Photo of White Horse Tavern in New York, NY, US
Photo of White Horse Tavern in New York, NY, US
Photo of White Horse Tavern in New York, NY, US
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White Horse Tavern

American Restaurant

White Horse Tavern53.5
burger • fries • bratwurst • chilli

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  • Photo of Daniel Kelley
    2 years ago
    Stopped for a quick pint to rest our feet while exploring on a Friday afternoon. Struck me as very much a locals joint but all were very friendly. Bartender was great, good conversation. Friendly and relaxed atmosphere from a longtime establishment.
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  • Photo of USA Today
    3 years ago
    A favorite of Dylan Thomas and other bohemian writers in the 1950s and 1960s, the bar caters to a mix of college students and locals.
  • Photo of Tracys NY Life
    3 years ago
    Pubs hold deep roots in New York's nightlife culture, and have for decades. In the mid-1800s, Irish immigrants founded "public houses" or gathering places inspired by similar establishments in their homeland.
  • Photo of Mj Zile
    4 years ago
    Dylan Thomas
  • Photo of Margot Mazur
    4 years ago
    White Horse Tavern is a spot in Greenwich Village that was frequented by many literary greats since its opening in 1880. It is certified as a Poetry Landmark by the Academy of American Poets.
  • Photo of Measuretwice8
    6 months ago
    We visited on a cold March Saturday night with friends. The place was reasonably crowded as we walked in. We were quickly greeted by a stereotypical Irish/Yew York bartender - somewhat loud/somewhat rude/somewhat friendly. While myself and my party of fellow lifelong New Yorkers and Boston transplants found this refreshing and comical, I can see how some could find it annoying. The drinks were cold, and we had a good time for an hour or so before continuing on our way. Be advised - cash only, although they do have a cash machine (that dispenses $50's only).
  • Photo of Iwan W
    7 months ago
    Couldn't visit NYC without visiting the White Horse Tavern. It was incredible to think that Dylan is stilll remembered after so many years! Apart from the Dylan connection it is a "tidy" pub ( as we say in Wales). Good beer , good food and the welcome was great. Thanks to Nollaig for the "Craic". We even got to sing Hen Wlad fy Nhadau (Welsh National Anthem). Party of eight and we all enjoyed.
  • Photo of Debbie W
    7 months ago
    Just average - drinks were ok priced, service was ok, food looked ok (we didn't eat), and bar area was ok. So in summary .. just ok!
  • Photo of Gogboy
    7 months ago
    Hipster place - loosely trading on Dylan Thomas legacy. Food was edible , until the waiter brought the check - $97 for a bar lunch!!! The server was also loud and Irish - swearing a lot and a total wannabe...not very professional at all. Top tip - don`t go in here - go to somewhere authentic for a better meal at a better price!
  • Photo of Nate_N668
    7 months ago
    We had a great time at White Horse Tavern. It was downtown near Wall St which was nice. It was a Friday night when we went so it was very lively. The atmosphere was great and the customers and employees were all friendly. Someone greeted us at the door and welcomed us in. The food was also great and the prices for the food and drinks were appropriate. We just had appetizer type foods to snack on and then a few drinks each. Overall, I would visit again
  • Photo of Marie D
    8 months ago
    we were a large group (20 people) that arrived a little early for a guided tour. But they were quite accommodating and the food was great
  • Photo of GIW22
    9 months ago
    Stopped in for a wee beer whilst walking around. Was pleasant enough - busy at lunch. Might try the chilli next we go back!
  • Photo of GLWayne
    9 months ago
    Don't come here if you're expecting anything other than a traditional pub experience. It looks like it hasn't changed in years, got good booze and regulars who all sit around and shoot the breeze. The bar tender couldn't really give a damn about personal service, but obviously enjoys what he does and always seems to have a new story to spin. I only popped in en route to another place as I liked the sign. Ended up staying for a few hours.
  • Photo of TryppAdams
    10 months ago
    Having read several stories of the "White Horse Tavern" and it being a den of writers sharing epic stories and discussing literary masterpieces, I was a bit disappointed when I arrived to find it a hipster hangout with everyone who was sitting at a table wining about their service. I stepped up to the bar and found a seat at the end. The bartender quickly grabbed me a water and poured me a whiskey($12). Cash only was a sign on the mirror back bar... it's 2016, who does that anymore??? apparently the White Horse Tavern is keeping cash alive. I enjoyed my whiskey, but felt this bar could have been anywhere and the hipster crowd offered little in originality.
  • Photo of 0415_wanderlust
    10 months ago
    Major disappointment!!! I was excited to stop in here for drinks and a bite to eat due to the history. Sadly, it was literally the worst service I have ever had. Our waitress was awful, she took our initial drink order and appetizer order. The drinks took awhile but were fine. She never brought us refills or stopped to check on is after that. We tried to get her attention twice but no luck. The worst part is I saw her walk by and look at our empty drinks, continuing to ignore my attempt to get her attention. Our food was dropped off a long time after we ordered by another staff member. Again, new drinks never came. We also didn't even have plates. We had to eat our food off of paper napkins. We were all so annoyed by the time of waitress finally showed up we just asked for the check, paid and left. I have never left a bad review like this but this place really earned it. They weren't even busy so I can't think of any reason for such terrible service. It's a shame because the place has a lot of history and could really be something.
  • Photo of monocularman
    10 months ago
    Came here three years ago and enjoyed atmosphere and food. Disappointed when I brought family because food took 55 minutes for soup, tuna melt and skins. Tuna inedibly cold and had to be taken off bill but had to ask even after pointing it out. waitress didn't have authority. Poor for such an iconic place.
  • Photo of JimBob1000
    10 months ago
    I usually stop in the White Horse when in town for a burger, cocktail or beer. A staple amongst all the trendy places. Not this time. Overpriced well bourbon that was probably close to one of the worst drinks I have ever had. I called out the bartender and he looked at the bottle and declared it was American whiskey. I asked which kind of whiskey, because I did not believe it was bourbon, and he pretty much blew me off. I finished the drink because I paid for it. Sorry, White Horse. If that was the whiskey that Dylan Thomas drank, then no wonder he died.
  • Photo of Scribatori
    a year ago
    Is you like you whiskey Irish and served in good measures then this is your first port of call. Step inside and get a taste of a classic New York bar.
  • Photo of Chef O
    a year ago
    Went there because my partners history in the city. Service is typical to NYC bars and make sure to have cash on hand, they won't take CC.
  • Photo of tropicalfan
    a year ago
    I don't know what I expected, maybe a friendly neighborhood pub? The servers could be best described as "indifferent". It's cash only, no tabs. The limited selection of domestic bottles were 6 bucks. It's a place you would have a beer just because it's historic and never go back.
  • Photo of timetachyon
    a year ago
    My wife coming from Swansea and being a writer - we had to go back to the White Horse Tavern after last visiting Manhattan 12 years ago. No change - a great atmosphere and beer (I loved the IPA) but the food was ordinary. I had the hamburger with cheese and my wife the chicken pie. The photos of Dylan Thomas and the small, dark areas to sit and eat make it special. Definitely a place to visit in the West Village.
  • Photo of james684
    a year ago
    This great American bar has been in business for 136 years and counting! It opened in 1860 and has attracted many famous patrons including the legendary Welsh poet, Dylan Thomas, whose appetite for the bar's whiskey caused his ultimate and untimely death. A well-known gathering place for the "beat" writers of the 50s and 60s; it also attracted future "superstars" such as Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan and Mary Travers (she of Peter, Paul and Mary fame). To-day's White House Tavern is a must-see for first time visitors to New York and offers a wide variety of pub-grub and a large selection of beers, wines and spirits. A great location on Hudson Street in the trendy West Village together with its history piqued my interest. My sausage sandwich with gravy was excellent and my server, Addison, was outstanding. Great service in a laid-back, professional manner. Incidentally, seating can be either inside outside. As an FYI, please be aware that the Tavern only accepts cash as payment; a trend that seems to growing in the West Village.
  • Photo of R6723XPpaula
    a year ago
    Neat building. Go have a beer. Menu consists of take out of the freezer and nuke. Don't know what I expected. Go into a 100 year old bar in Texas and find much more character.
  • Photo of jackfrosthumblepie
    There is a science to this. It's a bar. You drink in bars. Food is secondary - purely to soak up the beer. Soakage score for what I ate 5* Decent Guinness. Service - Guinness and food made it to the table. Polite and laid back. Side walk nice to watch Totty! Interior very Withnail Very healthy attitude to SOCCER fans. Ban them!
  • Photo of janeaustinNY
    a year ago
    Ate here last week. Daily special of soup and sandwich average. But great price. Hamburgers and bratwurst excellent. Fries tasty. Nice selection of beers. Can be frenetic at night but sitting outdoors under trees with a breeze is great. Indoor bar is so historic with the Dylan Thomas legend.

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