Photo of Whynot Coffee in New York, NY, US
Photo of Whynot Coffee in New York, NY, US
Photo of Whynot Coffee in New York, NY, US
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Whynot Coffee

Coffee Shop

Whynot Coffee33.5
great coffee • les • latte • ambiance

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  • Photo of Stefan B
    a year ago
    Tango Wed
  • Photo of Hotel Indigo
    2 years ago
    WiFi, coffee from Blue Bottle both strong. Outlets everywhere. Genuinely friendly baristas.
  • Photo of Sean Leimbach
    3 years ago
  • Photo of eakunze
    7 months ago
    Lovely coffee shop not too far from hustle and bustle of Houston. Great avocado toast, too. Worth the walk AWAY from new coffee shop going in by Whole Foods.
  • Photo of Rachel K
    10 months ago
    Had breakfast here and based myself for my morning work through my email. Good place to start the day. Good coffee.
  • Photo of Mark L
    a year ago
    My wife and I went here for morning coffee drinks and pastries since it is close to the hotel we stayed at. The coffees were good quality, there is a cool vibe to the spot (music and such), but it took way too long for us to get our drinks since there was only one person working the front counter. Don't be in a hurry if you come here for an espresso-based drink. Otherwise, it's worth a stop if you're in LES and want a relaxing coffee lounge.
  • Photo of Ayman B
    a year ago
    This place is a safe haven to sit down and relax. Watch others work on their macbook or the occasional tourist that passes by. The water is for free and the coffee is great. Although i wasn't hungry, the food that passed by looked great!
  • Photo of Jason M
    a year ago
    This coffee shop is in the middle of several other coffee shops but is the front runner for sure. The space is pretty big compared to your typical coffee shop and offers free Wi-Fi. Everytime I walk by, I see people working on their computers and sipping drinks from these cute cups that I never get to drink from because I take it to go. You want a great cup of coffee or a fancy latte, this is the place for you
  • Photo of kathbdc
    a year ago
    I only had a quick coffee here but it was great, the guy who made it for me was very nice and it offers plenty of seating. All in all it was a great place to chill and enjoy a cup of coffee.
  • Photo of Experienced55
    2 years ago
    Wish we discovered this earlier in our stay in LES, New York - avocado & goat's cheese on toast for brekkie & great coffee.
  • Photo of TrumanWA
    2 years ago
    Stopped for coffee- big room with people working their Macs around the room. Great soundtrack- friendly manager and great choice of coffee. Minor negative - the toilets needs a little care. Good place on lower east side.
  • Photo of RaquelitaNYC
    2 years ago
    A big coffee-shop, excellent coffee, pastries, and music. It´s a place to stay, read, spend time. Excellent location. The thing is... you go there not to eat or drink coffee but to see people, "waste" time, pretend to isolate yourself....
  • Photo of Tinkerbell013
    2 years ago
    On the face of it, looks like a reasonable coffee place, trendy decor, free WiFi, loads of people typing away. But. Chipped plates, and mugs so chipped they would be considered sufficiently unhygienic to seriously impact on the hygiene rating if you were in the UK. In fact, in the UK they would have had to be thrown away already, after the first chip not the 21st. As and for the bathroom ... Most unpleasant. More like a public restroom than one you'd expect to find in a coffee shop. And my green tea did not taste like green tea at all, had to use a straw to drink what I did. On the plus side, cappuccino was pretty, croissant fresh and honey banana bread very filling. 2 drinks and 2 snacks for $16 not too bad. Take your chances folks, why not cross your legs and ask for your drink in a takeaway cup.
  • Photo of Farnaz A
    2 years ago
    Overall ive found the cafe scene in Manhattan very depressing compared to Sydney, they don't really have many decent cafes you can sit down at and get work done in. This place was introduced to us by a local and seemed pretty cool, especially the wood interiors. When i walked it, i found about 30 people sitting at tables with their Macbooks out. It will appeal to Hipsters for sure. The bathroom was not great. Oh and the coffee was okay, probably not good as Sydney but by New York standards, good. Its in Orchard st which is a hip and upcoming street with lots of design stores.
  • Photo of notyouraverage85
    2 years ago
    I love their Mocha, iced or hot it's great. I just love the little designs they make with the steamed Milk, definitely brightens someone's day! I go almost every lunch break.
  • Photo of PatDP50
    2 years ago
    I had a pain au chocolat that had just come out of the oven and a lovely cappuccino on Sunday morning after a late night. Really relaxing and cool surroundings.
  • Photo of EvilIncarnate
    2 years ago
    Great ambiance, interesting decor, normal coffee options. Appears to be a popular place for people looking for free wi fi, but is pleasant enough to enjoy a cup of coffee.
  • Photo of dullyjan
    2 years ago
    It is amazing: such a great place with huge potential and I admit it maybe that my expectations were fueled by the chic appearance of the place, but the cappuccino was undrinkable. Nothing was right about it. The foam watery, the color a bright hazel brown and the taste confirmed it. Cant understand how you can make such a poor product with such an expensive espresso machine. They should replace , renew some of their mugs as they have nicks all over, just not very appealing. Zero points.
  • Photo of Emma-Louise G
    2 years ago
    A lovely space that always plays great music and the coffee is really good however, what else on the lower east side doesn't fit that description? Whynot would seem like a great place to go and work as the space is literally littered with macs yet their wifi is awful! I've been there three times now and each time hoping the last time was just a blip but it's awful every time. Recently went in just to grab a coffee to go and bought a croissant too. If there was ever an example needed of what wasted calories represents, this croissant would have been it. Totally over cooked and crispy throughout, no sweetness or any flavour at all for that matter and at $7 for that and a cortado it is just a big mistake all round. The only thing I don't regret is not sitting in there and eating it whilst trying to do some work...
  • Photo of MichaelPdE
    2 years ago
    need a place to work in LES this for sure be it. Just make sure you pull out a mac or you might be awkwardly outplaced. Excellent pastries. Plugs under every other table a real mid century cityscape
  • Photo of Martin K
    3 years ago
    Coffee was smooth, but the service was a bit lacking. Baristas weren't very personable and clients need to be ready to wait for a extra few minutes for their coffee.
    Grabbed a simple cappuccino and iced coffee and went on our way. I imagined myself relaxing or working and enjoying the space and ambiance. Definite good coffee joint on the LES. Would def return.
  • Photo of paxa
    3 years ago
    We were walking around looking for a coffee shop, didn't quite wanting to go to a Starbucks, when we passed Whynot and it stood out with its super spacious and brightly lit interior, high ceilings and open front. Inside there was a counter in the middle, benches against the wall on both sides, a full size leather couch near the front. Everything's wooden, tables quite tiny, close together and all fixed to the floor. It was late afternoon, place not too full, quite a few people on their laptops, and a fairly steady stream of customers. Overall a very cool and contemporary place. A coffee shop that also serves wine. Price similar to other coffee shops ($4 for a latte and $3.5 for a hot tea). Limited food, mostly cookies. When not crowded a relaxing place to hang out, although the music could feel a bit loud at times.

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