Photo of Cool Moon Ice Cream in Portland, OR, US
Photo of Cool Moon Ice Cream in Portland, OR, US
Photo of Cool Moon Ice Cream in Portland, OR, US
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Cool Moon Ice Cream


Cool Moon Ice Cream14.5
ice cream • thai peanut • salty carmel • waffle cone

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  • Photo of Meg Cotner
    2 months ago
    Solid locally made ice cream. Recommended: affogato with cinnamon ice cream. More:
  • Photo of Nancy W
    6 months ago
    Time after time we drop into cool moon after a meal in the pearl and are so very happy we did. The flavors are always wonderful. My son's favorite is buttermilk marionberry and mine is kulfi. That said there is always a confliction, the flavor that is there that I didn't expect, Turkish coffee or Thai tea is so very delicious it is a disappointment not to chose the conflict. We really need to stop eating dinner and just eat ice cream for dinner and dessert. While the service is not always perfect, the scopers are friendly enough given their jobs. I like the fact that they often serve the whole family rather than having multiple scoopers/group.
  • Photo of Ron S
    7 months ago
    Service is wead if not rude but the ice cream is amazing. They are friendly to the kids although the adults are paying the bill. The prices are very high so watch you choices. Service is very slow and usually not enough counter help.The wait has been up to 15 minutes and with kids this is BAD.
  • Photo of OregonLover_99
    7 months ago
    Had a great time, interesting flavors, nice help. All good! I had toasted sesame and Saigon Cinnamon. Nice combo.
  • Photo of Candee W
    7 months ago
    I love ice cream. I am addicted to it. I love exotic flavors - the more exotic the better. I've been to every ice cream parlor in the city and, IMHO, Cool Moon is be far the best -- so far above Salt 'n Straw I wouldn't even dare to make a comparison. I will keep coming back until I've tried every one of their luscious flavors.
  • Photo of SCPOnTheRoad
    a year ago
    Cool Moon makes all their ice cream on-site. Their flavors are very good, and the ice cream is rich and creamy. The staff are always friendly and accommodating. We take all new comers there.
  • Photo of ValnStephen
    a year ago
    We were told by a restaurant nearby that the ice cream was good at Cool Moon, so we walked over. The flavors were different, but they were very good. I had the Belgian Chocolate and my husband the Salty Caramel, both on sugar cones. Mmm... We'd definitely go back for a quick lick!
  • Photo of Nancy V
    a year ago
    I've cream AND coffee?! How could my world get better! Such great flavors. I couldn't decide, so I got two flavors - salted caramel and Thai iced tea. Both were excellent. They have all kinds of coffee too. There are a few chairs outside in case you came with your furry friend - but someone still had to go inside and order for you. A nice break to take during the day.
  • Photo of Kathleen W
    a year ago
    Very sugary, but good. Not someplace I would go out of my way for, but good. Also offers espresso, espresso drinks, sundaes, floats, and moon pies.
  • Photo of aaardvark
    a year ago
    Cool Moon is like the salutatorian who had about the same grades but was passed over for being less flashy than the valedictorian. The ice cream is very good and there are many varied and flavorful selections. The cones are fresh and crisp and the scoops generous. I like how I can choose from subtle and sophisticated flavors like rosewater or buttermilk marionberry to a totally childlike and exciting chocolates and birthday ice creams with sprinkles. And there's nothing better than taking your cone across the street and watching children frolic in the fountain. Really a nice place.
  • Photo of jenniferlsylman
    a year ago
    Four of us visited Cool Moon Ice Cream and after we all had a good share of tastes, we picked our favorites. My favorite flavor usually had something to do with chocolate and I have to say that the chocolate ice cream was perfect! Fantastic taste and creamy texture! I highly recommend Cool Moon!
  • Photo of margaretcov
    a year ago
    Perfect location next to Jamison Square. After having your children or grandchildren frolic in the fountains just cross the street for a wonderful treat. The flavors change frequently (and some times your favorite will not be there, unfortunately). Cash brings you a discount. If in the area and crave a treat, do not miss Cool Moon
  • Photo of Christy B
    a year ago
    This is a nice little place to come for dessert. The ice cream is handmade and there are so many choices. The people are friendly and it's perfectly located across the street from a nice little park. It's a great family oriented place -- you'll be happy you came here!
  • Photo of Paula B
    a year ago
    Yummy, unusual flavors as well as some classic ones. They have a Happy Hour in the afternoon where select flavors are discounted. What a great way to keep a variety of ice cream in your freezer!
  • Photo of TravelDeMistyFied
    Great ice cream that is all natural and made right there! I tried the Salted Carmel and it was delicious! Another great point...they serve samples with real mini spoons, so there is no waste with plastic wear. Nice touch! If you are enjoying the Pearl District be sure to stop by!
  • Photo of FRED K
    a year ago
    This is a great ice cream shop!! Staff is friendly and ice cream is above average. I had the chocolate sorbet. It was smooth and rich without being icy or overly sweet. I can say it was better than any chocolate ice cream I have tried in the past! Others in our group raved about their selections as well. Definitely worth the stop.
  • Photo of Isabelle et Bru... F
    Don't miss to taste the delicious and the different flavours of the ice creams to Cool Moon Ice cream. You will also appreciate the friendly staff.
  • Photo of toksalot
    a year ago
    My 12 year old son said this is the best ice cream he has ever tasted. He had the Cookies and Cream, I had the Creamy Coconut. Mine was really good too. They have dipped sugar cones and dipped wafer cones (not just waffle cones). I had one with my Coconut. They have a lot of good fresh interesting flavors.
  • Photo of JulieALS
    a year ago
    They have an excellent selection. My husband enjoyed a cone w/ peanut butter and jelly ice cream. The bonus is they also serve espresso so I was able to enjoy salted caramel ice cream affogato style!
  • Photo of anilif
    a year ago
    Yum, yum, yummy! I had the salty carmel micro scoop on a waffle cone = $4.50 it was delicious. I also tasted the fresh banana, it was a hard choice. My daughter had micro scoop of birthday cake on a sugar cone = $3.50, also very good! My husband had a 20 oz vanilla shake with 2 shots espresso = $7.50 he said it was excellent. I don't care for cold coffee, so it wasn't very good to me.
  • Photo of Eugene F
    2 years ago
    A great little shop. Good selection, great servers, nice atmosphere, clean and appropriately priced. The four of us all ordered different items, and we were all happy with what we got. We will be back.

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