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Italian Restaurant

gelato • gelateria • savory

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  • Photo of Ben Ronne
    2 years ago
    Homemade cinnamon rolls are on point.
  • Photo of DNA Info
    4 years ago, a 30-seat bakery and café is serving up little-known and modern Italian sweets such as xaeti veneziani, a raisin and Venetian polenta cookie and pizette, tiny pizzas made from pastry dough.
  • Photo of Gimberlin
    2 years ago
    Everything we had for supper was a disappointment - rice balls, veggie lasagna, and quiche. Service was mediocre. Even with a coupon – it was not a good value. We will never return.
  • Photo of Giorgio T
    2 years ago is a very authentic Italian pasticceria and gelateria - but you can also find delicious savory food here. Their pastries are excellent and always fresh, their croissants are delicious, and their cakes are also high quality. This is an excellent spot for coffee, pastries, gelato, as well as a light meal. The ambiance is very comfortable, easy to have a conversation, and the staff is very friendly. I recommend it!
  • Photo of sergio13th
    2 years ago
    Muy buen café italiano y el canoli que probamos muy rico también. El personal muy amable y agradable. Recomendable
  • Photo of wijnand u
    2 years ago
    Huisgemaakt ijs met smaakadvies van de bediening, zijn daags erna terug gegaan voor de heerlijke smaken en vriendelijke bediening. Beetje duur (6,50 voor 2 bolletjes) maar die prijs waard.
  • Photo of Camille D
    2 years ago
    this is my FAVORITE café in NYC, and I don't even know where to start. first of all, their chicken in their chicken ciabatta sandwich is the best chicken I've had in my life. besides that, their lasagna, tagliatelle bolognese, gelato, macarons, pizzas, etc etc etc are all on point. I can't believe this place hasn't been reviewed more? that's the other thing, it's a hidden gem, and not often crowded. the staff are super sweet and the layout is wonderful. not only can you tell that everything is homemade, you can see it behind the glass! only great things to say about this place, I must stop in at least once a week and I don't even live near it. my favorite part is that you pay at the end, so you just go up, order, they bring you your food, and then you pay. and you get a discount if you're a student, don't forget!!
  • Photo of cisco69
    3 years ago
    L'abbiamo cercato per due giorni ma alla fine niente di che, solo la pasta fatta in casa buona del resto niente. Servizio assolutamente scarso con personale non qualificato e poco di italiano. Si poteva evitare.
  • Photo of Francesco F
    3 years ago
    Eravamo in tanti e con bambini che avevano bisogno di mangiare un piatto di pasta, beh lo chef si è messo subito a disposizione per preparare delle ottime fettuccine fatte in casa molto buone, complimenti. Meno piacevole per le piadine che erano crude.Tutto sommato accettabile.
  • Photo of LacorsaModica
    3 years ago
    I am truly delighted to have such a high quality Italian pasticceria, gelateria and caffe in the neighborhood. The flavorful gelato and pasties are all made in the visible kitchen in the back and are always changing depending on the season. There are several scrumptious and gorgeous bite-size pastries that are perfect for indulging frequently. Thwy are filled with Chantilly cream, nuts, fruits, chocolate, ricotta... The croissants and breakfast pastries are fresh from the oven and are truly first rate, crispy and tender. The savory lunchtime panini and foccacie are authentic and delicious, too. While the shop is Italian in design concept, it feels a little cluttered and would benefit from some editing as the food is beautiful. Some of the clutter is distracting. The service is also a bit spotty, probably because there are always new treats being presented by the chef and so the staff can seem a little uninformed. On the other hand, its the type of place that gets to know regulars and their likes and preferences. In general, the quality of all the various food is so high that the faults can be forgiven, especially if they are eventually addressed.

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