious! We thoroughly enjoyed our meals and the clean and modern vibe. Highly recommend you give it a try!
  • Photo of Paul L
    9 months ago
    Strolling around Northwest Portland with a friend looking for a new place for lunch, we happened upon Dick's. Great service, varied menu, full bar and a good selection of beers. I saw gluten free options on the menu. Made for a great afternoon. Go check them out!
  • Photo of DLfromSS
    9 months ago
    I have been to Dick's Kitchen twice now and I love this place. It has a great vibe. The menu is extensive and there's something to please everyone.
  • Photo of Family_Jules1969
    10 months ago
    I had the Zizou burger and all I can say is WOW! The fries were so good dipped in some type of fry sauce. We will go back.
  • Photo of George  G
    a year ago
    I was really hoping to try the Dork burger, but they were out of the ingredients despite it being featured on their giant chalk board. The waitress made a great suggestion, and I thoroughly enjoyed the Zizou burger. The baked fries were different, and actually very good. Raspberry kambucha on tap was just right. Lots of gluten-free options to choose from. Next time I am in Portland I might just stop back in to see if I can try Dick's Dork ;)
  • Photo of npeben
    a year ago
    We stumbled on this place on a Sunday when the breakfast place we wanted had stopped serving the morning menu. Driving by, this place looked interesting and not crowded (too early for a lunch crowd on a Sunday). I ordered a grilled cheese with tomato, which was excellent. Another visit I had sliders and they were super delicious. Both visits I ordered the sweet potato "no fries" (some secret way of making them like fries without the oil and they were TASTEY!). With no room for the dessert (paleo/vegan) so I got one to go. OMG, it was SOOO GOOOOD! It's made with cashew milk. I don't like cashews so was hesistant. Tasted nothing like cashews -- only smooth creamy goodness with chocolate and raspberries. The staff was so friendly and helpful explaining the menu & answering questions. We were the only people right when it opened so the staff was very attentive and it was fast for a sit-down restaurant. They have a menu that accommodates dietary restrictions -- paleo dishes, vegetarian and vegan. The menu favors a paleo diet, limiting processed food & sugar. The meat is from healthy, humanely raised animals. There is a bar there too, but we did not partake. Looks like it has a good selection of liquor options.
  • Photo of TravelInGrace
    a year ago
    Casual yet marvelous, burgers are 100% grass fed which makes them incredible and good for the planet! Try the house made chipotle aioli and chipotle catsup. Vegan, gluten free options. Coconut bliss shakes are bliss, gluten free chocolate torte fabulous, Paleo Parfait is unmatched. They make great cocktails and have beer and kombucha on tap. Read the story on the back of the menu, it's about eating well and doing good.
  • Photo of mhowell2015
    a year ago
    I've probably been here at least 50 times! Everything I've tried is good. The casual diner-style vibe is perfect at this NW 23rd restaurant. They feature a "guest burger" every day, and the sides change according to what's fresh from nearby farms. Make sure you spend time looking at pictures of all the famous guys named Dick that adorn the walls! Try it!
  • Photo of kentonerwin
    a year ago
    The menu is impressive, and the staff are friendly. The photos of various Dicks and Richards are fun. The beers are good, as are the cole slaw and the (baked) fries. But my buffalo burger was overcooked to the point of dryness, despite their telling me they would cook it "medium with a pink center." And it needed spices-I've rarely eaten such a "blah," tasteless piece of meat of any type, in my life. Yuck. The veggie pickles were also disappointing--mildly pickled and no spices--just boring.
  • Photo of imgwiz
    a year ago
    While visiting Portland we met some local friends here for dinner at their suggestion. I ordered sliders of beef and dork ( their combo of pork and duck) and sweet potato fries. The local beer on tap was good, but I was totally disappointed by the sliders. I didn't love the dork combo, although the caramelized onions on it compensated slightly for the dry texture of the burger. The beef slider,however, came with a small dollop of their house sauce and needed a boost of ketchup to help me swallow it. Although the server and I discussed medium cooking, with a little pink, it came well done. The fries had decent flavor but they would have been good if they were served hot instead of cool to tepid. Nevertheless I enjoyed them until I picked up two that had a hair attached and lost my appetite for them. The server was a very pleasant fellow, but the length of the wait for the type of the food/style of restaurant was surprisingly long.
  • Photo of Jafarmer
    a year ago
    It's hard to beat a good old fashioned burger, but they're also pretty easy to screw up. Dick's did the burgers very well. They have a rotating tap (always good) and the service was great. I wasn't too fond of the their french fries though. They have some cool way they cook them; not bad, but not my favorite. I'll definitely go back and would absolutely recommend everyone get the Miss Piggy burger!
  • Photo of BournemouthFan
    a year ago
    Staying nearby we walked along to Dicks and were surprised and delighted by the quality of the food and service. We liked the dinosaur toys for the kids too :) My son, who is very very picky, enjoyed his burger so much that when we ate the next night I had to pop and get an "bag of dicks" takeaway for him to eat :)

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