Photo of Philipsburg Manor in Sleepy Hollow, NY, US
Photo of Philipsburg Manor in Sleepy Hollow, NY, US
Photo of Philipsburg Manor in Sleepy Hollow, NY, US
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Philipsburg Manor

Historic Site

Philipsburg Manor14
grist mill • hudson valley • haunted house • headless horseman

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  • Photo of Joanie
    2 years ago
    Historic Hudson Valley property and where you buy tix & catch shuttle to Kykuit (the Rockefeller Estate)
  • Photo of Taurian34
    5 months ago
    Philipsburg Manor (sometimes referred to as Philipse Manor) was an English manor located north of New York City in the Province of New York. It lasted from 1693 until 1779. The land was part of a Dutch patroonship owned by Adriaen van der Donck but was later purchased by Frederick Philipse I. Philipse was granted a royal charter in 1693, creating the manor as a legal entity. After Philipse's death, the manor was split between his son and grandson, both of whom continued to develop the manor. The Philipses engaged in the Atlantic slave trade, using Africans to construct most of the buildings on the property. The tenant farmers on the manor also represented a diverse population of Europeans which was comprised of about 52,000 acres, which was most of Westchester County. The Philips's used African slaves to build various structures at the Upper Mills and Lower Mills. The Upper Mills saw the building of two gristmills on the Pocantico River as well as a stone manor house, wharf, cooperage, and bake house. Most of the structures were completed by 1697. Pay a visit to the Manor you will enjoy it, kids will love it too!
  • Photo of Janette W
    5 months ago
    We only stopped in here for lunch so didn't do the full visit. The cafe in the visitor centre is small but the food is very tasty and reasonably priced. We had a seat out by the mill pond to eat our lunch which was lovely. We would love to spend more time here and intend a return visit to view the manor and mill properly at some time in the future .
  • Photo of KM28078
    5 months ago
    We booked this as a precursor to our day in sleepy hollow. There is a fabulous visitor center on site white a cafe and deli. We enjoyed the living history of the manor and learning intimate details about the founding family of the area.
  • Photo of Ioana T
    5 months ago
    The Philipsburg Manor is a great place where you can spend an afternoon with the kids, as it gives you a taste of how the early settlers used to live.
  • Photo of skordzek
    6 months ago
    First visit to Phillipsburg Manor, and although I was schooled in Brooklyn, there was so much I learned about New York history. There are several areas in the tour, the first being the Authentic Manor house. Our guide, Brenda was entertaining, well schooled on the property and easily answered questions. There was also a barn presentation and info on the garden and herbs. The entire tour took about 1 1/4 hours. There is a bit of walking and stair climbing. Totally worth the admission.
  • Photo of J T
    6 months ago
    A glimpse of colonial life on the banks of the Hudson River. Pretty in Spring, Summer and Fall. While you are it, take a tour of Kykuit.
  • Photo of Suzanne K
    6 months ago
    Rebuilt from the original footprints of the estate, Philipsburg Manor gives you a glimpse at what life was like under the Dutch and English. The upper home of land owner, gives you an idea of what the wealthy had next to the simplicity of the cabins of the servants and slaves. Functioning Stone Mill is a rare treat to see in operation. Williamsburg in Virginia have the former miller from here to thank for their mill and mill stones.
  • Photo of Eileen M
    6 months ago
    I grew up visiting family in (then) North Tarrytown but never visited the Manor. I did this trip and learned so much about local history as well as the history of America.
  • Photo of wick2014
    6 months ago
    This historic site consists of an 18th century home, operational grist mill, barn and other activities. Very knowledgeable docents. So very interesting to learn about the lives of the slaves who ran the property in the owners absence.. Full of interesting detail.
  • Photo of ggsmac
    6 months ago
    Philipsburg Manor is a well-restored authentic farm and gristmill dating back to the late 17th through mid-18th century. The almost 2 hour guided tour provides an excellent overview as to how the farm was run, it's gristmill, and the lucrative role it played in trading wheat and butter for the sugar produced in the Caribbean islands. The docents, clad in period dress, do a really nice job!
  • Photo of Zach F
    7 months ago
    This site is interesting as it portrays a slavery-centered economic center in colonial New York. The main attraction is the manor house, which dates to the late 1600s and is original to the site; it's furnished with period items and the tour was interesting. The tour also covers a reconstructed mill, original barn, and a couple other stops. Well worth combining with a tour of Kykuit as the tour starts at the same visitor center.
  • Photo of DnCspire
    7 months ago
    The reconstructed site overall, the attention to historical details, the deep knowledge of the guides, the small size of the tour group, and the value of this site for helping to bring awareness to the role of enslaved people in the North makes for a very memorable experience. Highly recommended.
  • Photo of jwreed12
    7 months ago
    No site like this should be ignored. Kids must know the past and this is a good way to share it. It is a picturesque spot and a great place to start a long day of exploration of the HudsonRiver corridor. There is a great gift shop there with very clean bathrooms, too.
  • Photo of Mary C
    8 months ago
    Highly recommend visiting here stayed with family great base for train to new York lots of local history to visit beautiful quiet location
  • Photo of viganiko
    8 months ago
    We only managed to glimpse a view to the buildings through the lake, as we arrived at 3.10 and the last tour left and you can't join in. It was very disappointing as the opening times are until 4.30. The information center and the store is nice.
  • Photo of NYTravelerBD
    10 months ago
    We paid $16 for adult tickets and $8 for my 3 year old daughter for this weekend's "sheep to shawl" event, which was a colossal waste of time and money. For an event promoted as having sheep and alpaca, we were quite disappointed to see only two alpaca unhappily sitting in a small enclosure, and the sheep herding event was an unmitigated disaster. The man running the event appeared to have absolutely no idea what he was doing, and blamed his poor performance on the fact that he "just got" one of the dogs from Wales 2 weeks ago and it was still getting used to his New Jersey accent. He also intentionally smacked the sheep in the face with his stick a couple of times, which was totally unnecessary and really rubbed me the wrong way. The guy was an incompetent boob and should never be invited back to Philipsburg Manor. The event as a whole was quite underwhelming and at this price point is a massive rip off. The only highlight of the day was the silky smooth story telling voice of master storyteller Jonathan Kruk, who could make my most recent trip to the ATM sound enthralling. All in all not happy at all with Philipsburg Manor and will not return.
  • Photo of Jmc5606903
    10 months ago
    Phillipsburg Manor is a remant of the slave trade in upstate New York. The buildings and other structures were built by slaves in the colonial era about a hundred years before our Revolutionary War. Pleasant, low key history in a scenic area.
  • Photo of william19971
    a year ago
    I went to this place for the sheep to shawl last year and the staff were very knowledgeable about 18th century techniques for shearing sheep and sheep hearding presentation with two border coilers and the other animals I saw was two oxen,a cow and chickens besides the sheep
  • Photo of Angel B
    a year ago
    very nice old building and the tour guides give you very nice history lesson. tours are about an hour.
  • Photo of Cloched1
    a year ago
    We've lived in the area for 5 years and decided to see if we could get into the Legend of Sleepy Hollow event. Reviews indicated that lines were prohibitively long, and trying to drive through Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow after 4pm from mid-October on are ridiculous so I was surprised to see that there were many openings for Halloween evening! At least 140 available spots for each showing! (30 minutes between showings.) Families out trick or treating or whatever, but be sure to check out Halloween night to go. We went for the 7:30 showing. Parking lot was almost empty, we had 40 minutes to kill (er, so to speak) so walked up to town. There were only about 50 people in our group. (Note: as we exited, we saw rather long lines waiting to get in, and the line into the parking lot was really long!) The effort in the show was amazing. However, we didn't see nearly as much as illustrated on their website. Perhaps they didn't put out the effort knowing that the showing for our time slot was so low. A couple of zombies made the best efforts, lingering after us but we didn't see anything much beyond a funhouse scenario. Worse of all, we almost passed the star of the evening, the headless horseman! We heard a docent scolding a woman for using her flash and then we noticed a black horse off to our left. The horse was black, the man himself was all in black, and he was backed into a dark alcove in the shadows of large trees... if it weren't for that altercation we would've walked past them both without noticing. He eventually backed the horse up and walked into obscurity.... really? It was over just like that! Where was the menacing apparition who drove the town into insanity? The ads are totally misleading. I always thought that the Headless Horseman was supposed to ride through the scene at one point or another. It was a cameo. All in all, a great adult funhouse, perhaps better to go on a super busy evening when they are all on their game. Appt was for 7:30, we got onto line at 7:20, were walking back to our car by 8pm, which is why we recommend less than one hour for this event on 10/31 at 7:30pm.

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