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Photo of Salt and Fat in Sunnyside, NY, US
Photo of Salt and Fat in Sunnyside, NY, US
Photo of Salt and Fat in Sunnyside, NY, US
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Salt and Fat

American Restaurant

Salt and Fat44.5
oxtail • scallops • bacon popcorn • terrine

4116 Queens Blvd
Sunnyside, NY 11104, US
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  • Photo of joseph lancton
    2 years ago
    everything is amazing. love this hidden Sunnyside gem.
  • Photo of Robert Neukomm
    2 years ago
  • Photo of janus cíné
    3 years ago
  • Photo of Paul Newman
    3 years ago
    Looks interesting
  • Photo of JDouglsGuy
    a year ago
    Salt & Fat was my first experience with a Korean-influenced small plate restaurant but a happy one. You are served a small brown bag of bacon fat flavored popcorn when you're seated; in my case, you're not going to be satisfied with just one. Salt & Fat has a changing menu of small plate entrées to order, everything from yellowfin tartare, duck breast, Korean bar-be-que and buns to terrine of oxtail, scallops, mussels and larger plates of hanger steak. I found the dishes to be clever and very, very tasty but a bit pricey, between $13 and $25 for each small plate. Our waiter was attentive and did a great job of timing delivery of our plates so something new always seemed to be coming. But there did seem to be a certain pressure in his recommendation that everyone ought to order two plates. Naw, resist: we were large enough of a party to have excellent variety and so satisfied with the superb quality of the food to not worry about being "full" or not. If you want a big, filling meal, go somewhere else. If you're happy with creative flavors and preparation and a leisurely meal, try some dishes at Salt & Fat.
  • Photo of Janick2010
    2 years ago
    If you're drawn in by the name and decide to ignore the warning, GOOD FOR YOU! The fusion lovers menu focus on the glorious pork and it's versatility. The burrata salad was just freakin' amazing... the combination of salty, creamy with crisp bite left me wanting another serving, but eager to sample the others. Scallops were perfectly prepared, moist and delicately seasoned to perfectly feature the natural flavor along with the desired herbs and spice. Service was impeccable. Ambiance simple and elegant. Price is reasonable given the quality of ingredients, the address and the excellent staff/professionals.
  • Photo of Farrah I
    2 years ago
    Every year my husband and I go it gets better and better. We leave more pleased than the year prior. We go here every year on our dating anniversary and love it!
  • Photo of D S
    2 years ago
    The menu (small plates) changes, and it had been a couple of years since we'd eaten here. All dishes were very good to excellent. No hot drinks (e.g. coffee, tea). Good local beers.
  • Photo of Stee E
    2 years ago
    The food here is delicious and the service is good. The menu is small but the items are imaginative and consistently good. There is no atmosphere. The restaurant is basically a box, but it was bright and cheery. We went on a cold winter night. Every time the door opened, we were cold for five minutes. The wines were very bad. They don't take AMEX cards so we won't be going back.
  • Photo of bfalkin
    2 years ago
    I lived in the neighborhood about a year before finally making it to Salt and Fat... but I've made up for lost time since then! Have never had a dish yet that I didn't love. It's a go to place when friends come to visit.
  • Photo of wino91
    2 years ago
    Sunnyside has come far but it still lacks in restaurant choices. This creative small plate restaurant has a changesque that David Chang like, quality. If you want cheap eats there are lots of places in the area for that. But if you want to step up your dining game a bit this is a great choice.
  • Photo of JJmooreNYC
    2 years ago
    We moved into the neighborhood last September and were excited to try this place. Michelin pick? Zagat rated? Time Out NY pick? Sounded like a winner.. we were pumped! I'm not sure if it was the high expectations but we were severely let down! First, the atmosphere/ambiance is lacking. I never really comment on atmosphere but it stood out so much. The place is a shoebox - with that said there is no background music or white noise, so it's weirdly uncomfortable. On top of that the wooden floor was super squeaky, so all you heard were the staff running around. I'm actually not sure why this bothered me, but we went on a Friday night and it just was such a dead atmosphere! Next, the prices. No. Not for Sunnyside. I know you pay for the "quality" of food - but please. When we got to the table they told us a little about the restaurant since it was our first time. They explained that all the menu are "small plates" so for 2 people they recommended 4-5 small plates. Um, what? They're prices from around $12 up to $23. For a 1/2 portion at best. We ordered 3 plates - We received them at tapered times, which was fine. But they forgot our last plate and we waiting for a good 30 minutes.. The food was great, there just wasn't enough of it. We left starving.. and we spent close to or over $100. It just shouldn't be that way, especially for Sunnyside. They do give free "bacon popcorn" to each table. Ours was cold and it tasted as if it was sitting out for awhile ... that "stale" popcorn texture/taste. I don't know. I left SO unimpressed. I can understand this place being in the city or something, but it's so out of place. I'll never go again.
  • Photo of Diving9773
    2 years ago
    After a long day in Queens (a walking tour and then a few hours in a bar) we went to Salt and Fat, it wasn't very busy so it wasn't atmospheric but i think it is well worth a visit due to the food. They do small plates with what they call slightly bigger plates and recommend that you have around 4 - 6. I think we had 5 which was more than enough. I would recommend a visit if in Queens.
  • Photo of Kevin T
    2 years ago
    Never stopping for exploring new taste. Small but very high quality of dishes. Take your time with your favorite friends and share the dishes. Bun, salad, pork are my favorite as well as selection of fusion dishes. Cozy and friendly place in Sunnyside Queens!
  • Photo of rodes27
    2 years ago
    If you like Brooklyn but you need some breathing room, come to Queens. Eat here. Do not hog the bacon popcorn served to your table. Share. Try as much as possible. Go back. Be cautious on the desserts- they need work.
  • Photo of TheHospitalityFan
    A very nice local restaurant with out the stress to going to Manhattan. Wonderful food... Korean Wraps, Roasted Scallops and Carrot Purée, Pork Buns, Oxtail Terrine... Romantic, cozy and friendly... Worth to try.
  • Photo of BillySalts
    3 years ago
    Wow. Flavortown train has pulled into the station! What I was looking for a replacement of Traif. The three of my amigos said no way and this place wasn't better than Traif. First, what the heck is with the artwork? For sale no less. Very provocative... I'm still laughing, my brother in law sat under a picture of a naked dude over his head. ha! The restaurant has Tapas style choices, which makes the eatery great with many choices to try all the unique and fun items. I'm going to start with the mind blowing and then work down. 1-Foie Gras I think I shed a tear after the first bite. The Foie Gras was so rich and decadent, I actually went back into the kitchen after my meal and thanked the chefs. The best I ever had. Ever. 2-Duck Breast Cooked perfectly with apricots. Another flavorful dish that was perfectly executed. 3-(2) dishes Burrata with fried green tomatoes The FGT has a very light cornmeal crust that made very enjoyable. Add the fresh burrata and this was another unforgettable dish 4-Scallops Oh boy. From the pickled corn salsa to carrot purée, this dish is a must order. I have to point out, the scallops were cooked perfectly. 5-Duck wings I liked them, everyone complained they were too spicy. I loved the favor and ate three by myself. More fa me! 6-Tacos/lettuce wraps/ricotta tart They were all ok, we should have ordered 2 Dishes of Duck Breast and Scallops instead. My biggest issue with Traif, they had a lot of cooking mistakes like overcooked scallops. Salt and Fat? Everything and I do mean everything was cooked and executed well. I left Salt and Fat full and happy. I thought my meal last night was 5 stars worthy, it's a fun place to enjoy lots of flavorful and unique dishes
  • Photo of LauraDB_11
    3 years ago
    Tucked into an unassuming Queens Boulevard store front next to a CVS pharmacy, Salt and Fat delivers on the promise of intense flavors. Greeted by the friendly staff with glasses of water and greasy delicious bacon popcorn, the menu offers beer and wine (no cocktails) and a glissando of small plates. The house cured salmon with an "everything bagel" garnish was a tasty intro. On to buttery roasted scallops with a swirl of butternut squash puree and grilled corn, Korean BBQ hanger steak wraps, creamy burrata on seared bread and then slices of absolutely delicious duck breast studded with apricots. For dessert, we took a pass on the bacon pannacotta, but the peanut butter ice cream with a drizzle of honey and ground cocoa nibs was a great finish. A short walk from the 7 train, which takes you to and from Manhattan in a quick quarter hour. A Sunnyside delight!
  • Photo of DeanZee
    3 years ago
    Freshly prepared and creative small plates. I enjoyed everything we ordered. Great selection of wine paired with the food. Good service. Close to subway line. Short ride from mid-town Manhattan to truly culturally diverse community.
  • Photo of Andrew L
    3 years ago
    The place is wonderful....From the bacon flavored popcorn, to the impressive beer list, to the carpaccio so thin it cuts itself, to the pork belly buns, to the mussels...EVERYTHING is flavorful, delicious. The service was excellent all four times I have been to Salt and Fat in the past year. Expensive, well kinda...guesstimate $50 per person (that is with a couple of beers)....The place is well appointed, right near the #7 train and just a fun place. Order much and share generously with your dining companions....I plan o go back and back and back
  • Photo of Sara A
    3 years ago
    I guess this is Queen's attempt at Traif restaurant... After hearing rave reviews about this place, my husband and I decided to go ahead and try it out. The food is good, but it is not great. I felt like it lacked flavor... The ambiance is lacking... Not sure if I will ever go back...
  • Photo of kimmyrm
    3 years ago
    The food and service is great. I recommend the tartare and the cauliflower. The bacon popcorn they give is also stellar! We shared a bunch of plates and were satisfied and full for a reasonable price. I will definitely be going back. Great for sharing. Also the apricot wheat beer is local and delicious!
  • Photo of calmtmpr
    3 years ago
    We love this place. We live in the neighborhood and frequent it once every two weeks. In time to try their special dessert for that period. They have very creative and tasty flavors in their dishes. They recently created a dark meat fried chicken and a white meat chicken dish both excellent. We love the food and everyone who works there. Everyone is super friendly.
  • Photo of William V
    3 years ago
    This place is solid. This is the place I bring friends when they come to Sunnyside. I would recommend : the Ox Tail, Pork trotter, Yellowtail tartare. They also have a good beer and wine list.

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