Photo of Pleasant Ridge Chili and Restaurant in Cincinnati, OH, US
Photo of Pleasant Ridge Chili and Restaurant in Cincinnati, OH, US
Photo of Pleasant Ridge Chili and Restaurant in Cincinnati, OH, US
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Pleasant Ridge Chili and Restaurant


Pleasant Ridge Chili and Restaurant24.5
gyros • sandwiches • fries • cincinnati chili

6032 Montgomery Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45213, US
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  • Photo of Alex Sontos
    4 years ago
    The gravy fries here are not quite poutine but pretty close with brown gravy, crinkle cut fries and a mound of cheese.
  • Photo of Amira Shan
    4 years ago
    The gravy cheese fries are the best in town.
  • Photo of jmwrightparks
    8 months ago
    I LOVE coming here for the cheese coneys and gravy cheese fries! This mom n pop shop has been in the city for a while and has some of the best local chili. If you are visiting, make sure you swing by. The prices are reasonable and you won't be disappointed. CASH ONLY.
  • Photo of Jessica Y
    10 months ago
    Visited Cincinnati for the first time this past weekend. Also like to try out local places and this one was great. The service was good, the food was good and the price was good.
  • Photo of akaomi
    a year ago
    Pleasant Ridge Chili 3-2-17 Montgomery Ave, Cincinnati Total Bill $15.94 Initial impression- Small diner style eatery- recently renovated. Wait staff very warm and friendly. We arrived at lunch time and the restaurant not overly crowded. Debbie's review ⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2 I order a three way and a chili cheese sandwich. The 3Way was meaty and plenty of finely shredded cheese the pasta wasn't mushy, but could have been less cooked. The chili itself wasn't spicy enough in my opinion - missing the cinnamon and missing a kick of heat, needed to add a generous amount of hot sauce to ramp up the flavor. The chili cheese sandwich was good, plenty of chili & cheese. The bun wasn't over steamed and was fresh w/ a good chew. My overall impression of Pleasant Ridge Chili is lacked the true Greek chili spice I find a good Cincinnati chili needs. ⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2 Steve's review Pleasant Ridge Chili 4 way and cheese coney Ambiance was old time but newly remodeled diner style. Even had a juke box. Staff very attentive and friendly. (Vicky was great). 4 way. Chili at PRC is in the "beefy" category and not as tomato/spice based, so was just a teenie bit loose. Good flavor that I used hot sauce on to jack up. Pasta was okay, not smooshie, but I prefer closer to al dente. Cheese was mild, which I am finding is typical. Coney dog had great flavor and bun was as well. Chili was perfect style for a coney. Because of the overall experience and the coney: 4 stars.
  • Photo of KFCincy26
    a year ago
    Yes, it's called Pleasant Ridge CHILI and, yes, they serve Cincinnati chili. However they have other items that are good as well. My son and I went for lunch one day. He got a three way, I got just a basic cheeseburger, and we split an order of gravy cheese fries. The cheeseburger was great. They cook them on a flat top which is how I like them. We both really like the fires as well. My son keeps asking when we can go back. CASH ONLY
  • Photo of Msjfootball60
    a year ago
    Classic down home diner w/ great Cincinnati style foods (chili, double Deckers, gravy fries, etc.). Been about 5 times, never a bad meal.
  • Photo of Linda L
    a year ago
    I love this place. Great standard breakfast and huge sandwiches. Their gravy is the best in town, so gravy home fries or French fries with cheese are awesome. They have good Cincinnati chili as well. Gyros here are wonderful too. I also the Danny Boy.
  • Photo of DC7734
    a year ago
    Always a great place to get coneys great food from, they have a nice variety on the menu we habe been coming here for years...
  • Photo of karol234
    a year ago
    I went here with friends and had a wonderful meal.The food was delicious and the service was great. I felt very much at home in this diner and could go back again many times.
  • Photo of karol920
    a year ago
    This restaurant/diner is a wonderful place to sit, eat and visit with friends. Breakfast is my favorite type of food, and fortunately breakfast is served all day long. The staff is friendly and efficient, and the restaurant is very clean. I think I could eat here several times a week and not get tired of it. I will be back, when I get to Cincinnati again.
  • Photo of teresacU75GI
    2 years ago
    I have lived here a long time and my sister took me this weekend. First thing I noticed when I walked in was how clean it is! Spotless! Our waitress was so friendly and kept my coffee full of hot coffee. The food is really good too. I had goetta,, eggs and toast and she had the gravy cheese fries with a burger. Those fries are sinful! Can't eat just one. Can't wait to take my husband!
  • Photo of McKenzie K
    2 years ago
    I loved eating there and will be going back. Great employees and friendly staff and quick with the food.
  • Photo of John L
    2 years ago
    Lovely place to dine in or get to go. Staff is always friendly and service is very nice. I would recommend for lunch or dinner.
  • Photo of SWeyer1570
    2 years ago
    My fiance and I have made it a tradition to go and get Gravy Cheese Fries after sporting events now!! We really enjoy the gravy cheese fries and cheese coneys!! Remember to take cash because cards are not accepted. Definitely good food and worth the visit!!
  • Photo of Cynthia M
    2 years ago
    I've been a regular here for the last 3 years since I moved to Pleasant Ridge and they never disappoint. One must have their gravy cheese fries of course! Great place for breakfast or dinner. Their hours are a plus - just closed on Sundays. Don't forget to bring cash, but there is an ATM in the back. The servers are nice and friendly, and if you're not a regular, go ahead and grab a menu in the front and sit in one of the booths. They can get busy during peak dinner hours and service can be slow depending on the number of servers, but they mean well. A great place to get a late bite when out at night, or to cure that hangover.
  • Photo of Linda L
    2 years ago
    Great breakfasts, sandwiches, gyros and chili. Awesome gravy cheese fries or home fries. Not a fancy place at all and small, but live this place.
  • Photo of steve8570
    3 years ago
    Been going there for over 20 years, can't go as often as I would like since I live 45 minutes away, go before bars close.
  • Photo of Aubrey M
    3 years ago
    Its a lil hole in the wall resturant but its good..gravy fries n there gyros yum i have no complaints at all besides you see people that are drunk n load and stuff
  • Photo of CissellXU
    3 years ago
    Go here after you are done with the bars (never before 9 pm). Chili, Coneys, and GRAVY CHEESE FRIES!!!
  • Photo of biffburley
    3 years ago
    I took my boys to PRC after practice for a quick dinner. Only my second time there, first for them, and they loved it. Cheese coneys were good, service very attentive and the prices were comparably low. Interior decor is a little dated but it looks cool. Very clean. The exterior signs are awesome. Other guests there were very friendly. Only wish they were open on Sundays for breakfast and we'd walk there! Look forward to someday trying the gravy fries. Not sure I am up to that yet. Look forward to sitting at the counter next time when all food is better.
  • Photo of Linda L
    4 years ago
    I am a regular and although, I like many, started going here as a late night place to eat, I now come here regularly during the day and evenings. I love breakfast and they serve up a great breakfast, including their well known hash-browns with cheese and gravy. I love their omelets and my friend loves their French Toast! Their double-deckers have lots of meat on fresh bread. So big and fresh! I like their chili but there are others I like better but like all things, we all have our our preferences. But what I do like is the size of the carry out 3 way. This place is cash only which can sometimes be hard when we live in a check card society but I don't mind. Their recent renovations have updated the seating and lighting and it looks great!

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