Photo of Church in Portland, OR, US
Photo of Church in Portland, OR, US
Photo of Church in Portland, OR, US
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American Restaurant

burger • pisco

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  • Photo of Margot Mazur
    4 years ago
    There's little repenting to be done at this hip, crystal decanter- and priest portrait-lined Sandy Boulevard bar -- fiscally at least, if you stick to the happy hour menu.
  • Photo of RSNN
    6 months ago
    It was an unassuming building as I approach it, until I made it to the corner and saw that sign standing on the sidewalk. It had a cross and the word "CHURCH" on one side. And the words "Eat", "drink" and "Repent" on the other. I wasted no time to enter through the portal to learn more. It was half past 4 PM. Three people were siting at benches.I waked up to the bar the bartender gave me his attention. I sat down and said "I'm not sure just yet. Give me a minute. I was gazing around looking for taps with names on them. "Would you like a menu?" he asked. I nodded. and he placed a wooden menu infront of me that had a cross on it. I opened it and slowly turned the pages.I stopped at the cocktail page and noted the names of the drinks. Names like "Gates of Heaven Hill", "Great Fire", Rosemary's Baby", Hang your cross", and "Rita went to church." Then I turned the pages until I came to Happy Hour. Yes, I had wandered in during the happy Hour. I felt like having a burger and a beer. So I caught the bartenders attention and said "I'd like to try your Church Burger and have a Rainier beer." He asked for the minor details concerning the burger and asked if I wanted to start a tab. I said I'll just pay as I go and handed him a tenner. While I waited for the Church Burger I sipped my Rainier and gazed around the room. In front of me was a punch bowl of red fluid. Perhaps this was their version of Holy Water. just to the right of this was a fixture for offertory candles sans the candles. Of in the right corner there was a sign lit up with the words "CONFESSIONS" beneath it was a black curtain. and that had me wondering. What was behind the curtain? The music playing was not Gregorian Chants. It was kinda jazzy. sung in a language I don't happen to speak. It was rather solid. Good peppy music. Way too hip for a church. I asked the bartender what style of music this was and he said "It's Afro-Latin West Coast Africa. The band is very popular." I told him that it sound very good. I found the Church Burger to also be very good. After I finished it I ordered another Rainier and tipped him. My curiosity and desire to know more about what lurked behind that black the confession curtain got the better of me. I just had to inquire about it instead of blindly walking over and stepping inside It's a photo booth, he said. "Some people think its the bathroom. But the bathroom is over on the other side." He pointed to the east side of the room. My gaze followed his finger. "That would have been one of my guesses." I made note of where he indicated. it saved me from asking my next question. That also happens to be the direction to go if you wish to walk to their outdoor patio. I thanked him for the information. Then moved to a bench near the front window and just sat, relaxed. Looking the place over. Read the signs.And drinking up the atmosphere and my Rainier. It is indeed an interesting place. Well worth stopping in to have a bite to eat. To puzzle over the cocktail names. And imaging what kind of sins might take place in the Confessional photo booth. Yes, it's a place I will lingering in my mind for a long time to come. And I am sure it is a place I will come to again and again. CHURCH is open Daily from 4 PM till 2 AM. Happy Hour is from 4 PM till 7 PM.
  • Photo of jensung07
    6 months ago
    Such a hip place for a drink. BF and I were visiting family and they recommended that we checked out Church. Great place for a laid back night of drinks and HIP HOP! :) Now I can tell all my friends that I have drank at "Church."
  • Photo of Lostelement
    a year ago
    This bar is cool so I will not knock the bar but we can all the way from SW Portland for Wu Tang Wednesday & in typical Portland "we are cooler than you" fashion, they played a smidgen of Wu Tang & played some of the records RZA sampled. They played some Busta Rhymes, maybe they thought that was OBD. It's not "Wu Tang deconstructed Wednesdays". It's Wu Tang Wednesdays. The bar is cool & the DJ's aren't bad but if you think you are going to Wu Tang Wednesdays you are not gonna get what you want. Just call it "Hip Hopish Humpdays" or something more realistic.
  • Photo of Kyran
    2 years ago
    Good cocktails and friendly staff. This bar has indoor and outdoor seating. Seems like a local spot for a quality drink.
  • Photo of Tracy B
    2 years ago
    Had some happy hour burgers, French fries, and pork skins. The bar tender put together the best Pisco Sours I've had since Chile.
  • Photo of kaaay
    2 years ago
    Stopped in on a weeknight for a drink, a nice little place. Wasn't too crowded and we sat at the bar. Good service from the bartender and was fun to watch him as he worked. We each tried one of the specialty drinks (we were on vacation after all)--I had the slovak cowboy (buffalo trace bourbon, iris, cynar, orange bitters, angostura bitters). Was REALLY good. My friend enjoyed his as well, appreciated the uniqueness. Would definitely recommend & visit again when in Portland.
  • Photo of atherts
    2 years ago
    The place was pretty empty at around 4pm, but within minutes was half full. There appeared to be 1 1/2 people behind the bar with only one actually serving. Music was fairly loud, but was soon drowned out by patrons. Initial server was pretty fast and food came out quickly. Later there was a line of about 8 people to get served and we had to wait about 15 minutes just to settle up. Appears to be a pretty popular place with the younger crowd. Lots of hipsters, tattoos and piercings on display. Fairly extensive bar and 8 taps. Drinks on the trendy side as well as the food in general.
  • Photo of Peterlafelk
    3 years ago
    Im Church bietet sich eine angenehme Atmosphäre und gute Drinks. Insbesondere bei Sonnenschein stehen auch Bänke in der Feierabendsonne bereit. Das Preis-Leistungsverhältnis stimmt. Die Bar ist sauber und nett eingerichtet. Alles in allem zu empfehlen, wenn auch etwas abgelegen.
  • Photo of SassyAdventures
    3 years ago
    I enjoyed a sinfully delicious Spanish Crown cocktail with pisco, sherry, mate syrup and other ingredients. The menu didn't really appeal to me but the vibe and service is great. The bartenders are friendly and know their stuff. My kind of worship! ;)
  • Photo of JeanClaudeSmit
    4 years ago
    A good place for some drinks, but I found it a little bit pretentious. The vibe is quite nice and the music was good. Drinks aren't overly expensive either.
  • Photo of ttocsnodrog_2000
    4 years ago
    My buddy and I stopped by for a bite to eat after a recent Winterhawk's game. Even though we were ancient compared to most of the patrons we were accepted immediately. The food was fantastic!! We had the fried pickles and hush puppies to start....Delicious. Then our burgers came and we were in heaven. While they were smaller than expected, but they packed a tantalizing punch of flavor. Our taste buds were definitely in Church as we worshiped the burgers and shoe string fries! If it has been a while since you have been to Church I definitely recommend this congregation for those with a thirst and hunger for burgers and brew!!
  • Photo of MarkZ-PDX
    5 years ago
    Food is delicious, service is fantastic and atmospher is great! I would recommend this restaurant to anybody!

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