Photo of Upstairs  in New York, NY, US
Photo of Upstairs  in New York, NY, US
Photo of Upstairs  in New York, NY, US
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Upstairs 14
brunch • mac and cheese • chrysler building • rooftop bar

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  • Photo of DNA Info
    4 years ago
    High atop the Kimberly Hotel, Upstairs is a classy rooftop bar with cushy couches, romantic lighting and a gorgeous view of the Chrysler Building.
  • Photo of welikecabobest
    6 months ago
    This place is on the 31st floor and is an awesome place! They have breakfast here in the mornings and drinks, snacks, dance music, smoking section and a gorgeous view at night! No tennis shoes or flip flops though. Get dressed up and go have a cocktail!
  • Photo of Robin S
    6 months ago
    Love the Kimberly and their rooftop brunch is fun and great, eggs your way, pancakes, waffles, well name it, it's there. $30 ea, lovely views
  • Photo of Sun_Queen_61
    6 months ago
    Whilst staying atThe Kimberly, we decided to have brunch on our last day at Upstairs at The Kimberly. Having received outstanding customer service in the hotel, we found the same was't afforded to guests upstairs. Whilst waiting for our meals I picked up my glass of water only for it to fall to pieces - not the fault of the staff obviously. However, there was no apology offered, just a half hearted attempt to mop the table and some serviettes handed out to finish the job ourselves. Not a good start to the meal, which arrived barely warm as one of the waiters wandered around trying to find out who had ordered the meals. Our visit was wrapped up by the table being cleared whilst one of our party was still eating. It's a shame the service was lacking the day of our visit as the setting is beautiful and the bar is a perfect place to have a drink and take in the NY skyline.
  • Photo of robert-eric w
    6 months ago
    For guests of the Kimberly, the "Upstairs" serves a perfect breakfast buffet on their beautifully appointed penthouse rooftop. Beautiful space with exceptional views and top notch breakfast fare. As a starter to a busy day in Manhattan, I could not ask for more. It loses a "star" after it becomes a rooftop lounge in the evening...the crowd becomes much younger, much louder and much more boisterous. A great view in the evenings, but one drink was enough.
  • Photo of austinjjc
    6 months ago
    We have stayed at the Kimberly Hotel many times over the past two decades. But tonight believe it or not was our first time to go to the rooftop bar. We are not sure if it was recently added or we were just oblivious. The place is just great. Some covered seating. Some open. Very professional, well-dressed and courteous staff. Good drinks priced as one would expect in NYC. They even managed to make me a pretty decent pisco sour (a new found love since visiting Peru a few months ago). They serve some decent popcorn for late night munching. The location is great at 50th between third and Lex. There is a great French restaurant two blocks away named Bateau Ivres. Dinner there and late cocktails is a perfect date.
  • Photo of worldtravel1936
    6 months ago
    Omelette station,and impressive selection of fruits, pastries, french toast, waffles, pancakes, bacon, sausage, and potatoes. Coffee is smooth and several different juices available. Service is impeccable!
  • Photo of Barbara C
    6 months ago
    A beautiful rooftop, with amazing view and decor..lovely in the daytime as well as the evening, staff were great
  • Photo of Michael-James_Lee
    7 months ago
    A great little rooftop bar offering some great drinks and tasty snacks, not usually a super busy place so good for couples
  • Photo of Brian11375
    7 months ago
    After our Fortune 500 company relocated our HQ offices to this neighborhood, we were on the hunt for a new 'go to' place to celebrate various corporate events, and to unwind at the end of the week. We sent a team of about 10 to the rooftop at the Kimberly to see if it would meet our needs. Although we were all 'business casual' on a hot and humid summer Friday, we apparently didn't meet the dress code and were denied entry. We spoke to two different managers, both of whom denied having any responsibility for the policy, or the ability to make an exception. So we shrugged our shoulders and went around the corner to Henry's Rooftop Bar at the Roger Smith Hotel, and enjoyed their drinks (I recommend their Margaritas) and food in a wonderful rooftop setting for the next 5+ hours - and already have plans to return. I do feel compelled to point out that the doorman at the Kimberly was asking people to wait for the next elevator to minimize the risk of the elevator getting stuck. But, based on other Trip Advisor reviews (both for the bar, and the hotel itself), I'm far from the first person to be concerned about the elvators. Consider yourself warned.
  • Photo of FlyDog33
    7 months ago
    Take the tiny hotel elevator to the rooftop bar and enjoy some cocktails and the outdoor midtown views. Our company hosted a summer event here, and everyone had a good time despite the tight space.
  • Photo of Kelton
    8 months ago
    One night we were not "dressed" appropriately. The next night it was booked for a private event. Do not count on the rooftop as part of your hotel experience.
  • Photo of Mamasue1NewYork
    8 months ago
    Words cannot express the beautiful and magical wedding we had at Upstairs July 2nd. The food was delicious and plentiful. We had 86 guests who were seated quite comfortably and treated, quite honestly, like royalty. I cannot say enough good things about the Events Mgr. Jordana and the staff. They were efficient and professional and only let loose a little at the end upon our insistence. Their attention to detail was exceptional. (Yes, we noticed little things you took care of, thank you) If you are thinking of hosting a wedding in NYC, Upstairs is the place, you will not be disappointed.
  • Photo of TerpVirginia
    8 months ago
    My wife and I came here to have some drinks after being out and about doing the touristy thing. The weather was pleasant; the staff retracted the glass ceiling/wall all the way while we were there, exposing us to mostly blue sky. The drink prices were a little high, but it was a nice place to chill before heading out for dinner.
  • Photo of katbee33
    8 months ago
    Rooftop bar offers lovely city views. The bartender and servers were delightful and the drinks well crafted. First visit (on a rainy Sunday evening) was nice and relaxed. Second visit (on a warm Friday evening) was crowded and loud. So, plan accordingly!
  • Photo of in2flying
    8 months ago
    I've been a semi frequent guest and enjoyed the Kimberly Hotel along with Upstairs, as a nice romantic getaway option. Although the roof top was never cheap, the experience was always worth it. Unfortunately that is no longer the case. While I can still report the hotel was excellent, along with very kind staff, the exact antithesis happened during our recent two visits to the Rooftop. A large private party was happening during our one visit which dominated most of the available space. The staff seemed untrained, young and didn't seem eager to work..Rude would be very accurate actually. . It seems the climate is to now focus on the private party and ignore the regular guest. Either way, plenty of options exists for a rooftop drink, and we'll surely be looking elsewhere. Unrelated to this and no fault of the Kimberly, construction across the street, has a large building wrapped in bright orange. Definitely detracts from the view.
  • Photo of activenretired
    8 months ago
    This place was recommended to us as a great rooftop bar. It was vibrant, loud, and standing room only on a Friday night. They have a live DJ too. They were also getting ready to block off part of the area for a private party. The age demographic was more Millennial than Baby Boomer. It was a fun stop on our first evening in NYC.
  • Photo of Rochesteragent
    9 months ago
    We were fortunate to even get a cocktail upstairs since both nights we were there it was rented out for a private party (including a wedding).
  • Photo of lmizza
    9 months ago
    This is a fantastic place. The food was incredible. The service amazing. The atmosphere is amazing as well.
  • Photo of Barbara S
    10 months ago
    We loved going to the rooftop bar and restaurant. We went to the bar in the evenings and the outside area is wonderful. The fireplace was lit and the night view was breathtaking. The place was really hopping with young professionals every night of our trip. We also had breakfast in the restaurant each morning and it was delicious.
  • Photo of fedar
    10 months ago
    Waking up in the morning and going all the way up to the 30th floor for breakfast was a real treat!!

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