Photo of Bollywood Theater in Portland, OR, US
Photo of Bollywood Theater in Portland, OR, US
Photo of Bollywood Theater in Portland, OR, US
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Bollywood Theater

Indian Restaurant

Bollywood Theater14.5
okra • pork vindaloo • gobi manchurian • shrimp

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  • Photo of Meg Cotner
    5 months ago
    Great Dahi Papri Chaat. More:
  • Photo of Chris Mele
    4 years ago
    Kati Roll is basically an Indian burrito!
  • Photo of 5Bidaho
    4 months ago
    Just stopped in to Bollywood Theater to buy a gift certificate. The line was out the door so I asked the waitress if we could buy a gift certificate without waiting since we were turning right around and leaving the restaurant. The waitress out front was very rude and short with us and told us NO. Her attitude and the policy of the restaurant to not provide gift cards to customers not eating at the restaurant is very anti-customer service. We left. We will not be giving our business to this establishment.
  • Photo of Chris S
    4 months ago
    It was great to eat tasty food that has not been over elaborated in the way that is the case with so much American food . Chicken Thali was really good with a great chapati. Good beer too in a setting where decor is interesting. Relaxed atmosphere, order food , sit down then server will bring it. A very pleasant and heart warming lunch on a cold wet day.
  • Photo of Jack8auer
    4 months ago
    Great place with good Indian food. Ambience is so nice as it looks like a mix of Indian restaurant or Dhaba in India with lot of good graffiti and styles in it. Food tastes good for sure with different flavors and most interesting thing is that it doesnt run by Indians. So, it is so amazing that Chefs and staff are doing such a good job. I will definitely visit them again when i am in Portland and wish they can open one in San Diego
  • Photo of Raymond P
    5 months ago
    Watch a movie and eat great Indian food. This is a happening spot that deserves a visit if you like authentic Indian food. Shrimp, chicken, and vegetarian selections. Nice selection of drinks.
  • Photo of n s
    5 months ago
    Great food. Interesting place to eat. Order at counter and food is served at tables. Interesting happening neighbourhood.
  • Photo of simdoh
    7 months ago
    Not your typical Indian restaurant - in a REALLY good way. They serve Indian "street" food and excellent thali plates. Expect long lines but it's worth it.
  • Photo of V B
    7 months ago
    I am very very picky of my Indian food. I mean, I'm Indian, so the best Indian food is my mom. But other than that, I would hands down say the best Indian food I've had in the US is Bollywood Theater in Portland. Pros: 1. The food tastes amazing, and is very authentic. 2. Most of the menu has items you cannot find in other Indian restaurants, like chaat (street) Indian food: vada pav, pav bhaaji, bhel puri, papdi chaat, etc. And these taste amazing. 3. The decor of the place feels like I'm sitting in India (but much more clean!). They have all these old street signs and garage sale type items from India, it just makes the whole thing feel very cozy and welcoming. Cons: 1. Sometimes there are really long lines, esp on Fri/Sat evenings. They don't take reservations and you have to wait in line to order and then grab a seat if there is one. But this is one of the rare cases, where the food is well worth the wait and hassle if you have to stand in line.
  • Photo of smdds
    10 months ago
    We always have to come here on our visits to Portland...nothing like it in Chicago. The Bhel Puri is the best - very fresh and crunchy combo of potatoes, mango, veggies, onion, cilantro, peanuts, puffed rice, spices and chutneys! We also tried the chicken kati roll: a flour wrap with egg, pickled onion and chutney. Another favorite of ours is the Gobi Manchurian, fired cauliflower with lemons - eat a battered lemon! We also had the dal and coconut curry (lentils and veggies cooked in coconut milk, with rice) - a very nice dish. A Portland must!
  • Photo of Mark M
    10 months ago
    Everything here is delicious. The biggest danger here is ordering too much and then not having room to pop over to Salt & Straw because you can barely walk from cleaning your plates here.
  • Photo of Cosmos M
    a year ago
    A hint of Indian food - simple narrow options very much for an American palate. Portions were just right for a light lunch. Fried okra was very salty good. The curried chicken and rice was an inkling of good Indian food. Just did not have the depth of flavor and spices. Kingfisher on draft was a nice suprise. I would try another Indian option before going back.
  • Photo of Tosh S
    a year ago
    There are many dishes to chose from. Small dish if you just like to have a bite. Large plate if you need a good meal. They have a delicious lassi also.
  • Photo of nrbnate
    a year ago
    I don't eat a lot of indian food, but I do frequent a few places in my home town. This was by far the best I've had on my travels. The pork vindaloo was great, It looked and tasted amazing. The buns they give you to soak up the juices were really good. The lamb samosas were also really good.
  • Photo of Gary F
    a year ago
    There are SO many places to eat along Alberta St, but many people told me "but my favorite is the Bollywood." You order at a counter when you enter, and are encouraged to ask for suggestions and descriptions of the food and craft beers. The staff was delighted to tell me about the daily specials and the most popular, and make sure the spice level was to my liking. High ceilings, subtle Indian decor, the the old movies (without sound) showing high on one wall.
  • Photo of Gabrandall
    a year ago
    we love indian food. we love to cook it and eat the food our indian friends ake. we also enjoy good indian restaurants! but we found the various items here to be 'just ok'. fun decorations and to watch the running films. expansive menu, if you want to try new and different things... but not spectacular for the taste buds, and not very authentic seeming.
  • Photo of Ilan C
    a year ago
    ... but I wondered about the advert in the toilet for something that claims to treat both constipation *and* dysentery. I trust the food here will not make me test its efficacy.... the curry was very tasty and the raita outstanding. not that I'm an expert.
  • Photo of Doug H
    a year ago
    We have been to this restaurant a few times and have never been disappointed. The setting is somewhat funky with "Indian" artifacts covering walls and shelves. You place your order at the counter and take a number to your table where your food is brought to you. The staff were all friendly and helpful. We ordered several plates to share and all were prepared well, good portions and very flavorful. All in all it was a very nice casual dining experience.
  • Photo of tiredandtravelled
    Crowded, crowded crowded. No table service, order at the counter. The menu can be confusing, try the specials, both drinks and food. Venue very welcoming, but the tables are cram jammed into the room going to the restroom was like bobbing and weaving thru the restaurant. Love Indian street food! Sauces and chutneys great, consider doing take away, leftovers are good.
  • Photo of cshowalter
    a year ago
    The atmosphere is fun and quirky. It's a great place to go with friends but sometimes the food quality is questionable and personally not always as flavorful as I would expect for this type of cuisine. Fun but not my first choice.
  • Photo of jsc813
    a year ago
    This was a casual, unique Indian food experience. We had the Tofu Kati Roll, Chole and extra dosa but I really wish that we had the people or appetite to order more. Our food was balanced, flavorful and made my mouth and tummy very, very happy. I also noticed that more than 1/2 of the other guests appeared to be Indian and also enjoying their food - a very good sign.
  • Photo of Nico20167
    a year ago
    I have eaten at many restaurants in India and I found this place compared very favorably. The chicken curry entrée I had was excellent. True, it was not spicy but then I also found the food in India to not be very spicy either. Fortunately there were various Chinese and sauces you could add to make it as hard as you want which I did. Overall the amount of food in the entree was right for me but if you have a big appetite you will need to order more. I would definitely eat here again.

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